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Thursday, June 29, 2006

D names baby for girls

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Names for baby girls beginning D

The most popular D names are Demi, Danielle and Daisy

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Some famous D's are Davina McCall, presenter - always presents big brother!
Dusty Springfield, singer.
Doris Day, actress and singer- Calamity Jane
Dolly parton, singer / songwriter / actress. Nine to five, Steel Magnolias
Dawn French, comedienne - The vicar of Dibley.
Drew Barrymore, actress - ET
Debbie Reynolds, actress.
Diana Muldaur, actress - played Dr Katherine Puluski in Star Trek
the Next Genertion.
Denise Crosby, actress - played Natasha Yar in Star Trek the
Next Generation.
And of course Lady Diana Spencer who became the tragic Princess of

Some celebrity baby D's are
Daisy Boo - Jamie and Jools Oliver.
Domenica Elizabeth - Martin Scorcese and Julia Cameron.
Dakota Rain - Delores O' Riordan.
Diva Muffin - Frank Zappa
Dakota - Mealnie Griffiths and Don Johnson.
Dixie Dot - Anna Ryder Richardson.
Dylan Frances - Sean Penn and Robin Wright.
Danielle Alexandra - Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon.
Dominique - Michael Caine.
Delilah Belle - Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna.
Dexter Dean - Diane Keaton.
Dusti Raine - Robert Van Winkle AKA-Vanilla Ice and Laura Giarritta.
Dreena - Robert De Niro and Diahnne Abbott.

Some Uncommon / unusual but cool names are Dara, Darcie, Dalia and Deanna.

Names making a little more of an appearance are Devon and Derron.

My favourites are Darcie, Deedee, Dakota and Daizi.

What are yours???

Favourite name and meaning is Damita which means baby princess!

Here are the names, their meanings and origins

Dacey, Dacie, Daci, Dacee From the south (irish)

Dacia Place name (latin)

Daffodil Flower name (french)

Dahlia, Dalia, Daliah, Dahlea, Dahleah Valley (swedish)

Dai Great (japanese)

Daisy, Daizy, Daisie, Dacy, Daisi Day's eye, flower name (english)

Dakota, Dakotah Place name (american)

Dale, Dael, Dahl, Dayle, valley (english)

Dalia Gentle (hebrew)

Dalila Water bearer (greek)

Dallas From the Dales (scottish)

Damali Beautiful vision (arabic)

Damani Tomorrow (american)

Damara Fertility Goddess (english)

Damaris Gentle (greek)

Damita Baby princess (spanish)

Dana, Daina, Dayna, Danna, Dane from Denmark (english)

Danica, Danika Morning star - from Denmark (latin)

Danielle, Daniella , Daniele, Danette, Danie, Danni, Danyele, Dania, Danell, Daney, Danikka, Danika God is my judge - female version of Daniel (hebrew)

Dante Everlasting (latin)

Daphne, Daphnie laurel tree (greek)

Dara, Darah Nugget of wisdom (hebrew)

Darcy, Darcie, Darsy, Darsie, Darsey, Darcey, Darce, Darci, Darsi Dark one (irish)

Daria, Darianna, Darielle, Dari, Darienne Luxurious, rich (greek)

Darma Unknown meaning (american)

Darlene, Darleen, Darla, Darlena, Darline, Darlee Darling (english)

Darri A track (aboriginal)

Davina, Davida , Davinia, Davita, Davia, Davy Beloved (scottish)

Dawn, Dawna, Dawnae, Dawnel Sunrise , the dawn (english)

Daya Compassion (sanskrit)

Dea, Deah Goddess (latin)

Deanna, Deanne, Deeanna, Deeann, Deeana Valley; church leader (english)

Deborah, Debora, Deborrah, Debbie, Debbey, Debby, Debbi, Debs Bee (hebrew)

Decima Tenth girl (latin)

Dede First born daughter (african)

Dee Swarthy (welsh)

Deedee Cherished (hebrew)

Diedre, Deidra, Dierdre, Dierdra, Deedra, Deedre Broken hearted, sorrowful (irish)

Deka, Deaka, Deeka, Deeke Pleasant (african)

Delaney, Delanie, Delainey Dark challenger (irish)

Delfina, Delfinia, Delphina, Delphinia, Delfine, Delphine Dolphin (latin)

Delia, Delya From Delos (greek)

Delilah, Delila Delicate (hebrew)

Della Noble and kind (english)

Delora, Delores Sorrows (spanish)

Delta Fourth letter of the greek alphabet (greek)

Delyth Pretty Myth (welsh)

Demelza, Demelzah Fort on the hill (english)

Demi Half (french)

Dena, Deena, Dina Valley (native american)

Denae Innocent (hebrew)

Denise, Denese, Denize, Denice, Denys Follower of Dionysius (french)

Derica, Derika, Dereka, Dereca Dear (english)

Derry, Derrie, Derri Oak grove (irish)

Dervla Poets daughter (irish)

Deryn, Derin, Derron, Derrin Bird (welsh)

Desiree, Desirae, Desira, Deziree, Dezira, Deziree Longing (french)

Desma Pledge (greek)

Despina, Despinah Unknown meaning (greek)

Dessa Wandering (greek)

Deva, Deval Divine (hindu)

Devaki The mother of Krishna (hindu)

Devasha Honey (hebrew)

Devi Godess of power and destruction (hindu)

Devin, Deva Poet (irish)

Devon, Devan, Devana, Devanna, Devann, Devynn Place name (english)

Dhara, Dharti Wealthy (hindu)

Dhavala White (hindu)

Diamond, Diamante Of high Value (english)

Diana, Diane, Dianna, Dianne, Dian, Dyana, Dyanna, Dyane, Dyanne, Didi, Dee, Dyan Divine - Diana in ancient mythology was a Roman divinity who was associated with the Greek God Artemis who was noted for her beauty. (latin)

Diantha, Dianthe, Dianthia Divine flower (greek)

Dido Ancient mythological figure (greek)

Dielle, Diella God (french)

Dilys, Dyliss, Dylis, Dilyss Reliable (welsh)

Dima Rain (arabic)

Dinah, Dina, Dynah, Dyna, Deena Justified (hebrew)

Dinia Wisdom of God (hebrew)

Dinka Family (african)

Dionne, Deonne, Dion, Dione A Greek mythological figure (greek)

Disa Sprite (scandinavian)

Dita, Deeta Wealth (czech)

Divine, Divinia, Divina Beloved friend - female variant of David (english)

Divonah, Divona South (hebrew)

Divya Brilliant (hebrew)

Dixie, Dixi, Dixey, Dixee, Dix Tenth (french)

Diza, Dizah, Ditza Joy (hebrew)

Dodie, Dodi, Dodey, Dodee, Dody Beloved - Nickname for Dorothy (hebrew)

Doli Bluebird (native american)

Dolly, Dollee, Dollie, Dolley Doll - Nickname for Dorothy (english)

Domina, Domini Woman (latin)

Dominique, Diminica, Diminika Lord - female version of Dominic (latin)

Dona, Donah, Donella, Donelle, Donetta, Donette Mighty - female version of Donald (english)

Donata Given (latin)

Donna, Donnielle, Donnalee, Donnalyn, Donelle, Donnie, Donny, Donya Lady of the home (italian)

Dooriya, Dooria Ocean (irish)

Dora, Doralyn, Doralin, Doreen, Dorelia, Dorelle, Dorella, Doenne, Dorette, Doretta, Dorie, Dori Gift (greek)

Doreen, Dorine, Doryne Brooding (irish)

Dorian, Dorien, Dorean, Doriana Place name (greek)

Doris, Dorice, Doryce, Doryse, Dorrie, Dorri, Dorree, Dorolisa Place name (greek)

Dorothy, Dorothea, Dorothee, Dorathy, Dorathea, Dorathee, Dottie, Dotty, Dotti, Dollie, Dolly, Dolli Gift from God (greek)

Dory, Dorrie, Dorri, Dori Yellow-haired girl (french)

Doto Second born of twins (african)

Douce Sweet (french)

Drew, Dru Manly, wise (greek)

Drina, Drena, Dreena, Dria, Drea Protector (greek)

Drisana Daughter of the sun (hindu)

Drucilla, Drucella, Drusilla, Drusella, Drucie Herod's daughter - in the Bible (latin)

Duana, Dwana, Duna Dark skinned (irish)

Dudee A star (gypsy)

Duena, Duenna Chaperone (spanish)

Dularee Beloved daughter (hindu)

Dulcie, Dulcina, Dulcine, Dulcea, Dulce, Dulci, Dulciana Sweet (latin)

Dusty, Dustie, Dusti Brave warrior - female version of Dustin (english)

Dylana, Dilana, Dalana, Delana, Dylani, Dilani, Dyla Born from waves (welsh)


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