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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

P names for baby girls

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Names for baby girls beginning P

The most popular P names are Poppy, Phoebe and Paige.

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Some famous P's are;
Phoebe Cates (born Phoebe Belle Katz), actress - Gremlins and Gremlins 2.
Phoebe Ephron, writer - Carousel, On the Riviera, There's no Business like

Patsy Cline, country music singer.
Pamela Anderson, actress - Baywatch.
Pam St Clement, actress - plays Pat Butcher / Evans in Eastenders.
Paris Hilton, actress, producer - American dreams, House of Wax.
Patricia Arquette, actress - Human Nature, Stigmata, True Romance,
Nighmare on Elm Street 3, Dream Warriors.

Penelope Keith, actress - The Good Life, Waters of the moon.
Paula Abdul, singer and judge on American Idol.
Prunella Scales, actress - Fawlty Towers, Mr Big, The Hound of the
Baskervilles, After Henry.

Some celebrity baby P's are;
Phoenix Chi Melanie Gulzar and Jimmy Gulzar
Piper Maru - Gillian Anderson and Clyde Klotz.
Peaches - Bob Geldof and Paula Yates
Pixie - Bob Geldof and Paula Yates

Some unusual but cool names are Paisley, Payten and Piper.

My favourites are Phoebe, Paige, Paisley and Pollyanna.

Favourite name with meaning is Pheoebe which is a Greek name and means

Here are the names, their meanings and their origins.

Padgett, Padget, Paget, Pagette, Pagett Wisdom (greek)

Pagan Country dweller (english)

Page, Paige, Payge, Paiyge Young servant (french)

Paisley, Paislee, Paislea, Paisleigh, Paisli The name of a patterned fabric (scottish)

Paiten, Payten, Payton, Payten Noble - variant of Patrick (irish)

Paka Kitten (swahili)

Pala Water (native American)

Palila Bird (hawaiian)

Pallas Another name for Athena, Godess of the Arts (greek)

Palmer, Palima, Pallma, Palma Palm tree (english)

Paloma, Peloma, Palloma, Pamolita Dove (spanish)

Pamela, Pamala, Pamalia, Pamilla, Pammie, Pammy, Pammi, Pam, Pamelyn, Pamelin Honey (greek)

Pana Partridge (native american)

Pandita Scholar (hindu)

Pandora, Pandorra, Panda All gifts (greek)

Panna Emerald (hindu)

Panola Cotton (native american)

Pansy, Pansie, Pansey, Pansi Flower (english)

Panthea Of all Gods (greek)

Panya Mouse (swahili)

Paris, Parris, Parisa, Parrish, Parisia The city (english)

Pascale, Pascalle, Pascalette, Pascaline Easter child - passover (french)

Pasha Of the ocean (greek)

Patches Small - related to Peter (english)

Pati Twisting Willows (native American)

Patia Leaf (spanish)

Patience, Patient, Patent Patience (english)

Patricia, Patrice, Patriece, Patria, Patrica, Patrika, Patsy, Pattie, Patsie, Patty, Patti, Pat Noble - female version of Patrick (english)

Paula, Pauline, Paulina, Pauleen, Paulene, Paulita, Pawline, Pawlina, Pola, Pollie, Polly, Polli Small - female version of Paul (latin)

Pavana, Pavanna, Pavanie, Pavani Wind (hindu)

Payne Peasant (latin)

Paz, Paza, Pazia Paziah Golden (hebrew)

Peachie, Peaches, Peachi Peach (english)

Pearl, Pearla, Perl, Perla, Pearline, Pearlene, Pearlena, Pearlina, Perle, Perlie, Perlee, Pearlee, Pealie, Perli, Pearli Pearl (latin)

Peggy, Peggie, Peggi Pearl - a nickname for Margeret (greek)

Peke Bright (hawaiian)

Pela, Pelle, Pella, Pell, Peleka Pretty (hawaiian)

Pelagia, Pelagie, Pelgia, Pelgie, Pellagie, Pellie The ocean (greek)

Peliah, Pelia Gods miracle (hebrew)

Pelika Peaceful - version of Freda (hawaiian)

Pelipa Lover of horses (native american)

Pepper Pepper (english)

Penda Beloved (african)

Penelope, Pennelope, Penny, Penni, Pennie, Penna, Pennine, Pinelope, Pinelopi, Penelopi Bobbin weaver (greek)

Peni His mind (native american)

Peony, Peoni, Peonie Flower (english)

Perdita Lost (latin)

Perita Unknown meaning (american)

Perry, Perrie, Perri, Perrin Pear tree (french)

Persia Place name (english)

Peta, Petra, Petrice, Petrina, Petrica, Petrona Rock - female version of Peter (greek) A tree (aboriginal)

Petronella, Petronelle Roman clan name (latin)

Petula, Petulah Pertness (latin)

Petunia Flower (english)

Phaedra, Phadra, Phedra Bright (greek)

Philadelphia, Phillie, Philly, Philli, Phil Loving people - brotherly love (greek)

Philana, Philanna Lover of people (greek)

Philantha, Philanthia Lover of flowers (greek)

Philberta Bright (english)

Phillipa, Philipa, Phillipina, Philipine, Pippy, Pippa Lover of horses - female version of Phillip (greek)

Philomena, Philomeena, Philomene Lover of music (greek)

Phoebe, Phebe, Phebie, Phoebey, Phoebi, Phebi Radiant (greek)

Phoenix, Phoe Dark red (greek)

Phyllis, Phillis, Phylis, Philis Green tree branch (greek)

Pia Pious (latin)

Pierah, Piera The moon (aboriginal)

Pili Second born (african)

Pilikika Strong (hawaiian)

Pililani Close to heaven (hawaiian)

Pilisi Green tree branch (greek)

Pineki Peanut (hawaiian)

Pinquana Fragrant (native american)

Piper Bagpipe player (english)

Pirene, Pirena The name of the daughter of the river God - Achelous (greek)

Pita Fourth daughter (african)

Pixie Tiny (english)

Pocahontas Capricious (native american)

Polete, Polina, Poleke Small (hawaiian)

Polly, Pollie, Polli Star of the sea - variant of Molly (english)

Pollyanna, Pollianna, Pollyana, Polliana A combination of Polly and Anna made famous by the book "Pollyanna" about a little girl who saw the bright side of every situation (american)

Poni Second daughter (african)

Poppy, Poppie, Poppee, Poppi, Popie, Popy, Popi Flower name (english)

Porcella, Porcelain, Porcelaine, Porcelaina, Porceline, Porcelina, Porcelanne, Porcelanna Ceramic material, also a little pig (latin)

Portia, Porshe, Porcha, Porchia, Porsha Roman clan name (latin)

Prairie, Prairi Prairie - acres of grasslands (american)

Precious Precious (english)

Prema Love (hindu)

Prima, Primette, Primetta, Primelle, Primella, Priminia, Primina, Primula First (latin)

Primrose First rose (english)

Princess, Princessa Royal title (english)

Pricilla, Pricella, Precilla, Prisilla, Prysilla, Prycilla, Pryssie, Prissie, Prissy, Prissi Ancient (english)

Priti Love (indian)

Priya, Priyasha, Priyata, Priyati Beloved (hindu)

Prudence, Prudencia, Prudense, Prudensia, Prudie, Prudee, Prudey, Prudi, Prue, Pru Wariness (latin)

Prunella, Prunella Small plum (latin)

Puakai, Pua Ocean flower (hawaiian)

Puakea White flower (hawaiian)

Pualani Flower (hawaiian)

Puanani Beautiful flower (hawaiian)

Purity, Puritee, Puriti Pure (english)


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