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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

F names for baby girls

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Names for baby girls beginning F

The most popular F names are Freya, Faith and

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Some famous F's are Fearne Cotton - TV presenter
and DJ.
Fern Britton - presenter on This Morning.
Faith Brown, Comedienne, actress and impressionist.
Florence Nightingale - The lady with the lamp.

Celebrity baby F's are
Francesca - Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher.
Frances Bean - Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain.
Francesca - Martin Scorcese and Helen Morris
Fifi-Trixibelle - Paula Yates and Bob Geldof.

Name increasing in popularity are Francesca and Frances.

Uncommon / unusual but cool names are Farrah, Fayette,
Fearne, Fina and Fiona.

My favourites are Franchesca, Fearne and Freya.

Favourite name with meaning is Felicity which means

Here are F names, their meanings and origins.

Fabayo Fortunate birth (nigerian)

Fabia, Fabiana, Fabianna, Fabienne, Fabiola One who grows beans (latin)

Faith Faith (english)

Fala A crow (native american)

Faline Catlike (latin)

Fallon Related to a leader (Irish)

Falzah Triumphant (arabic)

Fancy Engaged (french)

Fang Fragrant (chinese)

Fang Hua Fragrant flower (chinese)

Farica Leader of peace (german)

Farida, Faridah, Farideh, Fariday Unique (arabic)

Fariha, Faria Happy ( arabic)

Farrah, Farah, Farra, Fara Pleasant, good looking (english)

Farren, Faren Last name (english)

Farsiris Princess (persian)

Fatima Fatima is the prophet Mohammeds favourite daughter (arabic)

Fausta Fortunate (italian)

Fauve Uninhibited (french)

Fawn, Fawna, Fawne, Faun, Fauna, Faunia Young deer (french)

Fawzia Winner (arabic)

Faye, Fay, Fayette Little fairy (french)

Faylinn, Faylinne, Faylynn, Faylyn, Faylin Fairy kingdom (english)

February The month (english)

Fedora Gift from God (greek)

Felda From the field (german)

Felicia Happy go lucky - female form of Felix (latin)

Felicity, Felicitie, Feliciti Happiness (latin)

Femi Love (egyptian)

Fenella White shoulder (irish)

Fern, Ferne, Fearne, Fearn Plant name (english)

Fia Weaver (portuguese)

Fiala Violet (czech)

Fiana, Fianna, Fianne, Fiane Faithful (latin)

Fifi, Fifine God will add (french)

Filia Friendship (greek)

Fillipa, Filipa Lover of horses - variant of Phillipa (greek)

Fina God will add - short form of Josephine (spanish)

Fiona, Fionna, Ffiona, Ffionna, Fee, Fi, Fyona, Ffyona, Ffyonna, Ffion, Fion, Fiora, Ffiora, Fyora, Ffyora Fair, pale (irish)

Flavia, Flavie Yellow hair (latin)

Flora, Fiora, Fiorentina, Fiorenza, Fleur, Fleurette, Florance, Florella, Florelle, Floria, Florrie, Florine, Florry, Florri, Flo, Floss, Flossie, Flossy Flower (english)

Flower Flower (english)

Fola Honourable (african)

Fontane Fountain (french)

Fortuna Roman Godess of Luck (latin)

Frances, Francee, Francine, Fransine, Francina, Franchesca, Francesca, Fania, Fannie, Fanny, Frannie, Franni, Frankie, Frannie, Francelle, Franci, Franki, Fran From France (english)

Frayda, Freida, Frayde, Freide, Freda Happy (hebrew)

Freya, Fraja, Freyja, Froja Noble lady (swedish)

Fritzi Peaceful ruler (german)

Fuchia Plant name (english)

Fuji, Fujiyo, Fujiko Wisteria (japanese)

Fumiko Child of treasured beauty (japanese)


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