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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

W names for baby girls

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Wakanda, Wakenda Magical (native american)

Walanika, Welonika True image (hawaiian)

Walda, Wallda, Welda, Wellda Ruler - feminine form of Waldo (german)

Walida Newborn (arabic)

Wallis, Walliss, Wallys, Wally, Wallie One from Wales (english)

Wanaao Sunrise (hawaiian)

Wanaka Form of Wanda (hawaiian)

Wanda, Wandie, Wonda, Wandi, Wandy Tribal name (slavic)

Waneta, Wyneta, Wanetta One who moves forward (native american)

Warrah Honeysuckle (aboriginal)

Washi Eagle (japanese)

Weeko Beautiful girl (native american)

Welena Springtime (hawaiian)

Wendy, Wendie, Wendi, Wendye, Wendee, Wenda Friend (english)

Whisper Whisper (american)

Whitley White field (english)

Whitney, Whitnee, Whitnie, Whitny, Whitni White island (english)

Whoopi Unknown meaning (french)

Wicahpi Star (native american)

Wila Faith (hawaiian)

Wilda, Willda, Wylda Willow (english)

Wilfreda Peaceful will -female version of Wildfred (english)

Wilhelmina, Wilhelmine, Wilhelmene, Wilhelmena, Willamina, Williamina, Wiletta, Willa, Wilma, Wylma, Wilmina Determined protector - female version of William (german)

Willow Tree name (english)

Wilona To desire (english)

Winema Female chief (native american)

Winifred, Winifrede, Winifreda, Winifryde, Winifryda, Winnie, Winni, Winny, Wynni, Wynn, Wyn, Winn, Win Holy peace (welsh)

Wimola Enchanting friend (german)

Winter Winter (english)

Wisdom Wisdom (english)

Wisia Victorious (polish)

Wisteria, Wistaria Flower name (english)

Wren Bird (english)

Wyanet Beautiful (native american)

Wyetta War strength - female version of Wyatt (african american)

Wynelle, Wynette, Wynetta Unknown maening (african american)

Wynn, Wynne, Winne, Winn Fair, white (welsh)

Wynonah, Wynona, Wynnona, Wynona, Winona, Winonah First born daughter (native american)

Wyome Big field (native american)

Wyuna Clear (aboriginal)


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