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Sunday, October 22, 2006

K names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning K

The most popular K names are Kyle, Kieran, Kian,
and Kai.

Middle name help

Some famous K's are
Kurt Russell, actor - Backdraft, Overboard,
Unlawful Entry, Escape from LA, Tango and Cash.
Kevin Costner, actor - Tin Cup, Waterworld, The Bodyguard,
Dances with Wolves, Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.
Keith Moon - The drummer from The Who.
Kurt Cobain - Musician - Nirvana.
Kyle Maclachlan, actor - Desperate Housewives, Sex and the
City, Twin Peaks.
Kieran Culkin, actor - Home Alone, Father of the Bride.
Karl Urban, actor - The Bourne Supremacy, The Lord of the
Rings, Xena Warrior Princess.
Keifer Sutherland, actor - Phone Booth, The Vanishing,
Young Guns, Stand by Me.

Some Celebrity baby K's are:
Kyle - Clint Eastwood and Maggie Johnson.
Kristopher Steven - Jane Seymour and James Keach.
Kristopher - Jean-Claude Van Damme and Gladys Portugues.
Kal-el -Nicholas Cage and Alice Kim. (Kal-el is Supermans birth name)

Some Uncommon but cool names are Kade, Kaden, Kaniel, Kearn,
Keane, Keifer, Kion, Koby, Kaelan, Kristoffer and Kurt.

My favourites are Kyle, Keane, Kai, Kian and Koby,

Favourite name with meaning is Kassidy which is an Irish name
and means Clever, Curly headed!

Here are the names, their meanings and origins.

Kacey, Kasey He announces peace (english)

Kade, Kaden From the wetlands (gaelic)

Kado Entrance (japanese)

Kaelan, Kalan, Kalin, Kalen, Kael Powerful soldier (gaelic)

Kaemon Right-handed (japanese)

Kaer Unknown meaning (american)

Kafele Worth dying for (malawian)

Kaga Writer (native american)

Kahil, Kaleel, Khalil Young (turkish)

Kahua Fort (hawaiian)

Kai Sea (hawaiian)

Kain Acquire (hebrew)

Kaipo Lover (hawaiian)

Kaiser Hairy (bulgarian)

Kaj Earth (greek)

Kakaio God remembers (hawaiian)

Kakana Powerful (hawaiian)

Kakelaka Biblical name (hawaiian)

Kala Black (hindu)

Kalan Unknown meaning (american)

Kalauka Version of Claude- a Roman clan name (hawaiian)

Kale Man (hawaiian)

Kalea Joy (hawaiian)

Kaleb Tenacious (hebrew)

Kalechi Praise God (nigerian)

Kaleo One voice (hawaiian)

Kaliq Artistic (arabic)

Kalu Name of the founder of the Sikh religion (hindu)

Kamal, Kameel, Kamil Perfection (arabic)

Kameron, Kamron, Kameran, Kamran Crooked nose - variation of Cameron (english)

Kana God is my judge (hawaiian)

Kanai Winner (hawaiian)

Kane, Kain, Kayne, Kaine, Keanu Golden (japanese)

Kang Healthy (chinese)

Kaniel The Lord supports me (hebrew)

Kanji Tin (japanese)

Kanu Beautiful (hindu)

Kapali Cliff (hawaiian)

Kapila Monkey (hindu)

Kardal Mustard seed (arabic)

Kareem, Karime, Karim Generous (arabic)

Karif, Kareef Born in the autumn (arabic)

Karl, Karlen, Karlin, Karlan Free man (german)

Karney, Karnie, Karny The winner (irish)

Kaseko To tease (african)

Kasey Alert (irish)

Kasi Bright (hindu)

Kaspar, Kasper Keeper of the treasure (persian)

Kass Blackbird (german)

Kassidy, Kassidey, Kassidie, Kassidi Clever, curly headed (irish)

Kassim Divided (arabic)

Katoa Complete (polynesian)

Kaul Trustworthy (arabic)

Kaulo To borrow (hawaiian)

Kavan Handsome (irish)

Kavi Poet (hindu)

Kawa Great (native american)

Kay Joy (welsh)

Kayam Stable (hebrew)

Kayin Famous (african)

Kayse, Kayze Unknown meaning (american)

Kazuo First son (japanese)

Keahi Fire (hawaiian)

Keaka God is Good (hawaiian)

Keala Pleasant odour (hawaiian)

Keandre A combination of Ke and Andre- Andre meaning man warrior (african american)

Keane, Keene, Kean, Kean Fighter; Sharp, keen wit or eye (english)

Kearn, Kern Dark (irish)

Kearney, Kearny, Karney, Karny The winner (irish)

Keaton, Keiton, Keeton, Keyton Place of Hawks (english)

Kedem Old (hebrew)

Keefe, Keifer, Keefer Beloved (irish)

Keegan, Keegen, Keagan, Keagen, Kegan, Kagen Small flame (irish)

Keelan Small and thin (irish)

Keeley, Keelie, Keely Handsome (irish)

Keenan, Keenen, Keenon, Keinan, Keinon, Keinen Ancient (irish)

Kefir Lion cub (hebrew)

Keiji Careful (japanese)

Keir, Kerr, Keiran, Keiron Dark-skinned, dusky (irish)

Keith Woodland forest (scottish)

Keka Appointed (hawaiian)

Kekoa Tree (hawaiian)

Kelby, Kelbie, Kellby, Kellbie A farm near a spring (german)

Kele Sparrow (naticve american)

Kell Spring (english)

Kellagh War, battle (irish)

Kellen, Kelden, Kelen, Keilan, Keelan, Keilan Slender (english)

Kelli Chief (hawaiian)

Kelly, Kelley, Kellie Warrior (irish)

Kelsey, Kelsie, Kelsy Island (english)

Kelton, Keldon, Keltin, Kelten, Kelltin, Kellton, Kelldon, Keltonn Town of ships, town of the keels (english)

Kelvin, Kelvan, Kalvin, Kalven, Kalvan, Kelvyn, Kalvyn Friend of ships (english)

Kemal Honour (turkish)

Kemp Fighter (english)

Kenan To acquire (hebrew)

Kendall, Kendell, Kendal, Kendel Valley of the river Kent (english)

Kendrew, Kandrew Man, warrior - variant of Andrew (scottish)

Kenji Second son (japanese)

Kenley, Kenlee, Kenlea, Kenlie, Kenli, Kenleigh Meadow of the King (english)

Kenn Brilliant water (welsh)

Kennard, Kennerd, Kennaird Powerful, brave (english)

Kennedy, Kennedey, Kenneday Helmet head (irish)

Kenneth, Kennith, Kenny, Kennie, Ken Fire born, handsome (irish)

Kent Place name (english)

Kenton The Royal town(english)

Kenway Brave fighter (english)

Keo God will increase (hawaiian)

Keola Alive (hawaiian)

Keon, Kion, Keyon, Kiyon Well born (irish)

Keoni God is good (hawaiian)

Kerem Orchard (hebrew)

Kermit Free of jealousy (irish)

Kern Small, swarthy one (irish)

Kerr Swampy place (scandinavian)

Kerry, Kerrie Place name (irish)

Kersen Cherry (indonesian)

Kerwin, Kerwen, Kerwyn, Kirwin, Kirwyn, Kirwen Dark (irish)

Kes Falcon (english)

Kesava Hairy (hindu)

Kesha Unknown meaning (african american)

Keshon, Kesean God is gracious - version of Sean (african american)

Kesse Fat (african)

Kester He carries Christ in his heart (english)

Kevin, Kevyn, Keven, Kevan, Kevon Handsome beloved (irish)

Khalid, Khaled Eternal (arabic)

Khan Respested (hindu)

Khwaia Master (hindu)

Kidd Young goat (english)

Kiefer, Keefer Barrel maker (german)

Kieran, Keiren, Keiron, Kyron Black (irish)

Kilab Dog (arabic)

Kiley Narrow land (english)

Kilila Lord (hawaiian)

Killian, Killie, Killey Conflict (irish)

Kim Gold (vietnamese)

Kimball, Kimbell, Kimbal, Kimbel, Kimm, Kim, Kym Leader in war (english)

Kimo To seize (hawaiian)

Kin Golden (japanese)

Kincaid Battle leader (celtic)

Kingsley, Kingsly Meadow of the King (english)

Kinnard, Kinard, Kinnaird, Kinaird Top of the hill (irish)

Kipp, Kipper, Kippie, Kippy, Kip Hill with a sharp peak (english)

Kiran Ray of light (hindu)

Kirby, Kerbey, Kirbey, Kerbie, Kirbie Village of the church (english)

Kirk, Kirke, Kerk, Kerke Church (scandinavian)

Kirkley, Kirkly, Kerkley, Kerkly Church meadow (english)

Kirton, Kerton Church town (english)

Kistna, Kistnah Delightful (hindu)

Kit Bearing Christ inside - nickname for Christopher (english)

Kito Jewel (african)

Kitwana Pledged to live (african)

Kivi One who lives by a stone (african american)

Kiyoshi Slient (japanese)

Kizza Born after twins (african)

Klaus, Klaes, Klause, Klaas Victorious people (german)

Klein, Kleine, Kline Small (german)

Knight Knight (english)

Knowles, Knolls Grassy hill (english)

Knox Round top hill (english)

Knute Knot (scandinavian)

Kobi, Kobie, Koby He who supplants - version of Jacob (hungarian)

Kofi Born on Friday (african)

Koi Panther (native american)

Koice Unknown meaning (african american)

Koji Child (japanese)

Kojo Born on Monday (african)

Kolaiah, Kolaya, Kolia, Koliya, Kolya Voice of God (hebrew)

Komaki, Kamaki, Koma Twin - Version of Tom (hawaiian)

Kona Leader of the world (hawaiian)

Koannane Bright moonlight (hawaiian)

Kong Empty (chinese)

Konnor, Konner, Konnar, Konor, Koner, Konar Desiring (irish)

Koren Gleaming (hebrew)

Koresh To dig (hebrew)

Kort Wise councelor (scandinavian)

Kiraitg, Krage Rocky (scottish)

Krishna, Krishnah, Krisha Pleasing (hindu)

Kristian, Kristen, Kris, Kristy, Kristy Follower of Christ - variation of Christian (english)

Kristopher, Kristoffer, Kristofer, Kristoff, Kristof, Kris Bearing Christ inside - variation of Christopher (english)

Kruin Mountaintop (african)

Kruz Cross (spanish)

Kuaika White (hawaiian)

Kuba, Kubo He who supplants - version of Jacob (czech)

Kukane Masculine (hawaiian)

Kumar Male child (hindu)

Kun Universe (chinese)

Kurt, Kort Courageous advise - variant of Conrad (german)

Kurtis, Kurtiss, Kurt Courtier - variant of Curtis (french)

Kwadan Powerful (korean)

Kwame Born on Saturday (african)

Kwas, Kwasi, Kwes, Kwesi Born on Sunday (african)

Kyle, Kiel, Kyler, Kiele, Kiyle, Ky Narrow, straight (scottish)

Kyrone Land of Owen - variant of Tyrone (gaelic)


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