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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Q names for baby girls

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Qiturah, Qitura Insense (arabic)

Queen, Queenie, Queeny, Queena Queen (english)

Querida Beloved (spanish)

Questa Hunter (french)

Queta Home ruler (spanish)

Quiana, Quianna Grace (american)

Quilcie, Quilcie Unknown meaning (american)

Quilla, Quillia Feather (english)

Quinci, Quincy, Quincie The fifth son's estate (english)

Quinelle, Quinella, Quinellie, Quinelli Combination of Quinn and Ella. Ella meaning other (english)

Quinlee, Quinlea, Quinleigh, Quinlie Unknown meaning (american)

Quinn Advisor (gaelic)

Quintessa, Quintesse, Quintesa Combination of Quinn and Tessa. Tessa is short for Tersa and means Fourth child (american)

Quintina, Quinette, Quinella, Quintana, Quintessa, Quin Fifth (english)

Quirina, Quirine Warrier (latin)

Quiterie, Quiteri Peaceful (french)


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