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Saturday, March 11, 2006

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Baby-Names-Guide.co.uk Baby names! Find the perfect name for your baby. Search the top 100 baby boy and baby girl names in the UK.

Mother & Baby Magazine

Baby Boy Names - Baby boy names, meanings and origins. Find free baby stuff, coupons and special offers at BabyChatter. It's what all the chatter is about!

Baby Name Guide - Boy and Girl Baby Names Boy and girl baby names by categories, plus advance search and 100 top baby names.

Girl Baby Names - Girl baby names with name meanings and origins.

Baby Names - Baby names for boys and girls including name meanings and origins.

BabyNameAddicts.com - The Motherlode of Baby Names!

Baby name etymology with over 51,000 names, meanings, origins, popularity graphs, surveys, and more! What does YOUR name mean?

Biblical-baby-names.com - Baby names from the Bible, with meanings, origin and a brief description of the biblical character. Choose your favorite names, and we will email them to you. We have over 5,250 baby names to choose from!

Mom To Mom Chat.com - A site for Moms, by Moms - Find support, encouragement, articles, discussion boards, business opportunities, resources, chat room, link and flyer exchanges. A friendly place to meet for ALL Moms. StepMoms, GrandMoms, Work-At-Home Moms, Divorced Moms, Charitable Moms, Moms of Special Needs Kids, and more can find other Moms to chat with, meet new friends, find work-at-home ideas, recipes, places for Moms to shop, share ideas and more!

Pregnancy place - The home of valuable links to resources, services, products and communities, providing you with answers to your pregnancy and birth needs

A Baby Zone - A Valuable Baby Directory and Information Resource.

Baby Names

MorningSicknessHelp.com - Morning sickness remedies and advice to help you make it through the difficult times of being pregnant.

Baby Names Baby Names - its all in the name. We've got over 25,000 names, you can add a name to your favorites, or even suggest a name.

First name meanings If you've ever wondered the origin and meaning of your first name then this is the site for you.

Your Baby Name
learn how to choose Your Baby Name, what are the meaning of certain names and more vital information

Free name review from Baby names world If you need some help choosing a name then baby names world can offer you free advice


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