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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

H names for baby girls

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Names for baby girls beginning H

The most popular H names are Hannah, Holly and Hollie.

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Some famous H's are:

Halle Berry, actress - X-Men, Die Another Day, Swordfish,
The Last Boy Scout.
Helen Mirren, actress - The Queen, Elizabeth I, Calender
Girls, Prime Suspect.
Helen Hunt, actress - What Women Want, Empire Falls,

Some celebrity baby H's are:
Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily - Paula Yates and Michael
Hannah Margeret - Tom Selleck and Jilly Joan Mack.
Haile Jaide - Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers) and Kim.
Heather - Paul and Linda McCartney.
Hannah Jane - Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard.
Hannah - Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore.

Some unusual but cool names are Halle, Hana, Harli,
Harmony, Hemali and Hope.

Names increasing in popularity are Harriet and Hailey.

My favourites are Hana, Harmony and Hope.

Favourite name with meaning is Hokulani which is a
Hawaiian name and means "Divine star".

Do you have a favourite name or do you like the meaning
of a name, do you like your name or would you have liked
to have been called something else?

Here are the names, their meanings and origins

Hachi River (native american)

Hadi Calm (arabic)

Hadiya Guide to righteousness, gift (arabic)

Hadley, Hadlea, Hadlie, Hadlea, Hadleigh Meadow of heather (english)

Haela Hero (norse)

Haidee, Haydee Modest (greek)

Haifa Slender (arabic)

Hailey, Hayley, Hailee, Haylee, Hailie, Haylie, Haile, Haili, Hayli, Haileigh, Hayleigh, Halee, Halie, Hali, Haly, Haley Hay meadow. Hero (english)
Haimi, Haimie, Haimey, Hamy, Hamee, Haimee The seeker (hawaiian)

Haiwee Dove (native american)

Halina, Haleena Shining one - form of Helen (russian)

Haliaka, Hariaka, Halika, Haleeka Leader of the house (hawaiian)

Hallie, Halli, Hali Ruler of the house (german)

Halku Flower (hawaiian)

Halona Good luck (native american)

Hama, Hamaka Beach (japanese)

Hamida, Hamidah To praise (arabic)

Hana Flower / favourite (japanese)

Hanako, Hanae Flower child (japanese)

Hani Move softly (hawaiian)

Hania, Haniya Resting place (hebrew)

Hanita Grace of the Gods (hindu)

Haniyya, Haniyyah Happy (arabic)

Hannah, Hanna, Hanah, Hannie, Hanne, Hanney Favoured grace (hebrew)

Hanya A stone (aboriginal)

Happy Glad (english)

Hara, Harai Tawny (hindu)

Harika Wonderful (turkish)

Harita The wind (hindu)

Harley, Harlie, Harli, Harleigh Rabbit pasture (english)

Harmony, Harmoni, Harmonie, Harmonia, Harmonianna, Harmonianne, Harmianne, Harmianna, Harmi Harmony (latin)

Harriet, Harriot, Hattie, Hatty Home ruler - female form of Harry (german)

Haruka Far off (japanese)

Haruki Springtime tree (japanese)

Haruko Springtime child (japanese)

Harumi Springtime beauty (japanese)

Hasana First born female of twins (african)

Hasika Laughter (hindu)

Hasina Good (african)

Hatsu First born (japanese)

Hawa Desire (african)

Haya Fast (japanese)

Hayfa Dainty (arabic)

Hazel, Hazelle, Hazell, Hayze Tree name (english)

Heather, Hether, Hethe Flower name (english)

Heaven Paradise (english)

Hebe The Godess of youth (greek)

Hediah, Hedia, Heddie, Heddy Warfare (english)

Hedwig, Hedwige Struggle (german)

Heidi, Hydie, Hydi, Heide Noble, kind (german)

Helen, Helena, Heleena, Helina, Helene, Helie, Hela, Helaine Bright, shining (greek)

Helga Holy (scandinavian)

Helia The sun (greek)

Helice Spiral (greek)

Helki Touch (native american)

Helma, Hilma Helmet (german)

Heloise, Heloisa Famous in war (french)

Helsa, Helsie, Helsi Glory to God (scandinavian)

Hemali, Hemalie, Hemaly, Hemily, Hemilie, Hemili Golden (hawaiian)

Henrietta, Henriette, Henriett, Henrieka, Hennie, Hettie, Hattie, Hati, Heti, Hetta, Hatty, Hett Leader of the home - female form of Henry (german)

Hera Mythological figure - Queen - the wife of Zeus (greek)

Hermia, Hermaine, Hermione, Hermina, Herema, Hermie Mythological figure - messenger to the gods (greek)

Hermione Greek God of Hermes - God of messengers (greek)

Hermosa Beautiful (spanish)

Hesper, Hespera, Hesperia Evening star (greek)

Hessa, Hessie, Hessi, Hessy, Hessey Destiny (muslim)

Hester, Hesther, Hestia, Hestie, Hesty, Hesti, Hesta Star - variation of Esther (greek)

Heta Rabbit hunt (native american)

Heulwen Sunshine (welsh)

Hiba Present (arabic)

Hideko Splendid child (japanese)

Hikaru, Hikari Shining, light (japanese)

Hilani Carried by heaven (hawaiian)

Hilary, Hilarie, Hilari, Hillary, Hillarie, Hillari, Hilliary Cheerful (greek)

Hilda, Hildie, Hildy, Hylda, Hyldie, Hyldy Battle woman (german)

Himani, Heemani Snow-covered (hindu)

Hiral Brilliant (hindu)

Hiroka, Hiro Benevolant (japanese)

Hiroko Generous child (japanese)

Hiromi Widespread beauty (japanese)

Hisa, Hisako, Hisayo, Hisae Everlasting, everlasting child (japanese)

Hisano Meadow (japanese)

Hiti Hyena (eskimo)

Hitomi Of the eye (japanese) - This name is usually given to girls with

exceptionally beautiful eyes.

Hiva Song (polynesian)

Hoa Flower (vietnamese)

Hoaka Bright (hawaiian)

Hokulani, Hoku Divine star (hawaiian)

Hola Hello (spanish)

Holda, Holde Hidden (german)

Hollis, Hilice, Holise, Holisa, Holleece Near the holly (english)

Holly, Hollie, Holli, Hollee Plant name (english)

Honey, Honee, Honie, Hunee Nectar (english)

Honora, Honnora, Honor, Honnor, Honnour, Honorah, Honore, Honoria, Honner, Honer, Honour, Hona Honourable woman (english)

Hoolana Happy (hawaiian)

Hope Hope (english)

Horatia, Horacia A Roman clan name - female version of Horatio (english)

Hosanna, Hosannah, Hosannie, Hosani, Hosana Cry of prayer (greek)

Hoshi Star (japanese)

Hotaru Firefly (japanese)

Hua Flower (chinese)

Hurriyyah Angel (arabic)

Huyana Falling rain (native american)

Hyacinth Flower name (greek)

Hye Graceful (korean)

Hypatia Highest (greek)

Hyun-ae Smart and loving (korean)


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