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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

M names for baby girls

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Names for baby girls beginning M

The most popular M names are Megan, Mia, Millie, Molly,
Madison, Maisie, Madeleine, Maddison, Matilda, Morgan,
Melissa and Maya.

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Some famous M are;
Madonna - born Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. Famous
for everything! Singer, songwriter, actress, producer.

Maura Tierney, actress - plays Abby Lockheart in ER.
Meg Ryan, actress - Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss,
When Harry met Sally, Top Gun.
Marina Sirtis, actress - played Deanna Troi in Star Trek the
Next Generation.
Myleene Klass - born Myleene Angela Klaas, musician.

Celebrity baby M's are:
Moon Unit - Frank Zappa.
Mercedes - Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer.
Madeleine West - David Duchovny and Tea Leoni.
Maesa - Bill Pullman and Tamara Hurwitz.
Maggie Elizabeth - Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.
Mary - Paul and Linda McCartney.
Morgan - Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz.
Mia - Steven Tyler.
Makena'lei Gordon - Helen Hunt and Matthew Carnahan.
Madison - Sissy Spacek.
Maria - Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.
Mia - Kate Winslet and James Threapleton .
Maya Raye - Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke.
Moxie Crimefighter - Penn Jillette and Emily Jillette.

Some unusual but cool names are Maemi, Mabel, Maeve,
Maliyah, Mariette, Marika, Marnie, Melody, Mindy and Myla.

Names increasing in popularity are Makenna, Makensie and

My favourites are Mia, Mabel, Maemi, Madeleine and Matilda.

Favourite name with meaning is Maeve which is an Irish name
and means "delicate".

Here are the names, their meanings and origins

Maata Lady (polynesian)

Mab Joy, Queen Mab is a legendary Irish Fairy Queen (Gaelic)

Mabel, Mable, Mabelle, Maybel Loveable (english)

Macaria, Macarie Blessed (spanish)

Machi, Machiko Beautiful child (japanese)

Macia Defiant (polish)

Mackensie, Makensie, Makenzie, Mackenzie, Makensi Daughter of a wise leader (irish)
Mackenna, McKenna, Makenna, Mackendra, McKendra, Makendra Daughter of the handsome one (irish)

Macy Weapon (english)

Madeline, Madalaine, Madelina, Madelene, Madelaina, Madlyn, Madlin, Maddie, Maddy, Maddi, Madge, Magda Mary Magdalen (french)

Madeira, Madira, Madera Place name (english)

Madhu Honey (hindu)

Madia To praise (arabic)

Madison, Maddison Daughter of the mighty warrier (english)

Madoka Tranquil (japanese)

Madonna My lady (latin)

Madra Mother (spanish)

Maeiko, Maeko Honest child (japanese)

Maemi Smile of truth (japanese)

Maeve Delicate (irish)

Magdelina, Magdala, Magdaline, Magdelene, Magdelena Woman from Magdela (spanish)

Magena New moon (native american)

Magnolia Flower name (latin)

Maha Big eyes (arabic)

Mahala, Mahalah, Mahalia, Mahalea Tenderness (hebrew)

Mahaska White cloud (native american)

Mahauni, Mahoney Unknown meaning (american)

Maheesa, Mahisa, Mahesa The Hindu God Siva (english)

Mahi, Mahika Earth (hindu)

Mahima Eminence (hindu)

Mahina Moon (hawaiian)

Mahira Quick (hebrew)

Mai A flower (vietnamese) Dance (japanese)

Maia Great mother (greek)

Maida, Maidie, Maidy, Maidi, Mayda Maiden (english)

Maikai Good (hawaiian)

Maiko Dancing child (japanese)

Maili, Mailee Breeze (polynesian)

Maira, Maila Myrrh (hawaiian)

Maisie, Maisy, Maisi, Maisey, Maizie, Maizy, Maizi, Maizey Pearl (scottish)

Maiya Rice valley (japanese)

Majesta Majesty (latin)

Maka Earth (native american)

Makana, Makanna Gift (hawaiian)

Makani, Makanni, Makannie The wind (hawaiian)

Makeda Bowl (hebrew)

Makena The happy one (african)

Makenna, Mackenna, McKenna Ascend (scottish)

Maki True record / tree (japanese)

Makosi, Makosie, Mackosie, Mackosi Princess (african)

Mala Garden (hawaiian)

Malati Jasmine (hindu)

Mali Farmer (hindu)

Malia Probably (hawaiian)

Malina Peaceful (hawaiian)

Maliyah, Malliyah, Malia, Maliah, Maleigh, Malee, Malee, Malleigh, Mallie, Mally, Malie, Maly, Malli, Mali, Maleah, Maleena, Malena, Malina Unknown meaning (american)

Mallana A canoe (aboriginal)

Mallory, Mallorie, Mallori, Malory, Malorie, Malori, Malloreigh Unlucky (french)

Malu, Malou Peace (hawaiian)

Mamie Pearl - shortened version of Margeret (greek)

Mamo Yellow bird (hawaiian)

Mana Supernatural power (hawaiian) True (japanese)

Manaalii Powerful Queen (hawaiian)

Manami True beauty (japanese)

Manda, Mandie, Mandy, Mandi Loveable - shortened version of Amanda (latin)

Mandisa, Mandeesa Sweet (african)

Mandoline, Mandolin, Mandolina, Mandolyn Name of a musical instument (american)

Mani Equal (aboriginal)

Mansi, Mancey, Manci, Mansie, Mancie, Manni Picked flower (native american)

Manuela, Manuella God is among us - feminine version of Manuel (spanish)

Mara Bitter (hebrew)

Marabel, Marabelle, Marable, Marabella, Marbella Beautiful Mary (english)

Maraea Sea woman (hawaiian)

Marcia, Marcie, Marci, Marcee, Marcy, Marcela, Marcelia, Marcina, Marcella, Marsha Warlike - female version of Mark (latin)

Mardi Tuesday (french)

Marelda, Marilda Famous battle maid (german)

Marella, Marelle, Marellie, Marelli A combination of Mary and Elle. Mary meaning star of the sea and Elle meaning shining (english)

Margeret, Margerete, Margaret, Margarete, Margarita, Margery, Margerie, Margeretta, Margerella, Marjorie, Meagon, Meagan, Megan, Megon, Meg, Maggie, Maggi, Meggie, Meggi, Mag Pearl (english)

Margi Direction (hindu)

Mari Beloved (japanese) (welsh)

Maria, Mariah, Marie Star of the sea - variant of Mary (latin)

Marian, Marion, Marianna, Mariana, Mariann, Mary, Maryann, Maryanna Combination of Mary and Ann. Mary meaning star of the sea and ann meaning favoured grace (french)

Maribelle, Maribella, Maribel, Maribela Combination of Mary and Belle. Mary meaning star of the sea, Belle meaning Beautiful (english)

Marietta, Mariette Star of the sea variant of Mary (french)

Marigold Flower name (english)

Marika, Marica Star of the sea - version of Mary (danish)

Mariko True reason child (japanese)

Marilyn, Maralyn, Marilin, Maralin, Marilee, Marylee, Marylyn Combination of Mary and Lynn. (english)

Marina, Marine, Marinda From the sea (latin)

Marini, Marinie Healthy (african)

Marinna A song (aboriginal)

Maris, Marise, Marisse, Marelle, Marella, Marissa, Merissa, Merisa Star of the sea (latin)

Markeisha, Markisha, Markeesha Unknown meaning (american)

Marlena, Marlena, Marleena, Marlie, Marli, Marlia, Marlina, Marline, Marleen, Marlea, Marlyn, Marlinda, Marla Combination of Mary and Magdelene . Mary meaning star of the sea , Magdelene meaning Magdela (english)

Marlee, Marlie, Marlea, Marli Marshy meadow (english)

Marlisa Combination of Mary and Lisa. Mary meaning star of the sea. Lisa meaning Gods promise (english)

Marlo, Marlow Surname (english)

Marni, Marnie, Marney, Marnee, Marne, Marna To rejoice (hebrew)

Martha, Marthe, Marta, Martie, Marti, Martina, Martine, Martyne, Marteen, Mattie, Matti Lady (english)

Marwa Rock (arabic)

Mary, Maree, Marella, Marelle, Moira, Maura, Marial, Mariel, Marika, Mora, Molly, Mollie, Molli, Mariette, Marietta, Marie, Maria, Maree, Mari, Marey Star of the sea (latin)

Masa Direct (japanese)

Masako Correct / direct child (japanese)

Masami Correct / elegant beauty (japanese)

Masela, Makella Warlike - version of Marcella (hawaiian)

Masika Born during the rainy season (african)

Matilda, Mathilda, Matelda, Mathelda, Mattie, Matti, Maude, Maudie Mighty in battle (german)

Maudisa Sweet (south african)

Mauli Hair (hindu)

Maureen, Maurene, Moreen Star of the sea - variant of Mary (irish)

Mauve The mallow plant (french)

Mavis Thrush (french)

Maxine, Maxina, Maxime, Maxie, Maxi Greatest in excellence - female version of Maximilian (english)

May, Mai, Mae, Mei, Maylena, Maylene The month (english)

Maya, Mya God's power (hindu)

Maysa, Maisa Walk proudly (arabic)

Mayumi True intent beauty (japanese)

Mazal Fate (hebrew)

Mazhira Gleamimg (hebrew)

Mead, Meade Meadow (english)

Meara, Meera Jolly (irish)

Meca Gentle (spanish)

Mechola To dance (hebrew)

Medea Mythological figure (greek)

Medina Place name (arabic)

Medora Gift from mother (english)

Meegan, Meegen, Meeghan, Meeghen Soft, gentle (irish)

Mee-Kyong Shining beauty (korean)

Meena, Meana, Meenah, Meanah, Meenal, Minal, Minali, Minisha Fish (hindu)

Mee-Yon Beautiful lotus blossom (korean)

Megumi Blessing (japanese)

Mehal Rain (hindu)

Mehira Quick (hebrew)

Mehitabel Benefited by God (hebrew)

Meiko Bud (japanese)

Mei-Lien Beautiful lotus (korean)

Meira, Meiri, Meora, Meorah, Meera Light (hebrew)

Mei-Xing Beautiful star (korean)

Melanie, Melaney, Melany, Meloni, Melaine, Melana, Melane, Mellanie, Mellonie, Melonie, Mellony, Melloni, Meloni, Mellaney, Mellany, Mellani, Mellie, Melie, Melly, Mely, Melli, Meli Dark skinned (greek)

Melba, Mellba, Mellva, Melva Variation of Melbourne - city in Australia (english)

Melia Plumeria (hawaiian)

Melinda, Melynda, Malinda, Malynda, Melindie, Malindie, Melinde, Melynde, Malyndie, Melyndie, Mindie, Mindy, Mally, Mallie, Mylinda, Mylnn, Malinn, Mel Sweet (latin)

Meliora Better (latin)

Melisande, Melisand, Melisandre Animal strength (french)

Melissa, Mellissa, Melisa, Mellisa, Melisandre, Melisandra, Melisse, Melise, Melize, Meliz, Missie, Missy Bee (greek)

Melita, Malita, Meleta Honey sweet (greek)

Melody, Melodie, Melodi, Melodee, Melodice, Melodia Song (greek)

Melora Improve (latin)

Melosa Sweet (spanish)

Mena, Menna Strength (dutch)

Menasha Island (native american)

Menia Ancient Mythological figure (scandinavian)

Menora, Menorah Candelabra (hebrew)

Meonah, Meona Home (hebrew)

Mercedes, Mercede Mercy (spanish)

Mercia Ancient British kingdom (english)

Meredith, Meridith, Merredith, Merridith, Merry, Merrie, Merri Great ruler (welsh)

Mereuna Version of Maralyn (spanish)

Meri, Meriata Ocean (scandinavian)

Merica, Merika America - minus the M (american)

Meriel, Merial, Meriol, Merrill Brilliant seas (gaelic)

Merima To lift up (hebrew)

Merinda, Merindie, Merindi, Merindy, Merin, Merina A beautiful woman (aboriginal)

Merle, Merline, Merlin, Merlina, Merlynn, Merlynn, Merlinn, Merla, Merlie, Merl Blackbird (french)

Merry, Merrie, Merree, Merri, Merrilee, Merrilie, Merrili, Meri Happy (english)

Meryl, Merryl, Meril, Merril, Merrel, Merel, Meryle Shining sea (english)

Mesi Water (native american)

Messina Middle (latin)

Meusa, Melika, Meli Bee (hawaiian)

Mina First daughter (native american)

Mia Mine (italian)

Miah, Miki The moon (aboriginal)

Michaela, Mikaela, Micaela, Mickaela, Mikayla, Micayla, Mickayla, Michael, Michaella, Michala, Mikella, Mikaila, Micaila, Micky, Mickie, Micki, Miki, Mycheala, Mykaela, Mykyla, Mikyla, Michal, Makayla, Makila, Makaila, Makyla, Makkie, Makky Who resembles God - female version of Michael (hebrew)

Michelle, Michele Who resembles God - female version of Michael (french)

Michiko, Michi Child of beautiful wisdom (japanese)

Micina New moon (native american)

Midori Green (japanese)

Mieko Wealthy (japanese)

Migisi Eagle (native american)

Mignon, Mignonette, Minnionette, Minnonette Cute (french)

Mika New moon (japanese)

Mikala Who is like the lord - version of Michelle (hawaiian)

Mikelle, Mikele Gift from God (english)

Miki, Mikie, Mikiko, Mikky, Mikki, Mikkie Family tree (japanese)

Mikilana Flower (hawaiian)

Milada My love (czech)

Mildred, Mildrid Gentle strength (english)

Milena, Mileena, Millena, Milleena, Milada, Milanka, Milanna Grace (czech)

Miliani, Milana, Miliana Gentle caress (hawaiian)

Milica Hard-working (english)

Millicent, Mellicent, Milicent, Melicent, Millie, Milly, Milli Brave strength (german)

Min Sensitive (chinese)

Mina, Meena, Minna, Minetta, Minetta, Minelle, Minella, Minnie, Minny, Minni Child of the earth (czech)

Minako Beautiful child (japanese)

Mincarlie, Mincarli, Mincarly, Minnie, Minny, Minni, Min Rain (aboriginal)

Minda Wisdom (hindu)

Mindy, Mindie, Mindi Sweet - short for Melinda (english)

Minetta, Minette, Minna, Minnie, Minny, Minni, Minella, Minelli Determined protector - female nickname for William (english)

Minori Village of beautiful fields (japanese)

Minowa Moving voice (native american)

Mirabel, Mirabell, Mirabelle, Mirabella Wonderful (latin)

Miranda, Maranda, Meranda, Myranda, Mira Admirable (latin)

Mirella, Merelle, Myrella, Myrelle God speaks (hebrew)

Mirena Beloved (hawaiian)

Mireya, Maraya, Mirella Admired (spanish)

Miri Mine (gypsy)

Miriam, Mirriam, Mirrian, Mirian, Myriam, Myrian, Mimmie, Mimi, Miriama, Milana, Masha, Mashka, Mame, Mamie, Mamy, Maire, Mair Mairona Star of the sea - an older version of Mary (hebrew)

Mirrin A cloud (aboriginal)

Misae White sun (native american)

Misaki Beauty bloom (japanese)

Misao Loyal (japanese)

Mishka Little bear (russian)

Misty, Mistie, Misti Mist (english)

Mitsu, Mitsulo Light (japanese)

Mitsuko Shining child (japanese)

Mitzi Star of the sea - short for Mary (english)

Miulana Magnolia tree (hawaiian)

Miwa, Miwako Clairvoyant (japanese)

Miya Temple (japanese)

Miyako Beautiful March child (japanese)

Miyo, Miyoko Beautiful generations (japanese)

Miyuki Snow (japanese)

Mizela, Mizella, Mizelle, Mizele, Maselle, Masella, Masela, Masele, Mizelli, Mizzi Unknown meaning (english)

Mizuki Beautiful moon (japanese)

Mizuko Water child (japanese)

Moana Ocean (hawaiian)

Moananani, Mona Beautiful sea (hawaiian)

Moani Light breeze (hawaiian)

Modesty, Modestie, Modesti, Modestia, Modestina, Modestine Modesty (latin)

Moemi Two bears (native american)

Mohala Flower petals unfolding (hawaiian)

Moira Star of the sea - version of Marie (irish)

Molly, Mollie, Molli Star of the sea - pet name for Mary (irish)

Momo Peach (japanese)

Momoe Hundred blessings, hundred rivers (japanese)

Momoko Peach child (japanese)

Mona Noble (irish)

Monday Day of the week (english)

Moneka, Moneca Earth (native american)

Monica, Monika, Monique Adviser or nun (latin)

Monisha Variation of Monica (african american)

Montana Mountain (spanish)

Mora Blueberry (spanish)

Moray Great (scottish)

Moree A spring / water (aboriginal)

Morena, Moreen, Morella Brown haired (portuguese)

Morgan, Morgen, Morganne, Morganna, Morgana, Morgane Great and bright (welsh)

Mori Forest (japanese)

Moriyo, Moriko Forest child (japanese)

Moriah, Moriel, Moriela, Mirielle, Moriella, Moria The Lord is my teacher (hebrew)

Morie Branch (japanese)

Morna Tender (scottish)

Morwenna, Morwena Maiden (welsh)

Moselle, Mozelle Drawn from the water - female version of Moses (hebrew)

Mosi First born (african)

Moyne, Moyna Flat land (irish)

Mu Lan Magnolia blossom (chinese)

Mudiwa Beloved (african)

Muika Sixth day of the week (japanese)

Muireann, Muriainn, Murinnia, Muireanna Long hair (irish)

Muirne Cherished (irish)

Muna Desire (arabic)

Mura Village (japanese)

Murasaki Purple (japanese)

Muriel, Mureal, Murielle, Muriell, Murial Sparkling sea (irish)

Misidora Gift from the Muses (greek)

My Pretty (vietnamese)

Myfanwy, Myff Child of the water (welsh)

Myisha Woman (arabic)

Myla, Mylene, Mylena, Milene, Milena Merciful (american)

Myndee A sycamore (aboriginal)

Myra, Myrah, Myria, Myriah Scented oil (latin)

Myrna, Merna, Mirna Beloved (irish)

Myrtle, Myrta, Myrtilla Plant (english)

Mystique, Mistique, Mytica, Mysicia, Misty, Mistie, Misti Mysterious (french)

Myuna Clear water (aboriginal)


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