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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

G names for baby girls

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Names for girls beginning G

The most popular G names are Grace, Georgia, Gracie, Georgina

and Gabriella.

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Some famous G's are Gillian Anderson, actress - star of the X files.

Goldie Hawn, actress - Private Benjamin, Overboard, Bird on a Wire,

Swingshift, Wildcats, The Banger Sisters.

Greta Garbo, filmstar - Two faced woman, Camille, Queen Christina.

Geena Davis - Born Virginia Elizabeth Davis, actress - Thelma and

Louise, A League of Their Own, Beetle Juice, The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Gaynor faye, actress - Fat Friends, Playing the Field, Peak Practice,

The Chase.

Gates McFadden, actress - played Dr Beverley Crusher in Star Trek

the Next Generation.

Celebrity baby G's are;

Georgia - Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison.

Gaia Romilly - Emma Thompson and Greg Wise.

Gracie Katherine - Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Greer - Kelsey Grammer and Barrie Buckner.

Greta Simone - Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates.

Grace Jane - Meryl Streep and Donald Gummer.

Giuliana - Luciano Pavarotti.

Georgia Tatom - Harry Connick Jr. and Jill Goodacre.

Georgia May - Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall.

Gracie Fan - Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman.

Some unusual but cool names are Genesis, Genevieve, Geneva, Georgette,

Gia and Gypsy.

My favourites are Gabriella, Georgette and Genevieve.

Favourite name with meaning ig Gweneal which is a Welsh name and

means Blessed angel.

Here are the G names, their meanings and origins.

Gabrielle, Gabriella, Gabi, Gaby Heroine of god (hebrew)

Gada Lucky (hebrew)

Gaenor Fair, smooth (welsh)

Gaia, Gaya Earth (greek)

Gail, Gale, Gayle, Gael Father rejoices - originally a pet name for Abigail (hebrew)

Gala, Galla Festivity (scandinavian)

Galatea White as milk (greek)

Galena Healer (greek)

Gali, Galice Hill (hebrew)

Galiena, Galiana, Galianna High one (german)

Galina Bright One - form of Helen (Russian)

Galya, Galia, Gallia, Gallya God has redeemed (hebrew)

Gana Garden (hebrew)

Ganesa Goddess of wisdom (Hindu)

Ganya Garden of God (hebrew)

Garland, Garlanda Wreath (french)

Gasha, Gashka Good - form of Agatha (russian)

Gay, Gai, Gae, Gaye Joyful (french)

Gaynor, Gaynar White and smooth (welsh)

Gayora Valley of light (hebrew)

Gazelle, Gazzela Graceful (latin)

Geela Joy (hebrew)

Geena Well born (american)

Gelilah, Gelalia, Gelalya, Gelila Rolling hills (hebrew)

Gelsey Last name (english)

Gemini, Gemina, Gemella, Gem Twin (greek)

Gemma, Gem, Gemia Jewel (irish)

Gen Spring (japanese)

Gene, Genie Well born - short for Euginia (greek)

Genesis, Genessa, Genisa, Genisia, Genisis Beginning (hebrew)

Geneva, Geneeva Juniper tree (french)

Genevieve, Genavieve, Geneva, Geneve, Gennie,Genny, Geni, Gina White, Celtic woman (celtic)

Genna, Genia Small bird (arabic)

Georgia, Georgette, Georgina, Georgeann, Georgeanna, Georgeina, Georgena, Georgianna, Georgienne, Georgine, Georgianne, Giorgina, Giorgia, Gerorgie, Gigi Farmer - female form of George (latin)

Geraldine, Geraldina, Geraldeen, Gerianne, Gerianna, Geriann, Gerylyn, Gerilyn, Gerilin, Geroldine, Gerie, Geri Brave with a spear (french)

Geranium Plant name - means crane (latin)

Gerd, Gerdie Guarded (scandinavian)

Germaine, Germaina, Germina, Germayne, Germain, Germayn From Germany (french)

Gertrude, Gertie, Gerti, Gert, Gertrudie, Gertrudi With the strength of a spear (german)

Geva Hill (hebrew)

Ghada Graceful (arabic)

Ghita, Gita Pearl (greek)

Gia Queen (italian)

Giada Jade (italian)

Gialia, Giala, Gialiana, Gialietta Youthful (italian)

Gianina, Giannina, Gianna God is good (italian)

Gilda Golden (english)

Giliah, Giliya, Giliyah, Gilia God's joy (hebrew)

Gill Downy (english)

Gillian, Gilian, Gillan, Gilan, Gillianne, Gillyanne Youthful (english)

Gilsey Jasmine (english)

Gin Silver (japanese)

Gina, Gena, Geena, Ginia Garden (hebrew) Silvery (japanese)

Ginevra Literary name (english)

Ginger, Ginnie, Ginny, Ginni The spice (english)

Giovanna God is good - female variation of John (italian)

Gisa, Giza, Gissa, Gizza Hewn stone (hebrew)

Giselle, Gizelle, Gisele, Gizele, Gisella, Gizella, Gelsey, Gelsie, Gelsy Oath; hostage (english)

Gita, Geeta, Gitika Song (hindu)

Gitana, Gitanna, Gitanne, Gitane Gypsy (spanish)

Gitel, Gitele, Gitela, Gittel Good (hebrew)

Givola Blossom (hebrew)

Gladys, Gladis, Gwladys Lame - form of Claudia (welsh)

Gleda Happy (scandinavian)

Glenda Holy and good (welsh)

Glenn, Glenna, Glena, Glen, Glenette Narrow valley (irish)

Glenys, Glennys, Glenyse, Glenise, Glenice, Glennis, Glenis Holy (welsh)

Gloria, Glorie, Gloree, Glory, Glorria Glory (latin)

Glorvina Unknown meaning (irish)

Godiva Gift from god (english)

Golda, Goldie, Goldey, Goldy, Goldi, Goldee, Goldina, Goldinia, Goldine Golden (english)

Grace, Gracia, Graca, Gracie, Gracey, Graci, Gratia, Grazia, Grazielle, Graziella Grace (latin)

Greer Observant - female version of Gregory (scottish)

Gressa Grass (scandinavian)

Gretna Place name (scottish)

Guida Guide (italian)

Guinevere, Guinivere, Gaenor, Gayna, Gayner, Gaynah, Gaynor Fair; yielding (welsh)

Gunhilda, Gunnhilda, Gunilla, Gunilda, Gunda Woman warrior (scandinavian)

Gustava, Gustha, Gusta Staff of the Gods - female version of Gustav (scandinavian)

Gwendolyn, Gwendolin, Gwendolen, Guendolyn, Guendolin, Guendolen, Gwendoline, Gwendolyne, Gwendia, Gwennie, Gwenny, Gwenda, Gwen, Gwenette, Gwenetta, Gwenore Fair brow (welsh)

Gweneal Blessed angel (welsh)

Gwenfrewi Blessed peace (welsh)

Gwerful, Gwerfyl Shy (welsh)

Gwyneth, Gwenith, Gwenneth, Gwennyth, Gwynith, Gwynn, Gwynne, Gwynneth, Gwynna, Gwyn, Gwin Happiness (welsh)

Gypsy, Gipsy, Gypsie, Gipsie, Gypsi, Gipsi Gypsy (english)


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