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Monday, May 01, 2006

Names for twin baby girls

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Natalie and Nicola

Annabel and Anais

Hannah and Laura

Harriet and Samantha

Amy and Erin

Orla and Erin

Isobel and Rebeka

Hope and Faith

Summer and Autumn

Trinity and Charity

Jazmine and Jemima

Poppy and Daisy

Cassidy and Kayla

Katie and Amy

Navi and Sailer

Ivi and Ava

Lilly and Rosie

Melanie and Phoebe (Mealnie means dark, Phoebe means light)

Caitlin and Rhianna

Jodie and Megan

Alice and Cassie

Alouisa and Alaina

Abigail and Annabelle

Heidi and Clara

Elizabeth and Beatrice

Beth and Lucy

Danielle and Deanna

Amber and Jasmine

Emily and Olivia

Charlotte and Franchesca

Stella and Georgia

Hannah and Hailey

Gabrielle and Juliet

Kayla and Kareena

Keira and Kaitlin

Kizzy and Lola

Mindy and Mia

Shannon and Rhianna

Madeline and Gabriella

Blakeny and Kallee (both mean Black)

Calista and Lalita (both mean beautiful)

Paisley and Abilene

Adelaide and Rebecca

Bree and Jamee

Jenna and Kaila

Karrena and Melissa

Scarlett and Coral

Apple and Blossom

Rachel and Courtney

Ellen and Eliza

Evangeline and Amberleigh

Maisie and Rosie

Jessica and Georgina

Freya and Paige

Leanne and Tiona

Tia and Taisy

Robyn and Tamara

Willow and Wisteria

Ruth and Ruby

Heather and Lauren

Zoe and Zara

Ruby and Jade

Connie and Susan

Avery and Robyn

Avery and Imogen

Adelaide and Indiana

Charlotte and Anastasia

Willow and Juniper

Eternity and Infinity

Erin and Eva

Kaitlin and Isobel

Jessica and Louisa

Kayla and Ruthie

Amelia and Emilie

Aneliya and Elyana

Hannah and Hailey

Hannah and Sarah

Emily and Ashley

Sophia and Isobella

Anna and Emma

Makensie and Madison

Reagon and Riley

Gabriella and Isabella

Lindsey and Alison

Peyton and Parker

Grace and Faith

Heather and Fern

Anna and Ava

Leanne and Laura

Dawn and Aurora (Aurora means dawn in Latin)

Cara and Mia (my beloved)

Dorothy and Theodora

Eve and Zoe (both mean life)

Taylor and Tyler

Emma and Eve

Emily and Ashley

Jessica and Jennifer

Emma and Abigail

Emily and Sarah

Hanna and Grace

Makensie and Makayla

Alanna and Alissa

Kayla and Kyla

Summer and Jasmine

Charlotte and Rebecca

Kaena and Jassie

Acacia and Juniper

Alice and Alanna

Makaysi and Cassidi


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