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Friday, June 30, 2006

A names for baby girls

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Names for baby girls beginning with A

The most popular A names are Amelia, Abigail, Amber, Alice,
Aimee, Abbie, Alicia, Amalie, Alexandra, Ava, Avery and Amy.

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Famous A's are Alanis Morissette, singer / songwriter.
Avril Lavigne, singer / songwriter. Angelina Jolie, actress.
Anne Robinson, journalist and presenter of The Weakest Link.
Angela Landsbury, actress in Murder she Wrote. Annie Oakley,
historical figure. Agneta Faltskog and Annifrid Lyngstad who
make up half of Abba. Amy Grant, singer.

Some celebrity baby A's are: Alaia, Stephen Baldwin.
Amandine, John Malkovich.
Anais, Noel Gallagher and Meg Matthews
Assisi, Jade Jagger.
Amy Leigh, Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards.
Alexandria, David Bowie and Iman
Alexa Ray, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley.
August Anna, Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl.
Allie Colleen, Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl.
Annie Maude, Glenn Close and John Starke.
Annie, Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva.
Annie, Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest.
Adrianna, Fred Durst.
Alison, Clint Eastwood and Maggie Johnson.
Aquinnah Kathleen, Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan.
Alexandra, Whoopi Goldberg.
Atherton Grace, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.
Amber Rose, Simon LeBon and Yasmine.
Aimee, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.
Alexandra, Christopher Reeve.
Ayako, Stephen Seagal and Miyako Fujitani.
Annaliza, Stephen Seagal and Kelly LeBrock.
Arissa, Stephen Seagal and Kelly LeBrock.
Atlanta Knew, John Taylor and Amanda De Cadenet.

Ava is very popular amongst celebrities, Aidan Quinn, Heather
Locklear, Reese Witherspoon and John McEnroe have all picked
the name Ava for their daughters

The most uncommon / unusual but cool names I think are;
Abila, Abriella, Ada, Aeron, Aila, Ailee, Alessa, Ambree,
Alliriane, Anastasia, Alois, Amma, Amarra, Amaya,
Alisabeth, Amorette, Adorra, Alaina and Atalia.

Names increasing in popularity are; Adelaide, Aleisha,
Alannah, Aaliyah and Aurora.

My favourites: Abbie, Amy, Alannah and Adelaide.

Favourite name and meaning has to be Aoife - pronounced EE fa,
an Irish name which means pretty.

Here are baby A names, their meanings and Origins.

Aala She who hunts and heals (ameican)

Aaliyah, Aaleigh To rise (African-American)

Aaralyn, Aaralin With song (american)

Abayomi Happiness (nigerian)

Abeke We asked for her to pet her (nigerian)

Abelia, Abella, Abelle A sigh (hebrew)

Abena, Abina, Abana, Abba Born on a Thursday (ghanian)

Abeo She means joy (nigerian)

Abia Great (arabic)

Abby, Abbi, Abbie A shortened form of Gabrielle which means 'God is my strength' (hebrew)

Abigail, Abbie, Abbey, Abbi, Abigale, Abigaile, Abigayle, Abbigail, Abbigayle, Abbigael, Abigael, Abbigall, Abbigal, Abigal Father rejoiced (hebrew)

Abila Beautiful (spanish)

Abilene Place name (english)

Abra Girl born on Tuesday (african)

Abriana, Abrianna, Abriane, Abrianne, Abrielle, Abriella, Abriene, Abrienne, Abra Father of all nations - feminine version of Abraham (hebrew)

Abrienda Opening (spanish)

Abril April (latin)

Acacia The acacia tree (greek)

Acantha Thorn ( greek)

Achala Steady (hindu)

Ada, Adah Adornment; first daughter, exalted nature (german)

Adamina Earth - female version of Adam (hebrew)

Adela, Adella Noble (german)

Adele, Addy Noble (french)

Adelaide, Adelade, Adelaid, Addie, Addy, Addi Exalted nature (english)

Adelina version of adeline (hawaiian)

Adeline, Aline Noble (german)

Adelisa, Adeleesa Combination of Adele and Lisa - Lisa means Gods promise (french)

Adrienne, Adriana , Adrianne, Adria female version of Adrian meaning man from Adria(latin)

Adamma A pretty child (Nigerian)

Adia Gift from God (swahili)

Adiella, Adielle The Lords adornment (hebrew)

Adin Delicate (hebrew)

Adina, Adeena, Adine, Adeene, Adeen Noble, gentle, delicate (hebrew)

Adora, Addorra, Adorra Beloved (german)

Adra Virgin (arabic)

Aeronwen, Aeron, Aeryn, Aerin, Aeren, Aeran Berries; fair, holy (welsh)

Afra, Aphra The colour of the earth (english)

Africa, Afrika The continent (african-american)

Agapi, Agape, Agappe Affection (greek)

Agatha, Aga, Aggie, Aggy, Aggi Good - Agatha is the patron saint of firefighters and Nurses (greek)

Agnes , Agness, Agnessa, Agneta Pure, holy (greek)

Ahalya Beautiful (hindu)

Ai Love (japanese)

Aida, Ayeeda, Aidee, Aide, Aeeda Helpful (italian)

Aika Love song (japanese)

Aiko Little loved one (japanese)

Aila, Aile, Ailee, Aili, Ailey, Ailis Bright light (finnish)

Ailaina, Alaine, Alanis Rock ( scottish)

Ailani High chief (hawaiian)

Ailat Behind (hebrew)

Aileen, Aileene, Ailee, Ailene, Ailey, Ailyn, Ailin, Alene, Aleen, Aline, Allene, Alline, Alleen, Aila Uncertain meaning - possibly Bird - variant of Eileen (scottish)

Ailianne, Ailiane, Ailiana, Ailianna, Aillianna Combination of Aileen and Anna- Anna meaning grace (american)

Ailish Noble , exalted nature - variant of Alice (irish)

Ailsa Name of an island in Scotland - Ailsa Craig (scottish)

Aimée Beloved - version of Amy (french)

Aimi Love beauty (japanese)

Aina Forever (scandinavian)

Aine Brilliant, happiness (gaelic)

Airi Unknown meaning (scandinavian)

Airlea, Airlee, Airleigh Ethereal (greek)

Aisha, Asha , Ashia, Aisia, Ayeisa, Ayeesha Alive and well (arabic)

Aisling, Aislinn, Ashling, Aislene, Aisleyene, Ashlynn Dream (irish)

Aiyana, Ayanna Forever flowering (native american)

Akane Brilliant red (japanese)

Akasha Movie character name - from Queen of the damned (american)

Akela Noble (hawaiian)

Akemi Bright beauty (japanse)

Aki Born in the Autumn (japanese)

Akiko Autumn child (japanese)

Akira Bright; clear; dawn (japanese)

Ala Fragrant (hawaiian)

Alaia Virtuous (arabic)

Alaine, Alaina, Alane, Alanna, Alannah, Alayna, Alayne, Alena, Allina, Alana Little rock (gaelic)

Alana, Alani, Allane, Alane, Alaina, Alannah Precious (hawaiian)

Alastrina, Alastriona Guardian (irish)

Alauda Dawn (hawaiian)

Alba, Albine, Albinia A town on a white hill (english)

Albina, Alba White (italian)

Alcina, Alcine, Alsina, Alsinia, Alcinia, Alsine, Alsie A sorceress (greek)

Alda, Aleda, Aldabella, Aldabelle, Aldea, Aldina, Alida Old (italian)

Aldis, Aldith Experianced in war (english)

Aldonza Sweet (spanish)

Aldreda, Aldrea Elder councellor (english)

Alea, Aleah, Alia, Aleea Honourable (arabic)

Aleeza, Aleesa, Aliza, Alesa Joy (hebrew)

Alessandra, Alyssandra, Alessa Defender of mankind - variant of Alexandra (Italian)

Alexandra, Aleksandra, Alandra, Aleka, Alesandre, Alesandere, Allessandrina, Allesandrine, Alexandre, Alexandriana, Alexandrina, Alexandrine, Alexadrea, Alexandretta, Alessandretta, Alexea, Alexis, Alexine, Alexia, Alexa, Alista, Alexine, Alixandra, Alixandria, Allejandra, Allejandrina, Aliki, Alie, Ali, Allix, Allie, Andam, Allesia, Alesia, Alessia, Alessa, Allesa, Allessa, Alexane Defender of mankind (greek)

Ali, Ally, Allie, Alie Highest (arabic)

Alice, Allice, Allyce, Alyce, Allis, Aleece, Alise Noble, exalted nature (english)

Alicia, Alesha, Alisha, Alissa, Alycia, Alycia, Alysia, Alysha, Alesha, Alica, Alleza, Alleeza, Alyssia, Alieshia, Aliesha, Aliecia, Alisa, Aleesa Noble, exhalted nature (german)

Alika, Aleeka Most beautiful (african)

Alina, Alita Bright one (slavic)

Alison, Alyson, Alisan, Allysan, Alisun, Allysun, Allison, Allisan, Allisun, Allie, Ali, All Noble, exalted nature (german)

Aliya, Allyah, Alya, Aaliyah Exalted (arabic)

Aliza, Alitza, Aliz Joyful (hebrew)

Alizabeth Gods promise - variant of Elizabeth (hebrew)

Alla Foreign (german)

Allegra, Alegra Joyous (italian)

Allyriane, Alliriane, Aliriane, Alyriane, Allyryanne, Alyryane, Allyrianna, Alliriana Lyre - a stringed instrument (french)

Alma, Allma, Almah, Allmah Nurturing one (latin)

Almena, Almina, Almana Constant protector (english)

Almera, Almira, Allmera, Allmeria, Almeria, Almyra Refined woman (arabic)

Alouisia, Aloisa, Alouise, Alois, Aloysia Famous warrior - female version of Aloysuis

Alona, Allona, Allonia, Alonia Oak tree (hebrew)

Alpha, Alfa The first letter of the Greek alphabet (greek)

Alseia, Alsie Noble, Truth (german)

Althea, Altha, Althia, Althie With the potential to heal (greek)

Alya To rise up (arabic)

Alyssa, Alissa Rational (greek)

Ama, Amma Born on Saturday (african)

Amabel, Amabelle Loveable (latin)

Amala, Amalaa Pure (sanskrit)

Amanda, Amandie, Amandi, Amandy Loveable (latin)

Amani, Amany To want (arabic)

Amara, Amarande, Amaranta, Amarantha, Amarinda, Amarynda, Amarante, Amarra Lovely, immortal girl (greek)

Amaris, Amaria, Amariah Covenant of God (hebrew)

Amata Loved (spanish)

Amaya, Amaia, Amaeya Night rain (japanese)

Amber, Amberley, Amberlea, Amberlee, Amberleigh, Amberlie, Amberli, Ambar, Amberetta, Amberella, Amberelle, Amberlyn, Amberlin Semi-precious stone (english)

Ambika God of fertility (hindu)

Ambree, Ambreen, Ambrie, Ambrey Sky (african)

Amee Nectar of life (hindu)

Amelia, Amalea, Amalie, Amelie, Amaleah, Amalea, Amella, Amelina Hardworking (english)

America, Amerika The country (english)

Amethyst, Amethist Gem (american)

Amica, Amika, Amice Loved friend (italian)

Amina, Aminah, Amineh, Ameena, Ammenah, Amine Honest (arabic)

Amira, Amirah, Ameera, Ameerah Princess, leader (arabic)

Amissa, Amisa Friend (hebrew)

Amita, Amiti Infinite (hindu)

Amitola Rainbow (native american)

Amiya Delightful, boundless (sanskrit)

Amoke To know her is to love her (african)

Amoli Valuable (hindu)

Amor, Amorette, Amoret, Amore Love (spanish)

Amree, Amrea Unknown meaning (american)

Amryn, Amrin Unknown meaning (american)

Amy, Aimee, Aimie, Amice, Ami, Amata, Amil, Amie Beloved (english)

Anabel, Annabelle, Anabell, Anabelle, Anabella, Annabella, Annabel Combination of Anna and Belle. Anna meaning Favoured grace, Belle meaning Beautiful (english)

Anais Gracious (hebrew)

Anaka, Anaca Sweet face (african american)

Anala, Analaa Fire (hindu)

Anastasia, Anastacia, Anastace, Anastase, Anastasie, Anastice, Anastyce, Anastassia Resurrection (greek)

Anci Grace of God (hungarian)

Andrea, Andeana, Andreanna, Andreea, Andrene, Andrette, Andrina, Andria, Andrine, Andrietta, Andrienne, Andy, Andie, Andi, Andee Womanly - female version of Andrew (scottish)

Andorra, Andora Place name (english)

Anees Friendly (muslim)

Aneliya Unknown meaning (Unknown origin)

Aneka, Aneta Grace (hawaiian)

Anela Angel (hawaiian)

Anemone, Annamone, Annemone Flower of the wind (greek)

Anesh, Anesa Virginial (czech)

Angee Adequate arms and legs (hindu)

Angela, Angele, Angel, Angie, Angi, Anngilla, Anjelica, Angelita, Angelene, Angelena, Angelina, Angiola Messenger of God, angel (greek)

Ani Beautiful (hawaiian)

Ania Grace (polish)

Anika, Annika, Aneka, Anneka, Anaka, Annaka, Anica, Anicka, Anniky Sweet faced (housa)

Anila Children of the wind (hawaiian)

Anima Small (hindu)

Anisa Pleasant companion (arabic)

Ann, Anna, Anne, Ana, Anita, Anitte, Anitra, Annah, Annie, Annitta, Annita Grace (english)

Annamarie, Annamaria, Anamarie, Anamari, Anamaria, Annalee, Analee, Annalea, Analea, Annalisa, Annalise, Annamae, Annamay, Annamai, Anamai, Anamae, Anamay, Annaliese, Analiese A combination of Anna And Marie, May and Lisa. Marie means star of the sea, May, the fifth month of the year and Lisa means Gods promise (english)

Annelle, Anelle, Anele, Anail, Anaile, Annella, Anella, Anela A combination of Anna and Elle. Elle meaning other (english)

Annia Unknown meaning (english)

Annice Pure, chaste, Lamb (latin)

Annifrid Unknown meaning (swedish)

Annis, Anis Satisfaction (french)

Annwyl, Annwil, Annwell, Anwel Loved one (welsh)

Annora, Anora, Anorrah, Anorah With honour (english)

Anoi Desire (hawaiian)

Anouska, Anoushka, Annouska, Anoushka, Anousha, Anoushie, Anoushi, Anoushree, Anoushria, Anoushrea, Anushie, Anushi, Anushree, Anusrea, Anusria Grace - A pet form of Anna (russian)

Anthea, Annthea, Antia, Anthe Flower (greek)

Antoinette, Antonette, Antonetta, Antoinetta, Antonia, Antonine, Antonieta, Antonetta, Antonette Priceless - female version of Antony (french)

Anwen, Annwen Very fair (welsh)

Anya Grace of God (latvian)

Aoi Blue (japanese)

Aoibheann, Aoibh, Aoibhinn Beautiful (irish) - Pronounced EE-ven

Aoife, Aoiffe Pretty, beautiful, radiant (irish) - Pronounced EE-ffa

Aolani A cloud in heaven (hawaiian)

April, Apyrl, Averil, Avril, Aprille The month (english)

Ara, Ari, Aria, Arria Rain (arabic)

Araanah, Araana Unknown meaning (american)

Arabella, Arabela, Arabelle, Arabele, Arabell, Arabel, Arbell Prayer (english)

Arabeth, Arabet Unknown meaning (american)

Arachne Spider (greek)

Arcadia, Arcadie Pastoral (greek)

Arcelia Trasure chest (spanish)

Ardah, Ardona Bronze (hebrew)

Ardelle, Ardelis, Arden, Ardia, Ardra Eager (latin)

Arden Excited (latin)

Arella, Arela Angel (hebrew)

Areta, Arethra, Aretha, Arethi, Aretta, Arette Virtuous (greek)

Argenta Silver (latin)

Aria Melody (italian)

Ariadne, Araidna, Arena, Arene Very Holy one (greek)

Ariana, Arianna, Arianne, Ariana, Arianie Silver (welsh)

Ariel, Ariela, Arielle, Ariella, Aeriel, Aeriela Lioness of God (hebrew)

Arika A waterlilly (aboriginal)

Arista The best (greek)

Arisu Noble - Japanese version of Alice (japanese)

Arizona, Arizonia Place name (english)

Arlene, Arline, Arlina, Arlena, Arliene, Arleen, Arlise, Arlys, Arlee, Arley, Arly Pledge (english)

Arlette, Arletta, Arlett, Arlet, Arlita, Arleeta Womanly - feminine version of Charles (french)

Armina, Armeena, Armena, Armine Woman in war (english)

Arna, Arnice, Arni Cedar tree (hebrew)

Arnina, Arnine, Arnice Mountain (hebrew)

Arora A cockatoo (aboriginal)

Arpana Devoted one (hindu)

Artha Great wealth (hindu)

Aruna, Arunika Reddish brown in colour (hindu)

Arwa Young goat (arabic)

Arwen Movie character name - from The lord of the rings (english)

Asa, Asako Morning (japanese)

Asabi An infant of noble background (african)

Asami Morning beauty (japanese)

Asela, Asella Ash tree (spanish)

Asha, Ashia Hope (hindu)

Ashakiran Ray of hope (indian)

Ashanti, Ashunti, Ashantie, Ashunti, Ashawnti, Ashawntie Name used to commemorate a part of western Africa where slaves were captured (african american)

Ashira Wealthy (hebrew)

Ashley, Ashleigh, Ashlea, Ashlee, Ashely, Ashlie, Ashton, Ashly Ash tree meadow (english)

Ashlyn, Ashlin, Ashlan, Ashlinne, Ashlynne, Ash A combination of Ashley and Lyn (english)

Asia The continent (english)

Asmee Confident (hindu)

Asoka Flower (hindu)

Aspasia, Aspia, Aspi, Aspa Welcome (greek)

Aspen, Aspeena, Aspena, Aspina, Aspine Tree name (english)

Asphodel Lily (greek)

Assisi Place name (english)

Astera, Astra, Asteria, Asta Star (hebrew)

Astraea, Astrea Starry skies (greek)

Astrid, Astryd, Astrud, Astruda Fair, beautiful Goddess (scandinavian)

Asuka Tomorrow fragrance (japanese)

Asya, Assia Response (hebrew)

Atara Crown (hebrew)

Athalia, Atalia, Ataliah, Ataleah, Atalea, Athalie, Atalie, Atalya, Athalina, Atalina The Lord is exalted (hebrew)

Athena, Atheena, Athene Goddess of wisdom (greek)

Atira Prayer (hebrew)

Atiya Present (arabic)

Atrina Peaceful (hawaiian)

Atlanta, Atlantis Place names (english)

Atsuko Warm child (japanese)

Aubrey, Aubrie, Aubrine, Aubrina, Aubrena Elf or supernatural being, power(french)

Aubrianna, Aubrianne, Aubreyanna, Aubreyanne, Aubryanna, Aubryanne, Aubriann, Aubriana, Aubreyann, Aubreyana, Aubryann, Aubryana Combination of Aubrey and Anna (english)

Audrey, Audrie, Audree, Audria, Audry, Audey, Audra, Audie, Audy, Audreen, Audreena, Audrianna, Audriana Nobility and strength (english)

Augusta, Augustia, Augustina, Augustine, Augustyne, Augustyna, Austina, Austine, Austyna, Austyne Majestic - female version of Augustus (latin)

Auina, Auwina, Auwine Slope (hawaiian)

Aulii Delicate (hawaiian)

Aura, Auria, Aurea, Aure Slight breeze (greek)

Aurelia, Aurelea Golden (latin)

Aurora Dawn (italian)

Autumn The season (american)

Ava, Avah, Avia, Avalee, Avelyn, Avis, Aviance, Aviana, Avianna, Avaline Birdlike (english)

Avalon, Avallon, Avelon, Avellon, Avelen, Avellen Island of apples (gaelic)

Avani, Avanie Earth (hindu)

Avena Field of oats (latin)

Avi, Avie, Avey, Avy My father (hebrew)

Avis, Avice Old Roman family name (latin)

Aya, Ayah Bird (hebrew) Colourful (japanese)

Ayaka Colourful summer fragrant flower (japanese)

Ayako Scholorly child (japanese)

Ayame Iris (japanese)

Ayanna, Ayana, Ayania Beautiful flower (african)

Ayano Colour / silk (japanese)

Ayasha Wife (arabic)

Ayda Help (arabic)

Ayla Deer (hebrew)

Ayobami I am blessed (african)

Ayoka Joyful (african)

Ayra, Ayrie, Ayri, Ayrey Respectable (muslim)

Ayumi Walk (japanese)

Azalea, Azaleah, Azalia, Azaliah Flower name (latin)

Azami Thistle flower (japanese)

Azra Virgin (hindu)

Azumi Safe residence (japanese)

Azura, Azure, Azora, Azor Blue (french)

Azza Gazelle (arabic)


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