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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

O names for baby girls

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Girl baby names beginning O

There is only one popular O name which is are Olivia which was
rated the most popular girls name of 2006.

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Some famous O's are;

Olivia Newton John, singer / actress - probably most famous for her role
in Grease.
Olympia Dukakis, actress - Steel Magnolias, Working Girl, Moonstruck.
Octavia Spencer, actress - Ugly Betty, NYPD Blue.
Oprah Winfrey - Chat show host, YoYo dieter and actress.

Celebrity baby O's are;

Olivia - Beverly D'Angelo and Al Pacino

Unusual but cool names are Orla, Olina, Oleisa, Opal and Olessia.

My favourites are Orla and Oleisa.

Favourite name with meaning is Orla which is an Irish name and
means "Golden queen"

Here are the names, their meanings and their origins

Oba Goddess of the river (nigerian)

Obelia Needle (greek)

Obharnait The colour of Olive (Irish)

Ocarina, Ocarine Musical instrument (english)

Ocean, Oceana Ocean (english)

Ocin Rose (native american)

Octavia, Octavie, Octavi Eighth (latin)

Ode Born whilst travelling (african)

Odele, Odela, Odeela, Odellia, Oda, Odie, Odila, Odella Wealthy (german)

Odelette, Odelet, Odette Little song (french)

Odelia Praise God (hebrew)

Odessa Angry (greek)

Odette, Odetta Wealthy (french)

Odina Mountain (native american)

Odiya Song of God (hebrew)

Oheo, Olathe Beautiful (native american)

Oihane From the forest (spanish)

Okalani Of the heavens (hawaiian)

Oki Middle of the ocean (japanese)

Okiiani From heaven (hawaiian)

Ola, Olesya, Olesia, Olesi Protector of men (polish)

Oleah, Olia, Olea Unknown meaning (american)

Oleda, Oleta, Olethia, Olethea Noble (english)

Oleisa Gods promise - variant of Elizabeth (french)

Olessia, Olessie, Olessi Mans defender (greek)

Olexa, Olexia, Olexie, Olexi Defender of mankind - version of Alexandra (czech)

Olga, Olenka, Olina, Olia, Ola Olka Holy (russian)

Oliana Flowering evergreen (hawaiian)

Olina, Oline, Oleen, Oleena Happy (hawaiian)

Olinda, Olynda Wild fig (latin)

Olisa God (african)

Olivia, Oliva, Olivie, Olovi, Olivette, Olivet Olive tree (latin)

Olwen, Olwyn, Olwin, Olwina, Olwyna, Olvyen White footprint (welsh)

Olympia, Olimpia Mount Olympus (greek)

Oma Leader (arabic)

Omana Lady (hindu)

Omega Last letter of the Greek alphabet (greek)

Ona Grace (scandinavian)

Ondrea, Ondria Manly, verile - version of Andrea (czech)

Oneida Long awaited (native american)

Onella Light (greek)

Oni Born on Holy ground (african)

Onida The one we search for (native american)

Onora, Onoria Honour (latin)

Onour, Onor Woman of honour - variant of Honor (latin)

Oola, Oolah A red lizard (aboriginal)

Oona, Oonah Unity (irish)

Opal, Opalina, Opaline Gem (english)

Ophelia Help (greek)

Ora Pray (latin)

Orabel, Orabelle, Orabell, Orabella, Orabela Beautiful seacoast (english)

Oracia Roman clan name - feminine form of Horace (spanish)

Oralie, Oralee, Orlaee, Orielle, Oriella, Orlene, Orlena, Oriel, Orelle My light(hebrew)

Oralia Golden (french)

Orana The moon (aboriginal)

Orela, Orella Revelation (latin)

Oretta Unknown meaning (american)

Orfhlaith, Orlaigh, Orlaith, Orianna, Orianne, Oriane, Oriana, Oria, Orla Golden queen (irish)

Oriana, Orianna, Oriana, Orianne, Orane Sunrise (latin)

Oriel Golden (latin)

Orino, Orinoko, Orinoki Weavers loom (japanese)

Orlene, Orlena Gold (french)

Orli The light is mine (israel)

Orpah, Oprah A fawn (hebrew)

Orsa, Orsla, Orselina, Orseline Female bear (latin)

Orszebet Gods promise - version of Elizabeth (hungarian)

Orthia Straight (greek)

Osanna, Osana, Osannah, Ossannah, Ossanna, Ossana Save, we pray - short form of Hosannah (latin)

Osen Thousand (japanese)

Otilie, Otilia Wealthy (czech)

Otylia Lucky heroine (german)

Ouida Famous soldier - short for Louise (english)

Ove Mythical daughter of Dearg (irish)

Owenna, Owena Well born - female version of Owen (welsh)

Oya To name something (native american)

Ozera Help (hebrew)


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