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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

T names for baby girls

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Names for baby girls beginningT

The most popular T names are Tia and Tilly.

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Some famous T's are
Tia Carrere (real name is Althea)- True Lies, Waynes World.
Tamzin Outhwaite - Eastenders, Red Cap, Hotel Babylon.
Tatum O'Neil - Paper Moon, Prisoners, Wicked Wicked Games.
Tiffany - singer, songwriter.
Terry Irwin - Wife of the late great Steve Irwin

Some celebrity baby T's are;

Tallulah Belle - Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

Taylor Mayne Pearl - Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl

Tallulah Pine - Simon LeBon and Yasmine

Terry - James Brown and Adrienne

Tara - Joan Collins and Anthony Newly

My favourite T names are Tayzi, Talia, Talise, Talisa, Tamara, Tiana and Tasha.

Favourite name with meaning is Talise which is a Native American name meaning "Beautiful Water".

Here are the T baby names, their meanings and their origins.

Tabia Talented (swahili)

Tabitha, Tabatha, Tabytha, Tabby, Tabbie, Tabbi Gazelle (english)

Tacey, Tace, Tacita, Taisie, Taisy, Taisi Silence (english)

Taci Tub (native american)

Tadita, Tadeta Runner (native american)

Taeisha, Tayeesha, Tyeisha, Tayeisha, Taieesha Unknown meaning (american)

Taelin, Taelyn, Taylin, Taylyn, Taylynn, Taylinn, Taelinne, Taelynne, Taelynn Combination of Taylor and Lin - Lin means pretty (american)

Taffy, Taffi Beloved (welsh)

Tahira Pure (arabic)

Tahnee Little one (english)

Taigen, Taigan, Taygen, Taigon, Taygon, Taygan Unknown meaning (american)

Taima Thunder (native american)

Tain, Tainee New moon ( native american)

Taisie, Taisy, Taisi, Taysie, Taysy, Taysi, Tayzi, Tayzie, Tayzy, Taizie, Taizy, Taizi, Taizee, Taisee, Tayzee Pearl - Maisie with a T (english)

Taiwo First born of twins (nigerian)

Taka Honerable (japanese)

Takala Cornstack (native american)

Taki Waterfall (japanese)

Takia Worshipper (arabic)

Tala Wolf (nativa american)

Talana, Talanna, Talannah, Tallane, Tallana, Tallanna, Tallannah, Talane Precious - Alana with a T (american)

Talasi, Talasie Cornflower (native american)

Tale green (african)

Talia, Tallia, Talley, Tallie, Talli, Taley, Talie, Tali, Thalya, Thalia, Thalie Heavens dew (hebrew) Near water (aboriginal)

Talicia, Taliciah, Talicea Noble - Alicia with a T (english)

Talisa Of noble birth (spanish)

Talise Beautiful water (native american)

Talitha, Taleetha, Taletha, Talisha, Talesha, Talita Little girl (english)

Tallara, Talara, Tallarra, Talarra, Tallie, Tally, Talli Rain (aboriginal)

Tallulah, Tallula, Talulah, Talula, Tallullah, Talullah, Tallulla, Talulla, Taloula, Talloula Leaping water (native american)

Talya, Talia Lamb (hebrew)

Tama Perfect jewel (japanese)

Tamaki, Tamako, Tamayo Perfect bracelet (japanese)

Tamanna, Tamana Want (hindu)

Tamara, Tamarah, Tamarra, Tamarrah, Tamah, Tama, Tamma, Tami, Tammy, Tammie, Tammee, Tamere, Tamera, Thamara, Thamarah, Tammarah, Tammerah, Tammara, Tammera, Tamarin, Tammarin Palm tree (hebrew)

Tamas, Tamasa, Tamasi, Tamisi Night (hindu)

Tamasine, Tamasin, Tamasina, Tamzen, Tamsen, Tamzin, Tamsin, Tamsyn Twin - female version of Thomas (english)

Tami, Tamie, Tamiko People (japanese)

Tamika, Tamiko, Tamike, Tamiya, Tamiyo Child of the people (japanese)

Tamrika, Tamreeka, Tamari, Tamarie, Tamary A combination of Tammy and Erica. Erica means Leader forever (african american)

Tanaka Swamp dweller (japanese)

Tanay, Tanai, Tanee Unknown meaning (african american)

Tanaya Daughter (hindu)

Tandy, Tandie, Tandi A nickname for Andrew - warrier (greek)

Tane Seed (japanese)

Tani Valley (japanese)

Tanisha, Taneesha, Taneisha, Tanesha, Tanicha, Tannisha, Taneesha, Tanneisha, Tenesha, Tennesha, Teneisha, Tenneisha, Tinisha, Tiniesha, Tineesha, Tineshah, Tyneisha, Tynisha Child born on Monday (african)

Tanith, Tanitha, Tanita Estate (irish)

Tansy, Tansey, Tansie, Tansi Eternal life (greek)

Tanya, Tania A roman clan name - shortening of Tatiana (russian)

Tao Apple (vietnamese)

Taquiyya, Taquiya, Takkiah, Takkia, Takeah, Takia, Takea, Takiyyah Devotion (arabic)

Tara, Tarah, Tarena, Tarina, Tarin, Tarren, Taren, Tarrah, Tarra, Taryn, Teryn, Taryna Star, hill (irish)

Tarana A large waterhole (aboriginal)

Tarani, Tarini Light (hindu)

Taree Bending branch (japanese)

Tarika Star (hindu)

Tarra A creek (aboriginal)

Tarunika Girl (hindu)

Tasha, Tassha, Tasia Christmas, Birthday - shortening of Natasha (russian)

Tashanee, Tashaneeh, Tashinah, Tashina, Tasheena Unknown meaning (african american)

Tate, Tait Cheerful (english)

Tathra, Tathrie, Tathri, Tathry, Tathy, Tathie, Tathi, Tath A beautiful country (aboriginal)

Tatiana, Tatianna, Tatyana, Tatyanna, Tanka, Tannia, Tania, Tanya, Tana, Tahnya, Tonia, Tonnia, Tohnya, Tonya, Tanis Ancient slavic King - female version of Tatius (russian)

Tatsu Dragon (japanese)

Taulaki Waiting (Polynesian)

Taura, Taurina Astrological name - female version of Taurus (latin)

Tawia Born after twins (african)

Tawnie, Tawny, Tawni Child (english)

Tayanita Beaver (native american)

Tayen Unknown meaning (american)

Taylor, Tailor, Talor, Tayler, Tailer, Taler, Tayla, Taila, Taylee, Tailee, Tailie, Taili, Tayli, Tailie, Taily Tailor (english)

Tazu Stork (japanese)

Tcu Mana Snake girl (native american)

Teagan, Teagen, Tegan, Tegen, Teigan, Teigen, Tege, Teige, Taigon, Taigen, Taigan Pretty (english)

Teleri Unknown meaning (welsh)

Teleza Slippery (african)

Temira, Timora Tall (hebrew)

Temperance Moderation (latin)

Tempest, Tempie Stormy(french)

Tennille, Tenille, Tenilla, Tennilla, Tenella, Tenelle Last name (french)

Terena, Tereena, Terenia, Terrena, Terrina, Teryna, Terri, Terrie, Terry Roman clan name - female version of Terence (english)

Teresa, Teresia, Therisa, Therise, Terrisa, Therrisa, Theressa, Therresa, Terresa, Teresina, Terresina, Terrisina, Terasa, Terrasa, Terese, Thersa, Thereza, Tereza, Trrya, Terza, Tessa, Tessy, Tessie, Tessi, Terrie, Terry, Terri, Terra, Tersa, Teree, Theree, Therry, Teo, Tio, Tao, Teona, Teoni, Teonie, Teony, Tioni, Tiona, Tionie, Tiony, Taola, Teressa, Terassa, Tereska, Teruska, Teskia, Tesa, Treesa, Tresa, Trisa, Threesa, Thresa Late summer (greek)

Terlah, Terla, Taria, Teria, Tari Fresh (hebrew)

Terra, Terrah, Terah, Tera Earth (latin)

Teryl, Terryl, Terryll, Teril, Trrill, Terril Late summer - variation of Teresa (american)

Tessa, Tessie, Tessia, Tess Beloved by God (polish)

Tetsu Iron (japanese)

Tevy, Tevie, Tevee, Tevi Angel (cambodian)

Thaddea, Thadda, Thada Brave (greek)

Thalassa Ocean (greek)

Thaleia, Thalia Blooming (greek)

Thana Thanksgiving (arabic)

Thao Respect (vietnamese)

Thea Goddess (greek)

Thekia Famous God (greek)

Thelma, Telma Will (greek)

Thema Queen (african)

Theodora, Theadora, Theda, Teddie, Teddy, Teodora, Teadora, Tora,
Torie, Tori, Theo, Teo, Tiodora, Tio, Tiadora, Tia, Thia Gift from God - female version of Theodore (greek)

Theone, Theona, Theoni, Theonie, Teone, Teona, Teoni, Teonie, Teo God's name (greek)

Thomasina, Thomasena, Thomasene, Thimasine, Tomasa, Tomasia, Tommi, Toma Twin - female version of Thomas (english)

Thora, Thordis, Thordia, Thorsie, Thordy, Thordi, Thyra, Tyra Thor's battle (scandinavian)

Thurayya Star (arabic)

Tia, Tiana, Tianna, Tianah, Tiannah, Tiane, Tianne, Tian Aunt (spanish)

Tiara, Tiera Crown (spanish)

Tiernan, Tierney, Tierna, Tiernee, Tiernie, Tierni Lord (english)

Tierra, Tiera Earth (spanish)

Tifara, Tifhara Festive (hebrew)

Tiffany, Tiffanie, Tiffaney, Tiffani, Tifany, Tifanie, Tifaney, Tifani, Theophanie, Theophania, Theofania, Theofane, Tiffney, Tiffnie, Tiffni, Tiffie, Tiffy, Tiffini, Tiffinie God's appearance (greek)

Tikkie, Tikky, Tikki, Tikky-Lou, Tikkie-Lou, Tikki-Lou, Tikki-Lu, Tikkie-Lu, Tikky-Lu Unknown meaning (american)

Tilda, Thilda, Thillie, Tillie, Tilly, Tilli, Tildie, Tildi, Tildy, Tillianne, Tillianna, Tilliana, Tilliann Mighty in battle - short for Matilda (german)

Timothea, Timmie, Timmy, Timmi, Timi, Timaula Homouring God - female version of Timothy (greek)

Tina Anointed, christian - short for Christina (latin)

Tinka The day (aboriginal)

Tippi, Tippie Sweetheart (swedish)

Tira Camp (hebrew)

Tirion Gentle (welsh)

Tirranna, Tiranna, Tirannah, Tirrannah, Tirrann, Tirann, Tiranne, Tirranne, Tirrie, Tirra, Tirry, Tirri, Tirrianne, Tirrianna, Tirriann Running water (aboriginal)

Tirza, Tirzah, Thirza Kindness (hebrew)

Tisa Ninth child (african)

Tish, Tisha Happiness - version of Letitia (english)

Titania, Tita Giant (greek)

Titilayo Eternal happiness (african)

Tivona Nature lover (hebrew)

Tiwa Onion (native american)

Toby, Tobie, Tobi, Tobee, Tobey God is good - female version of Tobias (hebrew)

Toireasa, Triese Strength (irish)

Toki Chance (japanese)

Tokiwa Steady (japanse)

Tolikna Coyote ears (native american)

Tomiko, Tomi Happy child (japanese)

Tooka, Tookayo Ten days (japanese)

Topaz Jewel (latin)

Topsy, Toppsie, Toppsi, Topsey, Topsie, Topsi The topsail (english)

Tora Tiger (japanese)

Tori Bird (japanese)

Torie, Tory, Tori, Toria, Torla, Torlie, Torly, Torli Victory - short for Victoria (english)

Toshi, Toshio, Toshiko, Toshie Mirror reflection (japanese)

Toski Bug (japanese)

Totsi Moccasins (native american)

Tova, Tove Beautiful Thor (scandinavian)

Tovah, Tova, Tovat, Tovit, Tobit, Toba Pleasant (hebrew)

Toya, Toyah, Toyanna, Toyanna, Toia, Toianna, Toiana, Toianne, Toiann, Toiane, Toian, Tonya Victory - short for Victoria (spanish)

Tracy, Tracie, Tracey, Tracee, Traci, Trasy, Trasie, Trasey, Trasee, Trasi, Trace Summer - variation of Teresa (english)

Trava Grass (czech)

Treasure Treasure (english)

Treva, Trevina, Trevia, Trevie, Treevie, Treevi, Trea, Tria Great settlement - female version of Trevor (english)

Tricia, Trichia, Trisha, Trish Noble female version of Patrick (english)

Trilby, Trilbie, Trilbi Literary name from the Victorian era (english)

Trina, Treena, Triena, Trena, Trini, Trinette, Trinetta, Trine Pure - short for Katrina (scandinavian)

Trinity, Trinita, Triniti, Trinitie Triad (latin)

Trista, Tristen, Tristan, Tristina, Tristine, Tristie, Tristi Sad (latin)

Trixie, Trixy, Trixi, Trix, Tricksie, Triksie, Triksi, Triksy She brings joy (english)

Trudy, Trudie, Trudee, Trude, Trudi, Trudye, Truda Strong spear - short for Gertrude (german)

Tryphena, Triphena, Tryphana, Tryphina Delicacy (greek)

Tsuhgi Second daughter (japanese)

Tsula Fox (native american)

Tua Outdoors (polynesian)

Tuesday Tuesday (english)

Tuhina Snow (hindu)

Tuki, Tukiyo, Tukiko Moon (japanese)

Tula Apex (native american)

Tully, Tullie, Tulli Powerful people (irish)

Tulsi Basil (hindu)

Turquoise The colour (american)

Tuwa Earth (native american)

Tuyen Angel (vietnamese)

Twyla, Twylla, Twila, Twilla Twilight (english)

Tyana Unknown meaning (american)

Tyesha, Tyisha Unknown meaning (american)

Tycie, Tysie, Tyci, Tysi Unknown meaning (american)

Tyler, Tylar, Tiler, Tiller One who works with roof tiles (english)

Tyra Thor's battle (scandinavian)

Tzeira Young (hebrew)


  • At 6:02 PM, Anonymous christina said…

    You forgot the most beautiful T name! My daughters name Tamia. (pronounced tuh-mee-yah)

  • At 6:04 PM, Anonymous christina said…

    also there is a famous R&B singer called Ramia too.


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