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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

K names for baby girls

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Names for baby girls beginning K

The most popular K names are Katie, Keira, Kiera and Kayleigh.

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Some famous K's are Pop princess Kylie Minogue.
Kim Catrall, actress - starred in Sex and the City.
Karen Carpenter, singer.
Katie Melua Singer / songwriter.
Keira Knightley, actress - Pirates of the Carribean, King Arthur,
Pride and Prejudice and lots more.

Kirsten Dunst, actress - Spiderman films 2 and 3.
Kelly Preston, actress - the Cat in the Hat, Jerry Maguire.
Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's youngest offspring!
Kacy Ainsworth, actress- most famous for playing little Mo in Eastenders.
Kim Basinger, actress, Batman, Waynes World, L A Confidential, Final Analysis.

Some celebrity baby K's are
Keelee Breeze - Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice).
Kenni Lauren- Kenny Anderson and Tami.
Kathlyn Elizabeth - Warren Beatty and Annette Benning.

Kimber- Clint Eastwood and Roxanne Tunis.
Keili- Shea - Mia Farrow.
Katie - Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson.
Katherine Eunice - Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mia Shriver.

Unusual / uncommon but cool names are Karina, Kacey, Kadie,
Kaiya, Kaiden, Kalana, Kalita, Kaomi, Kara, Kariana, Karis,
Kassandra, Kassie, Keisha, Kiara, Kira, Kiri, Kora, Korrinne and

Names increasing in popularity are Kayla, Kali, Kassidy, Kyla,
Kelsey, Kennidy and Keah.

My favourites are Karina, Karis, Kiri, Kennidy, Kassandra, Karis
and Kassidee.

Favourite name with meanings are Kala which means Princess
and Karenza which means Love.

Here are K names, their meanings and origins.

Kaamilee Deirous (hindu)

Kaaona Hawaiian summer month (Hawaiian)

Kaarina, Karina Pure (finnish)

Kachina Sacred dance (native American)

Kaci, Kacey, Kacie, Kaycee, Kacy, Kayci He commands peace - female version of Casimir (english)

Kacia, Kaisha, Kasia, Kasha Unknown meaning (african-american)

Kadee Mother (aboriginal)

Kadiah, Kadya, Kadia A pitcher (hebrew)

Kady, Kadi, Kadie Helpful - variation of Cady (american)

Kaede Maple (japanese)

Kagimi Mirror (japanese)

Kahoko Star (hawaiian)

Kai, Kaiyo, Kaiya, Kaiko forgiveness (japanese) and means sea (hawaiian)

Kaiden, Kaidie, Kadie, Kady, Kadey, Kaydi Unknown meaning (american)

Kaila, Kayla, Kailan, Kaylan The laurel crown (hawaiian)

Kaisa Pure (Swedish)

Kaitlin, Kaitlan, Katelin, Katelyn, Kaitlinn, Kaitlyn, Kaitlynn, Kaitlynne, Kaitlinne, Kaitlinn, Kaitlee, Katelee, Kaitlea, Katelea, Kaitleigh, Kateleigh, Kaitlie, Katelie, Katlyn, Katlin Pure - Variation of Caitlin which is the irish version of Katherine (english)

Kaiya A type of spear (aboriginal)

Kakala Flower (polynesian)

Kakalina, Kakarina, Katalina Pure (hawaiian)

Kala, Kalai, Kale, Kela Princess (hawaiian)

Kala, Kalee, Kallee, Kali Black one (hindu)

Kalani The sky (hawaiian)

Kalema Flaming torch (hawaiian)

Kalana Flat land (hawaiian)

Kalani Heaven (hawaiian)

Kalanit, Kaleena, Kalena, Kalina Flower (hebrew)

Kalaudia, Kelaudia Lame - Hawaiian version of Claudia (Hawaiian)

Kalauka, Kalarisa Famous (hawaiian)

Kalei Wreath of flowers (hawaiian)

Kali, Kalli Energy (hindu)

Kaligenia Beautiful daughter (greek)

Kalika Flower pod (hindu)

Kalila, Kaila, Kailey, Kaleigh, Kaylie, Kayleigh, Kaylee, Kalilla, Kalie, Kayleen, Kaly, Kayle Beloved (arabic)

Kalina, Kaline, Kalena, Kaleena, Kalin, Kalyn Flower (slavic)

Kalinda A lookout (aboriginal)

Kalindi A river (hindu)

Kalini Pure - version of Karen (hawaiian)

Kalinn Stream (scandinavian)

Kalino Bright light (hawaiian)

Kaliona One lion (hawaiian)

Kaliska Coyote pursuing a deer (native american)

Kalita Famous (hindu)

Kallan, Kalan Flowing water (scandinavian)

Kalli, Kallie, Kally, Kali Singing lark (greek)

Kalliope, Kaliope Beautiful voice - variation of Calliope (greek)

Kallista, Kalista, Kalie, Kalli, Kally, Kali Most beautiful (greek)

Kallolee Happy (hindu)

Kalola Woman - version of Carol (hawaiian)

Kalyan Beautiful (hindu)

Kalyca, Kalica, Kalyka, Kalika, Kali, Kaly Rosebud (greek)

Kama Ripe (hebrew)

Kamala Lotus (hundu)

Kamali Guardian angel of infants (african)

Kamanika Beautiful (hindu)

Kamari, Kamaria, Kamarie, Kamari Like the moon (african)

Kambria - variation of Cambria - referring to Wales (latin)

Kame, Kameko, Kameyo Tortoise - A symbol of long life (japanese)

Kamea Sole one (hawaiian)

Kameli Honey (hawaiian)

Kami Lord (japanese)

Kamila, Kamilah, Kameela, Kamilla, Kamillah, Kamla, Kama Perfect (arabic)

Kamoana Ocean (hawaiian)

Kana, Kanika Tiny (hindu)

Kanani Beautiful (hawaiian)

Kanara Canary (hebrew)

Kanda, Kandra Magic (native american)

Kandace, Kandice, Kandiss, Kandis, Kandie, Kandy, Kandi Royal title used by Ethiopian queens ; white - variation of Candice (ethiopian)

Kane, Kaneko Talented (japanese)

Kaneesha, Kaneisha, Kaniesha, Kanisha Unknown meaning (african american)

Kanene Sty in the eye (african)

Kanestie Guide (native american)

Kani Sound (hawaiian)

Kanih Black cloth (african)

Kaniqua, Kanikwa Unknown meaning (african american)

Kannitha Angel (cambodian)

Kanoa, Kanoe Free one (hawaiian)

Kanta, Kantina, Kantia Desire (hindu)

Kanti Lovely (hindu)

Kanya, Kanyaa Daughter (hindu)

Kaomi, Kaomie Unknown meaning (american)

Kaoru, Kaori Aroma (japanese)

Kapri, Kaprice, Kapricia, Kaprisha Whimsical - variation of Caprice (american)

Kapua Flower (hawaiian)

Kapuaula Red flower (hawaiian)

Kapuki First born daughter (african)

Kara, Karah, Kaira, Kairah, Karalyn, Karalin, Karalee, Karaleigh, Kariana, Karianne, Karianna, Karielle, Kariella, Kariette, Karrah, Karra, Karrie, Karrey, Kari Dear (latin)

Karen, Karon, Karina, Keron, Kerron, Karron, Karren, Karrina, Kerrin, Karrin, Kerin, Karin Pure - a diminutive of Katarina (scandinavian)

Karenza, Kerenza, Karensa, Kerensa, Kerrenza, Karrenza, Karrensa, Kerrensa, Kerrin, Kerren, Kerin, Keren Love (scottish)

Karida Virginial (arabic)

Karima, Karimah Noble (arabic)

Karis, Kariss, Karista, Karrista Grace (greek)

Karisma Variation of Charisma (english)

Karissa very dear (greek)

Karlene, Karlena, Karlen, Karlina, Karline, Karla, Karlotta, Karlotte, Karlota Free man - female version of Charles (latvian)

Karma Fate (hindu)

Karmel, Karmela, Karmeli, Karmia, Karmi, Karmiel, Karmielle, Karmiella Fruitful orchard (hebrew)

Karmen, Karmina, Karmine, Karmita Garden - variation of Carmen (english)

Karmil Red (hebrew)

Karolaina, Karalaina Woman (hawaiian)

Karoline, Karolina, Karolyn, Karolin, Karolynn, Karolynne, Karolinn, Kariline, Karilin, Karilyn, Karalanna, Karilanna, Karilann, Karalann, Karlie, Karol, Karroll, Karoll, Karyl, Karyll Free man - variation of Caroline (english)

Karpura Pricless (hindu)

Karuna Compassion (hindu)

Karri A type of Eucalyptus (aboriginal)

Kasa, Kasha, Kasha Dress made of fur (native american)

Kasey, Kasie, Kasy Alert - variation of Casey (american)

Kasi The holy city (hindu)

Kasinda Child born after twins (african)

Kassandra, Kassie, Kasandra, Kassandre, Kassandrea, Kassaundra, Kassy, Kassi Unheeded profitess - variantion of Cassandra (greek)

Kassidy, Kassisie, Kassidi, Kassi, Kass Curly-headed (english)

Kataniya, Katania, Ketana Small (hebrew)

Katherine, Kathrine, Katharine, Kathrin, Katharynn, Katherynn, Kaethe, Kaila, Kaitlin, Karen, Karena, Karynn, Kata, Kataleen, Katalena, Kataleena, Katalina, Kateke, Katee, Katie, Kate, Katharin, Katherin, Kathareen, Kathareen, Kathy, Kathey, Kathryn, Katrin, Katrina, Katrine, Katy, Kati, Karren, Karrin, Katya, Kay, Kitty, Kittie, Kitti, Kathleen, Katleen Pure (greek)

Katsumi Victorious beauty (japanese)

Katsu Triumphant (japanese)

Kauila Acclaimed woman (hawaiian)

Kaula Clairvoyant (hawaiian)

Kaulana Famous one (hawaiian)

Kaveri River (hindu)

Kawena Fire (hawaiian)

Kaya Older sister (native american)

Kayla, Kaila, Kaylee, Kailee, Kaylie, Kaylie, Kayli, Kaili, Kaelie, Kalie, Kayley, Kaelene, Kailene, Kaylene, Kalin, Kalina, Kalyn, Kayleen, Kayleigh, Kaileigh, Kaye, Kay, Kaylin, Kailin Pure - variation of Katherine (english)

Kaya Wise child (native american)

Kayo Beautiful (japanese)

Kazue Branch; first blessing; harmonious (japanese)

Kazuko Harmonious child (japanese)

Kazumi Harmonious beauty (japanese)

Keala Pathway (hawaiian)

Kealani White heaven (hawaiian)

Keara, Kiera, Keira, Kiara, Kierra, Kearra, Keirra Dark (irish)

Keesha, Keisha, Keshia, Kiesha Alive and well - variant of Aisha (american)

Kei Respectful (japanese)

Keiki Child (hawaiian)

Keiko Respectful child (japanese)

Keita, Keitha Forest - female version of Keith (english)

Keke Chaste (hawaiian)

Kekona Second child (hawaiian)

Kela Valley (hawaiian)

Kelalani Limitless sky (hawaiian)

Kelday Unknown meaning (english)

Keleka, Kelekia To harvest (hawaiian)

Kelila, Kalia, Kayla, Kaile, Kaila, Kayle, Kylia, Kyla Crowned (hawaiian)

Kelina Moon godess (hawaiian)

Kelly, Kellie, Kelli, Keeley, Kealey, Keelie, Kealie, Keeli, Keali, Keelee, Kealee, Kelley, Kellia, Kellisa, Kellina, Keely Bright headed, strife (irish)

Kelsey, Kelsie, Kelsy, Kelsi, Kelsee Island (english)

Kenda, Kendi, Kendie, Kenada, Kenndi, Kenadi Magic (native american)

Kendra, Kendria, Kindra, Kendrea, Kenna Greatest champion (welsh)

Kenisha, Keniesha, Keneisha, Kennesha Beautiful woman (african american)

Kennidy, Kenidee, Kenidi Unknown meaning (american)

Kenya The country (hebrew)

Kenzie Light one (scottish)

Keohi One woman (hawaiian)

Keokiana, Keokina Farmer - version of Georgina (hawaiian)

Keola One life (hawaiian)

Kerani, Kerie, Keri, Kera Sacred bells (hindu)

Kerem Orchard (hebrew)

Keren, Kerrin, Kerren, Kerin, Kerryn, Keryn Beauty (hebrew)

Kerry, Kerrie, Kerri, Kerree, Kerra, Kerriana, Kerianna, Keriann, Kerrianne, Kerian, Keriana, Kera, Kerie, Kery Dark haired (irish)

Kesava Lots of hair (hindu)

Keshet Rainbow (hindu)

Kesi Daughter with a difficult father (swahili)

Kesia, Keshia Favourite (african american)

Kessem Magic (hebrew)

Kessie Fat (african)

Keti Pure (polynesian)

Ketina Girl (hebrew)

Keturah, Ketura To pick (hebrew)

Ketzia, Ketziah, Keziah, Kezia, Kesiah, Kesia, Ketzi, Kezzi, Kissie, Kissi, Kizzy Tree bark (hebrew)

Kevina, Kevyn, Kevia, Keva Handsome beloved - female version of Kevin (irish)

Kewanee Prairie hen (native american)

Khalida, Kaleeda, Khaledah Forever (arabic)

Khloe, Klowie, Khloey Blooming - variation of Chloe (greek)

Kiah, Keah, Kiya A new beginning (muslim)

Kiannah, Kianna, Kianah, Kiana, Kia Favoured grace - variation of Hannah ( american)

Kiara, Kiarah, Kiarra, Kiera, Kierra, Keira, Keirra Dark - version of Ciara (american)

Kibibi Little girl (african)

Kichi Lucky (japanese)

Kiele, Kieley, Kieli, Kiela, Kiela Gardenia flower (hawaiian)

Kiki Ruler of the house - nickname for Enriqueta or Henrietta (spanish)

Kikikia Blind (hawaiian)

Kiku Chrysanthemum (japanese)

Kiley, Kilee, Kilie Handsome (gaelic)

Kilia Heaven (hawaiian)

Kimama, Kimimela Butterfly (native american)

Kimaya Godlike (hindu)

Kimberley, Kimberlie, Kimberli, Kimberlea, Kimberlee, Kimberleigh, Kimberlin, Kimberlyn, Kimberlynn, Kimberlynne, Kimberlinn, Kimberlinne, Kymberlie, Kymberley, Kymberli, Kymberlee, Kymberlee, Kymberleigh, Kyberlin, Kymberlyn, Kymberlynn, Kymberlynne, Kymberlinn, Kimmie, Kymmie, Kym, Kim, Kimmi, Kymmi, Kimba, Kimball, Kimber, Kimbley, Kymbley, Kimberly Cyneburg's meadow (english)

Kimiko Beautiful history, dear child (japanese)

Kin Gold (japanese)

Kina To judge (hawaiian)

Kineta Dynamic (greek)

Kini, Kinita, Kinikia, Kinika God is good (hawaiian)

Kinsey Family member (english)

Kinu, Kinuko, Kinuyo Silk (japanese)

Kioko Happy (japanese)

Kira, Kirra, Kiran, Kirana Throne (bulgarian)

Kiran, Kirana Light (hindu)

Kiri, Kirsi Flower (sanskrit)

Kiriah, Kirya, Kiria Village (hebrew)

Kiritina, Kirikina Christ (hawaiian)

Kirsten, Keerstin, Keersten, Kirstin, Kersten, Kerstin, Kerstie, Kirstie, Kersty, Kirsty, Kersti, Kirsti, Kirstee, Kerstee, Kirstine, Kerstine, Kirstyn, Kerstyn, Kyrstin Anointed (scandinavian)

Kishori Young girl (hindu)

Kiska Pure (russian)

Kita North (japanese)

Kitra Wreath (hebrew)

Kiwa, Kiwayo Born on the border (japanese)

Kiyo, Kiyoko Happy families (japanese)

Kiyoshi Shining (japanese)

Kizzy, Kizzie, Kizzi Cinnamon (hebrew)

Klara, Klarissa Bright, shining - variation of Clara (hungarian)

Klaudia, Klaudie Lame - variant of Claudia (polish)

Koana God is good (hawaiian)

Kodelia, Kokelia Daughter of the sea (hawaiian)

Koffi Born on Friday (african)

Kohana Little flower (japanese)

Koko Stork (japanese)

Kolab Rose (cambodian)

Koleka, Kolokea Gift from God (hawaiian)

Kolina Maiden (hawaiian)

Koloe Blooming (hawaiian)

Koma Pony (japanese)

Koneko Kitten (japanese)

Konia Talent (hawaiian)

Kopea Wise (hawaiian)

Kora, Korabel, Korabelle, Korabell, Korabella, Korabela, Koreen, Koree, Korey, Korie, Korissa, Korelle, Korella, Korrina, Korrie, Kori, Korree, Korynna Girl (greek)

Korina, Korinna, Korinne, Korine Maiden (english)

Koto, Kotone Harp (japanese)

Kristen, Krysten, Kristan, Krystan, Kristine, Kristina, Krysta, Krista, Kristie, Kristi, Kristy, Kristin, Kristyn Anointed (english)

Kualii Queen (hawaiian)

Kudio Born on Monday (african)

Kukiko Snow girl (japanese)

Kukua Born on Wednesday (african)

Kulani Reaching heaven (hawaiian)

Kulwa First born of twins (african)

Kuma Bear (japanese)

Kumari Daughter (hindu)

Kumi, Kumiko, Kumiyo Companion child, long lived child (japanese)

Kunto Third born child (african)

Kuri Chestnut (japanese)

Kusa Grass (hindu)

Kushali Smart girl (hindu)

Kusum Flower (hindu)

Kveta, Kvetka Flower (czech)

Kwabina Born on Tuesday (african)

Kwau Born on Thursday (african)

Kyla Crown (hebrew)

Kylie, Kylene, Kyla, Kye A boomerang (aboriginal)

Kyoko, Kioko, Kioka, Kyoka Mirror (japanese)

Kyra, Kyria, Kyrene, Keira, Kiera, Kira Lady (greek)

Kyrie, Kyri Dark (irish)


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