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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I names for baby boys

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Names for a baby boy beggining with I

The most popular name on this page is Issac, followed closely by Isaiah.

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Some famous people with an I name are Isaac Newton, father of modern science.
Ivan Reitman, movie producer and director.

Imran Khan, cricketer and politician.

Ira Levin, Authur of Rosemary's baby

Ivor Cutler, eccentric poet, singer, songwriter and storyteller

Rare and unusual names are Ireland, Icarus, Iye and Iden

My favourite is Isaak......whats yours?

Iago He who grabs by the heal (italian)

Ian, Iain Good is good (scottish)

Icarus Greek Mythological figure who flew too close to the sun, his wings attaced to his body with wax, fell off and plummeted to earth (greek)

Ichabod The glory is no more (hebrew)

Ichiro First son (japanese)

Iden Prosperous (english)

Idi Born during the Idd festival (swahili)

Idris Impulsive (welsh)

Idwal Lord & wall (welsh)

Ieke, Iese Wealth (hawaiian)

Ifor Archer (welsh)

Igasho Traveller (native american)

Ignatius, Iggy, Ignac, Fervent ; on fire (english)

Igor The guardian of the Norse God of Peace (russian)

Ikaia God is my saviour (hawaiian)

Ikale Eagle (polnesian)

Ikani Small, hot-headed child (polnesian)

Ilario Cheerful (italian)

Ilias, Ilia The Lord is my God (greek)

Il-sung Superior (korean)

Ilya The Lord is my God (russian)

Imad Support (arabic)

Imran Host (arabic)

Inar Individual (english)

Ince Innocent (hungarian)

Inek Boar friend (polish)

Inger, Ingar, Ingo Ing's army (scandinavian)

Inigo Fiery (greek)

Innes, Innis Island (scottish)

Inoke Devoted (polnesian)

Iokia God heals (hawaiian)

Ion God is good (irish)

Ira Observant (hebrew)

Iram Shining (english)

Ireland Ireland (english)

Irvin, Irvine, Irving Sea friend (english)

Isaac, Izaac, Isaak, Isaak, Ike Laughter (hebrew)

Isaiah, Isia, Isiah, Isaia, Isa God is generous (hebrew)

Isas Valuable (japanese)

Isha Lord (hindu)

Isi Rock (japanese)

Ismah God listens (arabic)

Israel May God prevail (hebrew)

Issa Protection (swahili)

Itza-cho Eagle (native american)

Ivan, Ivanek, Ivana, Ivas God is good (russian)

Ivo Yew (german)

Ivor, Ifor, Iver Lord (welsh)

Iye Smoke (native american)


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