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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

J names for baby girls

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Names for baby girls beginning J

The most popular J names are Jessica, Jasmine, Jade and Jennifer.

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Some famous Jenniferss are Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress.
Jennifer Saunders, comedienne and Jennifer Aniston, actress -
played Rachel in Friends.

Other famous J's are Julie Andrews, singer / actress - the star of
the musical the sound of music. Jackie Collins, author.
Joan Collins, actress. Judy Garland, actress / singer - played Dorothy
in the Wizard of Oz and many other great characters.
Jodie Foster, actress. Joanna Lumley, actress.
June Whitfield, actress. Julia Sawala, actress. Julia Roberts,
actress and Jolene Blaylock, actress - played T'pol in Star Trek

Some Celebrity baby J's are Jaz Elle who is the daughter of Andre
Agassi and Steffi Graff. Justice - the daughter of John Cougar

Names on the increase are Jamie, Jemima and Jordan

Some unusual but cool names are Jacintha, Jazlyn, Jeannie, Jenna,
Jina and Joani.

My favourites are Jodie, Jasmin, Jenna and Jeannie.

Favourite name with meaning is Jocasta which is an Italian name
and means happy.

Here are the J baby names, their meanings and origins.

Jacey, Jacy, Jace Unknown meaning (american)

Jacinta, Jacinda, Jacintha, Jacinthe, Jacynth, Jacyntha, Jacki, Jackie, Jacklin Hyacinth - feminine version of Jacob (spanish)

Jacqueline, Jackalyn, Jackalin, Jacaline, Jackeline, Jaceline, Jackie, Jacki, Jacketta, Jacklyn, Jaclynn, Jacoba, Jackobina, Jacolyn, Jacqueline, Jakelyn she who replaces - feminine version of Jacob (french)

Jade, Jayde, Jaide, Jady, Jadie, Jada, Jadee, Jadia Jade stone (spanish)
Jae, Jaya, Jaylee, Jaylene, Jaylyn, Jayleen, Jay Jaybird (latin)

Jae-Hwa Very beautiful (korean)

Jaffa, Jaffi, Beautiful (hebrew)

Jaha Dignity (swahili)

Jaimie, Jaime, Jaimey, Jaimi, Jaimy, Jami, Jayme, Jamee, Jaimee One who replaces - female version of James (english)

Jaira God teaches (spanish)

Jala Clear (arabic)

Jaleesa, Jalisa a combination of Jay and Lisa (african-american)

Jalila, Jalilah, Jallila Great (arabic)

Jalinda, Jalynda, Jalynn, Jalin, a combination of Jay and Linda (african-american)

Jamaica The country (english)

Jamelia, Jamila Handsome - feminine version of Jamal (arabic)

Jamila, Jamilla, Jamilah, Jamille Beautiful, lovely (arabic)

Jan, Janine, Janna, Jana God is good (hebrew)

Janae, Janai, Janaye, Janay, Jennay, Jenai, Jenaye, Janaya, Janiya, Janaiya God answers (hebrew)

Janaki, Janaka Mother (hindu)

Janan Spirited (arabic)

Jane, Jayne, Jannis, Jaynie, Janie, Janee, Janey, Jayney, Janice, Janis, Janise, Jannis, Janelle God's grace (english)

Janessa, Janesse, Janissa, Janissa Combination of Jan and Vanessa (american)

Janet, Janett, Janeth, Janeta, Jenette, Jenett, Janelle Diminutive of Jane (english)

Janessa A combination of Jan and Vanessa - Vanessa is a literary name created for Gullivers travels (english)

Janita, Jannike God is good (scandinavian)

Jany Fire (hindu)

Jardena To descend (hebrew)

Jarica, Jerika Unknown meaning (american)

Jasie, Jasey, Jasi, Jasee Unknown meaning (american)

Jasmine, Jazmine, Jasmeen, Jasmeena, Jazmeen, Jazmeena, Jasmin, Jazmin, Jazzie, Jazzy Flower name (persian)

Jaya, Jayamala, Jayna Victorious (hindu)

Jayla, Jaylie Unknown meaning (american)

Jazlyn, Jazzalyn, Jazlin, Jazlinne, Jazlynn Combination of Jazz and Lynn (american)

Jean, Jeane Jeannie, Jeana, Jeanne, Jennette, Jenine, Janine, Janina, Jenene, Jeanelle, Jeanell, Jeanette God is good - female form of John (english)

Jelena Light (russian)

Jem Supplanter (english)

Jemima, Jemimah Dove (hebrew)

Jemina, Jemmi, Jemmie, Jemmy Right-handed (hebrew)

Jemma, Jemmia Plant bud (english)

Jena Patience (hindu)

Jenessa A combination of Jennifer and Vanessa (american)

Jenna, Jenasi, Jennabelle, Jenabell, Jenabel, Jenalyn, Jenalin, Jennalee, Jennalie, Jennali, Jennah, Jena Little bird (arabic)

Jennica, Jenica, Jennika, Jenika, Jenike God is good (english)

Jennifer, Jenifer, Jeniffer, Jenessa, Jenessie, Jennilyn, Jenelley, Jenellie, Jeneli, Jennika, Jennie, Jenney, Jenny, Jen, Jenee, Jennylee, Jennilee White, smooth, soft (welsh)

Jeralyn, Jeralin A combination of Jerry and Maralyn - Maralyn means star of the sea, ruddy complected (american)

Jeremia The Lord is great (hebrew)

Jerica, Jerrica, Jerricca, Jericca, Jerrika, Jerika Unknown meaning (english)

Jersey Place name (english)

Jessenia Flower (arabic)

Jessica, Jesica, Jessicca, Jessika, Jesika, Jessie, Jessy, Jessi, Jess, Jessa, Jesseca, Jeseca, Jesseka, Jeseka He sees (hebrew)

Jewel, Jewelle Jewel (french)

Jezebel, Jezebell, Jezebelle, Jezzie, Jezzi, Jez Pure (hebrew)

Jiana The Lord is gracious - phenetic form of Gianna (american)

Jill, Jillian, Jillie, Jilly, Jilli, Jillee, Jyll, Jyl, Jilian, Jili, Jily, Jilee, Jiliana, Jilianna, Jilliana, Jillianna, Jillyanne, Jillianne Young (english)

Jin Excellent (japanese)

Jina Named child (african)

Jinnat Heaven (hindu)

Jinx, Jynx Spell (latin)

Jirina Farmer (czech)

Jisella, Jisella Pledge - phenetic fom of Giselle (american)

Joan, Joanie, Joani, Joanee, Joaney, Jone, Joni, Jonee, Joney, Jonie God is good (hebrew)

Joanne, Joanna, Joane, Joana, Joannah, Johanne, Johanna, Jo God is good (english)

Joby, Jobi, Jobie Persecuted (hebrew)

Jocasta Happy (italian)

Jocelyn, Jocelin, Jocelynn, Jocelinn, Joceline, Jocelyne, Josalin, Josalyn, Joslyn, Joslin, Joss, Joxlyn, Jozlin A member of the Germanic Tribe, the Gauts (german)

Jocosa Playful (latin)

Jodi, Jodie, Jodey, Jody, Jodee Praised (hindu)

Joelle, Joella, Joell, Joely, Joeli God is Lord - female version of Joel (hebrew)

Jolan Purple flower (hungarian)

Jolanta Violet (czech)

Jolene, Jolean, Joleen, Jolian, Joline, Jolynn, Jolyn, Jolin God will add - a variation of Josephine (american)

Jolie, Joline, Joly, Joli Pretty (french)

Jordan, Jordana, Jordon, Jordona, Jordyn Autumn rain (hebrew)

Jorgina Farmer (hispanic)

Jorli, Jorlie, Jorlee, Jorly Unknown meaning (american)

Jory, Jorie, Jori Unknown meaning (american)

Josephine, Josephina, Josefine, Josefina, Josephene, Josefene, Josetta, Josette, Joey, Jo, Josefa, Josepha, Josey, Josie, Josi God will add - female version of Joseph (hebrew)

Joy, Joi, Joie, Joya, Joya Happiness (english)

Joyce, Joice Joyous (latin)

Joyita Jewel (spanish)

Juana, Juanetta, Juanita God is good - female version of John (spanish)

Judith, Judithe, Judie, Judy, Judey, Judye, Judee Jewish (hebrew)

Jula Downy (polish)

Julia, Julianna, Julianne, Julcia, Julee, Julie, Julinka, Juline, Juliana, Juliane, Julissa, Julina, Jules, Jule Young (english)

Juliet, Julieta, Juliett, Julietta, Juliette Downy (english)

Jumana Pearl (arabic)

Jumoke Loved by all (african)

Jun Truth of life (japanese)

Junko Pure child (japanese)

June, Junae, Junee, Junel, Junelle, Junella, Junette, Junetta, Juno The month (english)

Justine, Justina Just - female version of Justin (french)

Jyoti Light of the moon (hindu)


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