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Thursday, October 26, 2006

G names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning G

The most popular G names are George and Gabriel

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Some famous G's are Gene Wilder, actor and funnyman! Starred in the great
Blazing saddles, See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Charlie and the chocolate factory
and many more.
Gareth Gates, popstar. Graham Norton, presenter and
comedian. Gene Kelly, singer / actor and dancer.

George Harrison, singer / songwriter and 1/4 of the Beatles.
Gordon Ramsey, straight talking chef!
George Takei, actor - played Sulu in Star Trek.
Gary Oldman, actor.

Some celebrity baby G's are Gulliver - Gary Oldman.
Gene - Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton.
Gabriel Wilk - Mia Farrow
Gabriel Luke Beauregard - Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall.
Griffin - Ryan O'Neil and Joanna Moore.
Gaston Anthony - Jaclyn Smith

Names increasing in popularity are Gene and Gage.

Some Uncommon / unusual but cool names are Garon, Genos, Gian,
Grayson, Gray, Grove and Grover.

My favourites are Gabe, Gage, Grayson and Grover.

Favourite name with meaning is Gino which means Living Forever.

Here are G names, their meanings and origins

Gabriel, Gabriele, Gabrielle, Gabby, Gabe, Gabi, Gab Man of God (hebrew)

Gaddiel, Gadiel Fortune from God (hebrew)

Gadi My fortune (arabic)

Gael Speaker of gaelic (english)

Gage Pledge (french)

Gaines Gets (english)

Gair, Geir, Gaer Small one (irish)

Gaius Rejoice (welsh)

Galahad Pure, noble and selfless (english)

Gale, Gael, Gail Foreigner (irish)

Galen, Galeno Healer (greek)

Gallagher Foreign partner (irish)

Galloway Foreigner (irish)

Galvin, Galvan, Galven Sparrow (irish)

Galway Place name (irish)

Gamal Camel (arabic)

Gan Adventure (chinese)

Gandy A railroad worker (english)

Ganesh Lord of them all (hindu)

Gannon Fair skinned (irish)

Garai Settled (African)

Garbhan, Garvan Small tough child (irish)

Gardner Gardener (english)

Gared Unknown meaning (american)

Garek, Garik Wealth with a apear (polish)

Gareth, Garreth, Garyth, Garith Gentle (welsh)

Garfield Field of spears (english)

Garner To harvest grain (english)

Garnock River of alder trees (welsh)

Garrad Spear ruler - variant of Gerald (english)

Garren Shrubery (gaelic)

Garret, Garrett, Garett, Garet To watch (gaelic)

Garrick, Garreck, Garryck He who rules with a spear (english)

Garridan He who hides (gypsy)

Garrison Fort (english)

Garron, Garon Gelding (irish)

Garroway, Garraway He who fights with a spear (english)

Garson Son of Gar (english)

Garth Gardener (english)

Garton Town shaped like a triangle (english)

Garvey Peace (irish)

Garvin, Garven, Garvan Spear fiend (english)

Gary, Garry, Garrey, Garey Spear (english)

Gavin, Gavyn, Gavan, Gaven, Gawen, Gawayn White falcon (welsh)

Gaylord Lively (french)

Geary, Gearie Variable (english)

Gene, Genya, Genka, Genio Well born (english)

Genos Sun worshippers (phoenician)

Geoffrey, Geoff Peace (german)

George, Georges, Giorgio, Giorgios, Georgi, Georgy Farmer (greek)

Geraint Old (welsh)

Gerald, Geralde, Gerrald Spear rule (german)

Gerard, Garrard, Gerad Brave with a spear (german)

Germain, Germaine, Germane, Germayn One from Germany (french)

Gerry Short form of Gerald, Gerome etc (english)

Gervase, Gervais Honour (german)

Gerwyn, Gerwen, Gerwin Fair love (welsh)

Gethin, Geten, Geth Dark skinned (welsh)

Ghassan, Ghassen Young (arabic)

Ghayth, Ghaith, Gaith, Gayth Rain (arabic)

Gi Brave (korean)

Gian, Giovanni God is good - version of John (italian)

Giannis, Gianni, Giannos, Giannes God is good - variation of John (greek)

Gibidh Famous pledge (scottish)

Gibor Hero (hebrew)

Gibson, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibb Son of Gilbert (english)

Gideon, Gidon Tree feller (hebrew)

Gifford, Gifferd Brave provider (english)

Gilam Joy of a people (hebrew)

Gilbert, Gilberto, Gib, Gil Bright promise (german)

Giles, Gyles Young goat (english)

Gillanders, Gillandreas Servant of St. Andrew (scottish)

Gillean, Gillian, Gillen Servant of St John (scottish)

Gillespie, Gillis Son of the Bishops servant (irish)

Gillett, Gilette, Gillet, Gillet Young (french)

Gillie Song (gypsy)

Gilmer Famous hostage (english)

Gilmore, Gillmore, Gillmour, Gilmour Servant of the Virgin Mary (irish)

Gilon Joy (hebrew)

Gilroy, Gillroy, Gildroy, Gilldroy Servant of the red head (irish)

Gilson Son of Gilbert (english)

Gino Living forever (italian)

Gipsy, Gypsy Wanderer (english)

Girioel Lordly (welsh)

Girvin, Girven, Girvan, Girvon Small rough one (irish)

Giuseppe God will increase - version of Joseph (italian)

Giustino Just, Fair - version of Justin (italian)

Givon Hill (hebrew)

Gladwin, Gladwinn, Gladwynn, Gladwyn Happy friend (english)

Glaisne Unknown meaning (irish)

Glanvile, Glanville Town with oak trees (french)

Glen, Glenn Narrow valley (irish)

Glendon, Glenden, Glendin Town in a glen (scottish)

Glyn small valley (welsh)

Goddard, Godard A hard God (german)

Godfrey, Goddfrey God is peace (german)

Godwin, Godwinn, Godwyn, Godwynn Good freind (english)

Goel The saviour (hebrew)

Goldwin, Goldwyn Goldwinn, Goldwynn Golden friend (english)

Goliath Exile (hebrew)

Gomer Good fight (english)

Gonzalo, Gonzales Battle (spanish)

Gordon, Gordan, Gorden , Gordie, Gordy Hill near meadows (english)

Goren Barn floor, granary (hebrew)

Goro Fifth son (japanese)

Gotam, Gautam Best cow (hindu)

Gower Pure (welsh)

Grady, Gradie, Graidey, Graidy Renowned (irish)

Graham, Graeham, Grahame, Graime, Grayem, Greyam, Grayam Grey house (scottish)

Granger, Grainger Farmer (farmer)

Grant Great, large (scottish)

Granville, Granvill, Granvil, Grenville, Grenvill,
Grenvil Big town (french)

Gray, Grey Grey (english)

Grayson, Greyson Son of a grey haired man (english)

Greeley, Greeleigh, Greelee, Greelea, Greely Grey meadow (english)

Gregory, Gregorio, Gregoire, Gregor, Gregore, Greig, Greg,
Gregos Observant (greek)

Gresham, Grisham Village surrounded by pasture (english)

Griffin, Griffon, Griff Hooked nose (latin)

Grover, Grove Grove of trees (english)

Gunnar, Gunder, Gunner, Gun Battle (scandinavian)

Gunther Battler (german)

Guryon, Gurion, Garon Lion (hebrew)

Gus Majestic (english)

Gustaf, Gustave, Gustav, Gustavo, Gustaves, Gustus, Gusty,
Gustik Staff of the Gods (scandinavian)

Guthre, Guthrie Windy area (irish)

Guy, Gui, Guyon, Guion Guide (french)

Guyapi Frank (native american)

Gwayne, Gawain, Gwaine White hawk (welsh)

Gwynned, Gwyn, Gwynn Blessed (welsh)

Gyan, Gyani God of wisdom (hindu)

Gyasi Wonderful (african)


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