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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

N names for baby girls

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Names for baby girls beginning N.

The most popular N names are Niamh, Nicole and Natasha.

Middle name help

Some famous N's are Natalie and Nicole Appleton from
the girl band All Saints.
Nadia Sawalha - presenter of City Hospital.
Naomi Campbell - Model.
Natasha Hamilton - former member of Atomic Kitten.

Nina Simone - Singer.
Natalie Wood - actress, WestSide Story, Gypsy, Cat on a
Hot Tin Roof.
Niamh Cusack - actress, Too Good to be True, Heartbeat.
Nicolette Sheridan - actress - plays Edie Britt in Desperate


Some Celebrity baby N's are;
Natasha - Michael Caine
Natashya Lorien - Tori Amos
Naomi - Stephen King and Tabitha

Uncommon but cool names are Naevi, Naomi, Natalia, Naiya,
Narelle, Nia, Nikayla and Nicolette.

My favourites are Naivi, Naiya, Nola, Nanci, Neah and Natasha.

Faourite name with meaning is Nayeli which is a Native American
name which means "I love you". The Native Americans named their
children after the first thing that they saw after the child has been
born, I love you is a beautiful sentiment.

Here are the N names, their meanings and origins.

Naavah, Naava Lovely (hebrew)

Nada, Nadya Dew at sunrise (arabic)

Nadia, Nadeen, Nadya Hope (russian)

Nadira Precious (arabic)

Naevi, Navi, Navie, Navy, Naivi From the colour Navy (english)

Nahla Drink (arabic)

Naia Dolphin (hawaiian)

Naila Attainer (arabic)

Naiya The dreamer (unknown origin)

Nalani Unknown meaning (american)

Nami, Namiko, Namika Wave (japanese)

Namisha Truthful (hindu)

Nana Spring month (hawaiian)

Nancy, Nanci, Nancey, Nancie, Nanette, Nanna, Nanni Grace (hebrew)
Nandana, Nandini Happiness (hindu)

Nanek, Naneka, Naneki, Nanekie, Naneta, Nanette Merciful (hawaiian)
Nani Beautiful (hawaiian)

Nao Truthful (japanese)

Naomi, Naomia, Naoma, Naomie, Naoni, Naona Pleasant (hebrew)

Nara Oak tree (japanese) A companion (aboriginal)

Narcissa, Narcisse, Narcisa Daffodil (greek)

Narda Scented lotion (latin)

Narelle, Narella Unknown meaning (austrailian)

Naresha Leader (hindu)

Nari, Nariko Gentle child (japanese)

Narilla Unknown meaning (gypsy)

Naseem Morning breeze (hindu)

Nashota Twin (native american)

Nasya, Nasia Miracle of God (hebrew)

Natalie, Natali, Natalee, Natalene, Natalia, Nathalie, Natala, Nathalia Birthday, Christmas - birth of Christ (latin)

Nataniah, Natania, Nathania, Natanya, Natanielle, Nathaniella, Nathanielle, Natina Gift of God - female verssion of Nathan (hebrew)

Natasha, Natasia, Natassya, Natayssa, Natashia, Natassia Variant of Natalie (russian)

Natesa Lord of the dance (hindu)

Natsu, Natsuko Summer (japanese)

Nayana, Nayanna, Neyana, Neena, Neya, Naya Beautiful eyes (hindu)

Nayeli I love you (native american)

Nayo Our joy (african)

Nazira, Nazirah Equal (arabic)

Neala, Neela, Neelah, Neelie, Neeli, Neali, Nealie, Neila, Neilie, Neili, Niele, Nielle Champion - female version of Neil (irish)

Nebraska Place name (native american)

Neche Friend (native american)

Neci On fire (latin)

Neema Born during prosperity (african)

Neenah Running water (native american)

Neha, Nehi Loving (hindu)

Neila, Neilla, Neely, Neelie Closing, locking (hebrew)

Neima Powerful (hebrew)

Neisha, Neesha Unknown meaning (american)

Neith The Goddess of the home (egyptian)

Neiva, Neves, Nevya, Neva Snow (spanish)

Neka Wild goose (native american)

Nekoma, Nekomi Grandmother (native american)

Nelia, Neelie Horn - shortened version of Cornelia (latin)

Nell, Nellie, Nelly, Nelli, Nella Light (english)

Nemera Leopard (hebrew)

Nenet Goddess (egyptian)

Neola Young girl (greek)

Nera, Neriya, Neriah, Neria Candle (hebrew)

Nerida, Nerice, Nerina, Nerida, Nerine Sea nymph (greek) A flower (aboriginal)

Nerissa, Nerisse, Neressa, Nerisa, Nerise Sea snail (greek)

Nerys Noble (welsh)

Nessie, Nessey, Nessy, Nessi, Nessee, Nessa, Ness Butterflies - Shortened version of Vanessa (english)

Netia Plant (hebrew)

Nettie, Nettia, Netty A nickname for names ending in 'nette' (english)

Neva Snow (spanish)

Nevada Place name (english)

Neviah Forecaster (hebrew)

Nia, Niah Lustrous (swahili)

Niamh, Neive, Neeve, Neve Bright (irish)

Nicola, Nickola, Nikola, Nicole, Nicolette, Nicoletta, Nicolla, Nikole, Nikoletta, Nikolette, Nicoline, Nikoline, Nikki, Nikkie, Nikette, Nicette, Nikosi Victorious people - female version of Nicholas (english)

Nicosia Place name - capital of Cyprus (english)

Nigella, Nigelle Champion - female version of Nigel (irish)

Nikayla, Nicayla, Nikaila, Nicaila, Nikyla, Nichaela, Nichaila Who resembles God - variant of Michaela (american)

Nikeesha, Nikeisha, Nickisha, Nikisha, Niquisha Variant of Nicola (african american)

Nila Geography name based on the river Nile (english)

Niley A shell (aboriginal)

Nima, Nimah, Nema Tree (hindu)

Nimesha, Naimishi, Nimmi Fast (hindu)

Nina, Neena, Ninete, Ninette, Ninetta, Ninita, Nynette, Nynetta, Ninet, Ninah Girl (spanish)

Niobe, Niobie, Niobi Fern. Ancient mythological figure (greek)

Nirel Cultivated pasture (hebrew)

Nisha, Nishi, Nishie, Nishoko West (japanese)

Nissa, Nisa Examine (hebrew)

Nita, Neeta Friendly (hindu)

Nitara Settled (hindu)

Nitsa Shining girl (greek)

Nutuna Daughter (native american)

Nixie Water nymph (german)

Nizana, Nitzana, Nitza Bud (hebrew)

Noel, Noelle, Noella, Noela, Noell, Noele, Noeleen, Noleen, Noelani, Nowell, Nowella Christmas (french)

Noelan Divine mist (hawaiian)

Noicha, Nolcha Sun (native american)

Noirin Honourable light (irish)

Nola, Nolah, Nolana, Nolena White shoulder (english)

Noleta, Nolita Reluctant (latin)

Nomusa Merciful (african)

Nona, Nonna, Nonah, Nonnah, Nonnie, Nonny, Nonni Ninth (latin)

Nora, Norah Light (greek)

Noreen, Noreena, Norene, Norina, Norine, Norena Light - variation of Nora (english)

Nori, Noriko Principle (japanese)

Norma, Normah Standard (latin)

Norna Fate (scandinavian)

Noula, Noulah Grace (greek)

Noura, Nourah Light (arabic)

Nourbese Special child (african)

Nova, Novah New (latin)

Nudar Golden (arabic)

Nuha Smart (arabic)

Numa Beautiful (arabic)

Nuna Land (native american)

Nunia Leader (polynesian)

Nuria, Niriah, Nuriel Fire of the Lord (hebrew)

Nurit, Nurita Small flower (hebrew)

Nuru Daylight (swahili)

Nydia, Nidia, Nidiah, Nydiah Nest (latin)

Nyla Champion - feminine form of Niles (irish)

Nyree Unknown maening (maori)

Nyura Grace (russian)

Nyx Night (greek)


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