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Thursday, June 29, 2006

C names for baby girls

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Names for baby girls beginning C

The most popular C's are Chloe, Charlotte, Caitlin, Courtney,
Cerys and Charlie.

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Some famous C's are Christina Aguilera, singer.
Calista Flockheart, actress - star of Ally McBeal.
Cameron Diaz, actress.
Cate Blanchett, actress.
Charlize Theron, actress.
Courtney Cox Arquette, actress, played Monica in Friends
Catherine Zeta Jones, actress.

Some celebrity baby girl C's are;
Clementine - Cybill Shepherd.
Coco Riley - Courtney Cox and David Arquette.
Carys - Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas.
Colette - Dylan McDermot and Shiva Rose.
Christina Maria Aurelia - Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.
Chloe Malle - Candice Bergen and Louis Malle.
Cicely Yasin - Sandra Bernhard.
Charlotte - Pierce Brosnan and Cassandra Harris.
Cydney - Chevy Chase and Jaynie Luke.
Caley Leigh - Chevy Chase and Jaynie Luke.
Catherine Teres Glinora Sophia-Martin Scorcese and Laraine Brennen.
Chastity - Cher and Sonny Bono.
Calico Dashiell - Alice Cooper and Sheryl.
Chaia - Larry King and Alene Akins.
Clara Mathilde - Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis.
Chelsea Belle - Rosie O'Donnell.
Charlotte - Sigourney Weaver and Jim Simpson.
Chelsea - Steven Tyler.
Cristina - Luciano Pavarotti.
Claudia Rose - Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley.
Camera - Arthur Ashe and Jeanne Moutoussamy Ashe.

Unusual but cool names are Caidie, Cambree, Cara, Carina,
Carita, Careesa, Cianna, Chiara, China, Cydnie, Cora, Corinne and

Names slowly becoming more popular are Cameron, Casey and

My favourites are Carina, Caris, Cerys and Cindy.

Favourite name with meaning is Calista which means Most beautiful.

Whats your favourite?

Here are the C baby names, their meanings and origins.

Cachay, Cachai Unknown meaning (american)

Cade, Caid, Cady, Cadie, Caidee, Cadee, Caidey, Caidy, Cadi Pure (american)

Cai Girl (vietnamese)

Caia To rejoice (latin)

Caice, Caise, Caisa Unknown meaning (american)

Cailin, Caileen, Cailyn Girl, lass (scottish)

Cairo The capital of Egypt (english)

Caitlin, Caitlan, Caitlyn, Catlin, Catelin, Catelan, Caytlin, Caytlan, Caitlen, Caytlyn, Caytlen Pure (irish)

Cala, Calla Fortress (arabic)

Calais A city in France (french)

Calandra, Calandre, Calinda, Callie, Calli, Cali, Cal Singing lark (greek)

Calista, Calesta, Callie, Cally, Cali, Calysta, Callista, Calissa Most beautiful (greek)

Calina Unknown meaning (american)

Calixte Very beautiful (greek)

Calla Lily (greek)

Callidora Gift of beauty (greek)

Calliope , Cally Beautiful voice - The final 'e' is pronounced.( greek)

Callula Little beauty (latin)

Callypso, Callipso She who hides (greek)

Cambree, Cambria From Wales (american)

Camilla, Camille, Camila, Camile, Cammi, Cammie In Roman legend Camilla was Queen of the Volsci, a great warrier . The name probably means 'one who helps at sacrifices' (french)

Camerlee, Camlee Unknown meaning (american)

Cameron, Camron, Cameryn, Camryn Crooked nose or river (gaelic)

Camisha Tribal name (african)

Candice, Candace, Candis, Candy, Candie Candice is the ancient title for the Queen of
Ethiopia (english)

Candra Protector of men - variation of Sandra (american)

Canna Plant name (latin)

Caprice, Capriana, Capricia,Capri Whimsical (italian)

Cara, Caralee, Caralisa, Carra, Carraleen Dear friend (italian)

Carabelle, Carabella, Carabell, Carabel, Carabela A combination of Cara and Belle. Belle means beautiful (english)

Carey, Caree, Careen Near a castle (welsh)

Cari Gentle stream (turkish)

Carina, Carine, Carin, Cariana, Careen Beloved (italian)

Carissa, Carisa, Carise, Careesa Grace (greek)

Carita, charity (italian)

Caris , Cari, Carys loved (welsh)

Carla, Carly, Carlie, Carlotta, Carli, Carletta woman - female version of Carl (italian)

Carlotta, Carlotte Little woman - Italian version of Charlotte (italian)

Carma, Carmel, Carmen, Carmania, Carmeilia, Carmela, Carmelita, Carmelina , Carmina Orchard (hebrew)

Carni, Carney, Carnie, Carni. Carna, Horn (hebrew)

Carol , Caryl, Carola , Carole, Carrie, Caddy Carri, Carlene, Carleen, Carline, Caryl, Caryle, Carel, Carlita, Carolee Free woman (german)

Caroline, Carolyn, Carolina , Carlyn Free woman (german)

Caron, Carren, Carrin, Carron, Caryn, Cerin Love - form of Karen (welsh)

Carrie, Carry, Carri, Caree Free woman - pet form of Caroline (english)

Casey, Casie, Caysey, Caysie, Cassie Observant (irish)

Cassandra, Casandra, Cassandre, Cassie, Cassa, Cass Protector (greek)

Cassia Cinnomon (greek)

Cassidy, Cassidie, Cassidi, Cassadee Clever, curly-headed (gaelic)

Cassinda, Cassynda A combination of Cass and Linda - Linda meaning pretty (american)

Catherine, Catalina, Catarina, Cathryn, Catherin, Catrine, Cathy, Caty, Cati, Cathie, Cath, Catrin, Catriona, Caitryn Pure (english)

Cathleen, Cathaleen, Cathlene, Cathline, Cathalene, Cathaline, Cathy Pure - variant of Kathleen (irish)

Cayla, Caylie, Cayli Pure - version of Katherine (english)

Cecelia, Cacilia, Cecile, Cecely, Celia, Celie, Celey, Celina, Celena Blind - female version of cecil (latin)

Ceinwen Beautiful, blessed, lovely, white - also the name of a fifth century Saint (welsh)

Ceira River name (english)

Celeste, Celesta, Celestia, Celisa, Celinka Heaven (latin)

Ceres Of the spring (latin)

Cerise, Cherisse, Cherise, Cherice Cherry (french)

Cerys, Cerri, Ceri Love (welsh)

Chaille Unknown meaning (american)

Chalese, Chalan, Chalise, Chalissa, Chaleesa Cup (french)

Chamania Sunflower (hebrew)

Chamee, Chamy, Chaimee Unknown meaning (american)

Chandra, Chana, Chandi, Chandie, Chandy, Chadra, Channa Moon (sanskrit)

Chanelle, Chanele Unknown meaning (french)

Channa, Chana Chickpea (hindu)

Chantal, Chantelle, Chantel, Chantalle Rocky area (french)

Chara Rose (spanish)

Charis, Charisse, Charisa Grace (greek)

Charity, Charitey, Chariti, Charitie Dear (latin)

Charlene, Charlane Manly - female form of Charles

Charlotte, Charlott, Charrlie, Charley, Charli Little woman (french)

Charmaine, Charmayne, Chamaine, Charmai, Charmay Song (french)

Charu Attractive (hindu)

Chasia, Chasya, Chaska Protected by God (hebrew)

Chastity, Chastinia, Chastina, Chastine, Chasta, Chaste, Chasity Purity (latin)

Chaysie, Chaisie, Chaysey, Chaysee Unknown meaning (american)

Chelay, Chelie, Chelae Possibly a nicname for Michelle meaning who is like the Lord (american)

Chelsea, Chelsee, Chelsey,Chelsie, Chelseigh, Chelcey, Chelcee, Chelsey, Chelcie, Chelsi, Chelsi Chalk landing place (english)

Cher, Cherilyn, Cherelin, Cheri, Cherie, Cherey, Cherilanne Dear (french)

Chermona Holy mountain (hebrew)

Cherry, Cherise, Cherita, Cheree, Cherrie, Cherri, Cheryl, Cherisa, Cherelle, Cherylyn, Cherilyn Cherry (french)

Chesna Peaceful (slavic)

Chessa At peace (slavic)

Cheyenne, Cheyanna, Cheyanne, Chiana, Chianna, Chayann, Cheya A tribe name (native american)

Chianna, Chiana, Ciana, Cianna Unknown meaning (american)

Chiara Clear (italian)

Chiasa One thousand mornings (japanese)

Chica Girl (spanish)

Chidori A bird (japanese)

Chie Wisdom; thousand blessings (japanese)

Cheiko Intelligent, wise child, thousand blessings child (japanese)

Chiharu One thousand springs (japanese)

Chika Wisdom (japanese)

Chikako Child of wisdom (japanese)

Chimene Gracious (french)

China, Chyna The country (english)

Chinatsu One thousand summers (japanese)

Chiquita Little girl (spanish)

Chita Pearl (spanish)

Chiyo A thousand generations (japanese)

Chiyoko Child of a thousand generations (japanese)

Chloe, Clowie Blooming (greek)

Cho Butterfly (japanese)

Christabel, Christabelle, Christabell Beautiful christain (latin)

Christine, Christina, Christian, Christiana, Christianna, Christiann, Christy, Chrissie, Chrissy, Christi, Chris, Christelle, Cristie, Cristy, Cristina, Cristiana, Cristine, Crissy A Christian (latin)

Chula Musician (hebrew)

Chumani Dew (native american)

Chumina God (spanish)

Chun Spring (chinese)

Ciana, Cianna The lord is gracious - female verion of John (italian)

Ciara, Ciera, Ciarra, Cierra Black (irish)

Cidney, Cydney, Cidnee, Cydnee, Cidnie, Cydnie Wide meadow - variation of Sidney (american)

Ciminy, Ciminie, Cimini, Cymini, Cymanie, Cimanie, Cimani Unknown meaning (american)

Cinderella From the story (french)

Cindy, Cindie, Cindi, Cindee, Cindia, Cindea, Cinnie, Cinny From mount Kynthos - a pet form of Cynthia (english)

Cira Mistress - variant of Cyril (spanish)

Ciri Unknown meaning (american)

Clara, Clare, Claira, Claire, Clair, Clarie, Clarette, Claretta, Clerisse, Clerissa, Clarissa, Clarisa, Clerisa Brilliant (english)

Claribel, Claribell, Claribelle, Claribella Bright, brilliant - mix of Clare and Bella (english)

Claudia, Claudelle, Claudelia, Claudine, Claudina Lame - female version of Claude (french)

Clematis Flower (greek)

Clementine, Clementin, Clementia, Clementie, Clementi Gentle (english)

Cleopatra, Cleo Fathers glory (greek)

Clove, Clover, Clovis, Clovie Spice name that also means nail (latin)

Coco Unknown meaning (spanish)

Colette, Coletta, Colete, Coline, Coleen People of victory (french)

Colleen, Coleen, Colene, Collene, Collie Girl, wench (irish)

Comfort To strengthen and comfort (french)

Constance, Constancia, Constanta, Constantie, Constanti, Constantina, Constantira, Connie Steady (english)

Cora, Corra Maiden (english)

Coral, Coryl, Corral, Corall, Choral, Chorral Coral (english)

Corazon Heart (spanish)

Cordelia, Cordelle, Cordella Heart (english)

Coreen The end of the hills (aboriginal)

Corey, Corie, Cori, Corri, Corrie, Correy, Corry The hollow (irish)

Corinne, Carine, Carinna, Carinne, Corianne, Corianna, Corinn, Corienne The hollow (irish)

Corinthia Woman from Corinth (greek)

Cornelia, Cornela, Cornella, Cornelie, Cornelle Horn (english)

Corona Crown (spanish)

Courtney, Courtnay, Courteney, Courtenay, Cortney, Cortnay, Courtnee, Courtnae, Courtnie Domain of curtius (french)

Creirwy Jewel (welsh)

Crispina Curly hair - female form of Crispin (latin)

Crystal, Cristal, Crystalle, Crystall, Crystelle, Crystell, Crystel, Crystol, Crystoll, Chrissy, Christie Ice, gem (greek)

Cybil, Cibil Messenger to God (greek)

Cyma Blossoming (greek)

Cynthia, Cinthia, Cynthea, Cintia, Cindie, Cindy, Cindi, Cyndi, Cyndie, Cyndy Goddess of the moon (greek)

Cyrah, Cyra Throne, sun (persian)


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