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Thursday, June 29, 2006

B names for baby girls

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Baby names for girls beginning B.

The most popular B names are Bethany and Brooke.

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Some Famous B's are Britney Spears, pop star.
Brooke Shields, actress.
Bonnie Parker, outlaw - half of Bonnie and Clide.
Barbara Windsor, actress.
Barbara Bush, Wife of George Bush Senior.
Betty Bouthroid, speaker in the house of commons.
Beatrix Potter, author.

Some celebrity baby B's are
Beatrice Milly - Heather Mills and Paul McCartney.
Brigidine - Sinead O'Connor.
Bechet Dumaine - Woody Allen.
Betty Kitten - Jonathon Ross and Jane Goldman.
Blue Angel - Dave Evans (U2).
Bobbi Kristina -Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.
Beatrice - Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew.
Belle Kingston - Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon.
Bailey Jean - Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher.
Billie Catherine - Carrie Fisher and Bryan Lourd.
Bria - Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell.
Brianna - Marie Osmund and Brian Blosil.
Brandi - Roseanne and Bill Pentland.
Bianca - Jean-Claude Van Damme and Gladys Portugues.

Names increasing in popularity are Bailey, Breanna
and Brittany.

Some uncommon / unusual but cool names are Becca, Bibiane,

Bindi, Brielle and Brenna.

My favourites are Beatrice, Bindi, Bonnie and Bree.

Favourite name with meaning is Belita which is a Spanish name

and means Little beauty

Here are B names, their meanings and origins.

Baako First born (Ghanian)

Bahati Lucky (swahili)

Baila Dance (spanish)

Bailey, Bailee, Baylee, Bayley, Baylie Bailiff (english)

Baina Sparkling (african)

Baka, Baca Crane (hindu)

Balaniki White (hawaiian)

Bambi, Bambie, Bamby, Bambina Child (italian)

Banita Woman (hindu)

Bao Precious (chinese)

Bao-Yo Precious jade (chinese)

Bara, Bari, Barra To choose (hebrew)

Barbara, Babette, Babett, Babbette, Babita, Babs, Barbie, Barbi, foreign (greek)

Barika Bloom (arabic)

Basilia, Basila, Basilie female version of Basil meaning royal (greek)

Basima To smile (arabic)

Bayo Happiness ( swahili)

Beata Blessed (latin)

Beatha Life (irish)

Beatrice, Beatrix, Beatrise, Bea, Bee, Bebe, Beattie, Beatrize, Beatriz She brings joy (latin)

Bebhinn, Bebbin, Bebin Sweet woman (irish)

Becca, Becky, Beckie, Becki, Becks, Beck, Beckra Joined together - shorteneing for Rebecca (english)

Begonia Flower name (latin)

Behira Shining light (hebrew)

Bel Apple wood (hindu)

Belen Bethlehem (spanish)

Belia, Bilica, Belicia Oath of God (spanish)

Belinda, Belynda Crafty (german)

Belita Little beauty (spanish)

Belle, Bella, Bell Beautiful (french)

Bena Wise (hebrew)

Benita, Bennie, Benie, Beni Benney, Beney, Bena God has blessed (latin)

Bentley, Bentlea, Bentlee, Bentleigh, Bently Meadow of grass (english)

Bera Bear (german)

Berit Magnificent (scandinavian)

Bernadette, Bernadete, Bernadett, Bernadetta, Bernie, Bernita, Berney, Berni Brave as a bear (french)

Berneen As strong as a bear (irish)

Bernice, Bernise, Bernelle, Beranice, Bernette, Bernie She brings victory (greek)

Berry, Berrie, Berri Berry (english)

Bertha, Berthe, Berta, Berta, Bertne, Bertina, Birtha, Birdy Bright (german)

Bertille Heroine (german)

Beryl, Beril, Beryle, Berry, Berri Pale green gemstone (greek)

Bess Gods promise - Shortening of Elizabeth (hebrew)

Bethany, Bethanee, Bethaney, Bethanea, Bethanne, Bethann, Bethan, Bethani, Bethanie, Bethie, Bethey, Beth House of figs - the name of a village near Jerusalem (hebrew)

Bethell, Bethel Temple (hebrew)

Bethia Daughter of Jehovah (hebrew)

Beti Small (gypsy)

Betty, Betsy, Betsie, Betsi, Bettie, Betti, Buffy, Buffie Gods promise - short form of Elizabeth (english)

Beverley, Beverlie, Beverly, Beverlee, Beverlea, Beverleigh, Bevie, Bev Beaver stream (english)

Bevin Singer (irish)

Bhamini Beautiful lady (hindu)

Bharati Cared for (hindu)

Bhavika Devoted (hindu)

Bhuma Earth (hindu)

Bian Secretive (vietnamese)

Bianca, Beanka, Bianka, Beanca, Biancha, Byanca White, pure (italian)

Bibi, Bibiana, Bibianna, Bibyana, Bibianne, Bibiann Lady (arabic)

Bibiane Lively (latin)

Bidelia, Biddy Strong (irish)

Billie, Billi, Billy, Billee, Billa Constant protector - female version of William (english)

Bina, Bena, Byna, Binah Knowledge (hebrew)

Binda Deep water (aboriginal)

Bindi, Bindie, Bindey, Bindy Small girls (aboriginal)

Binali Musical instument (hindu)

Binti Daughter (african)

Bira, Biria, Biriya Fortress (hebrew)

Birdie, Birdy, Byrdie, Byrdi, Byrdey, Byrdey, Birdey, Birdi, Bird, Byrd Bird (english)

Bitki Type of plant (turkish)

Blaine, Blain Slender (irish)

Blair, Blaire, Blare, Blayre Field (scottish)

Blaise, Blase, Blasia Lisp, Stutter (latin)

Blake, Blakelee, Blakeley, Blakely, Blakey, Blakeny, Blakenee, Blakeney Black, dark; pale skinned (english)

Blanche, Blancha, Blanca, Blanka, Blanch White (english)

Blanda, Blandine, Blandina Seductive (latin)

Blath, Blaithm Flower (irish)

Blima, Blimah Blossom (hebrew)

Blodwen, Blodwyn, Blodyn, Blodin White flower (welsh)

Blossom Flower (english)

Blue The colour (english)

Bluebell, Bluebelle Flower name (english)

Blythe, Blithe, Bly, Blyth Happy, carefree (english)

Bo Precious (chinese)

Bobbie, Bobby, Bobbi, Bobbette, Bobbye, Bobbee Bright fame - female version of Robert (english)

Bona Builder (hebrew)

Bonita, Bonie, Boni, Bo Pretty (spanish)

Bonnie, Bonni, Bonney, Bonne, Bonnee, Bonnibel, Bonnibell, Bonnibelle, Bonny Good (english)

Boske Lily (hungarian)

Bracha, Brocha Blessing (hebrew)

Bradley, Bradlea, Bradlee, Bradlie, Bradleigh, Bradly Wide meadow (english)

Brandy, Brandie, Brandi, Brandye, Branndea, Brandice, Brandais The liquor (english)

Branwen, Branwyn White, blessed (welsh)

Breana, Breanna, Breanne, Breann, Breane, Briana, Brianna, Brianne, Briane, Briann, Bryanna, Bryane, Bryann, Bryana, Briona, Bryona, Breona, Breone, Breonie, Bree Strong (celtic)

Breck, Brek, Brecka, Breka Freckled (gaelic)

Bree, Brea, Brielle, Briella, Bria Person from England (english)

Brenda, Brennda, Brendalynn, Brendalinn, Brenn, Bren Sword (norse)

Brenna, Brena Raven; black hair (english)

Brennan, Brennan Decendant of Braonan (irish)

Brice, Bryce Swift (celtic)

Bride, Bridie, Bridey, Bryde, Brydey, Brydie Irish Goddess of poetry and song (irish)

Bridget, Birgit, Birgitt, Bridgett, Bridgette, Bridgit, Bridgitt, Bridgitte, Brigid, Brigida, Breeda, Bride, Brigantia, Brigitte, Brigette Exalted one (irish)

Brie Place name (french)

Brier, Briar Heather (french)

Briony, Bryony, Bryonie, Brianie A vine (greek)

Brina, Brinna, Brynn, Brynne, Brynna Defender (slavic)

Brisa, Brisha, Bryssa, Brissa, Brisia, Briza Greek mythological figure (spanish)

Briseis Greek mythological queen (greek)

Brit, Britt Freckled (celtic)

Brittany, Brittanie, Britanee, Britney, Britnee, Britnie, Brittannia, Britania Female version of Britain (english)

Brona She who wins (czech)

Brontë From the sisters, Emily, Charlotte and Anne (english)

Bronwyn, Bronwin, Bronwen Pure of breast (welsh)

Brooke, Brook Small stream (english)

Brunelle, Brunella Little brown-haired girl (french)

Bryn, Brinn, Brynn, Brin Mountain (welsh)

Buena Very good (spanish)

Bunko Literary child (japanese)

Bunny, Bunnie, Bunni Rabbit, good - nickname for Bonnie (english)


  • At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Tiare Teha said…

    This is refering one of the names that you have posted up, its Balaniki, it was posted as the defenition of white in hawaiian, Balaniki is not how you spell white in hawaiian, its no were near there, there isnt even a word like that in the Hawaiian language, the hawaiian word for white is KEA, if your gonna post hawaiian names do them correctly, if you dont, its just demeaning to the Hawaiian culture and language

  • At 11:22 PM, Blogger parentclass admin said…

    Hi, no need to be so rude!! As I have stated on the site I cannot guarantee the authenticity of the names compiled here due to the various sources I recieved them from. Sorry if you have been offended, I will do my best to look it up in more detail,


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