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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

P names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning P

The most popular P name is Patrick.

Some famous P's are;

Peter Kay, comedian - Phoenix Nights, Max and

Paddy's Road to Nowhere.

Pierce Brosnan, actor - Remington Steele, The

Lawnmower man, Mrs Doubtfire, Goldeneye,

(James Bond)

Paul McCartney, Singer, songwriter and 1/4 of the


Pete Townsend, singer / songwriter - Lead Guitarist

of The Who.

Patrick Stewart, actor - played Jean Luc Picard in

Star Trek The Next Generation.

Celebrity baby P's are;

Prince Michael - Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe.

Peter - Sally Field and Steve Craig.

Peter - Princess Anne and Prince Phillip.

Patrick - Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

Presley Walker - Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber.

Parker Jaren - Rosie O'Donnell.

Some Unusual but cool names are Pacey, Pearce,

Phineas, Peran, Presley and Pryce.

My favourites are Paletin, Parker, Pierce, Phineas

and Presley.

Favourite name with meaning is Parnell which is a

French name and means "little Peter".

Below are P names, their meanings and origins.

Pablo Small - variant of Paul (spanish)

Pacey, Pacie, Pacy Unknown meaning (american)

Paciano Peace (spanish)

Paco, Paquito, Pacorro Frenchman, free man - variant of Francisco (spanish)

Padget, Pagett Young assistant (english)

Pagan, Paine, Pain, Payne Countryman (latin)

Page, Paige Intern (french)

Pagiel Worships God (hebrew)

Painter Painter (english)

Pakelika Nobleman (hawaiian)

Paki Witness (south african)

Pakile Royal (hawaiian)

Pal Brother (gypsy)

Palaki, Peleki Black (polynesian)

Palani Frenchman (Hawaiian)

Paley Small - variant of Paul (english)

Pallaton, Palleten, Paletin, Pal Fighter (native american)

Palmer, Pallmar Pilgrim; carrying palm branches (english)

Panas Immortal (greek)

Pancho, Panchito, Paco Frenchman - variant of Francisco (spanish)

Panos Rock (greek)

Papiano One who grows beans (hawaiian)

Paris, Parris The city (english)

Parker, Parkes, Parks, Parke Park keeper (english)

Parlan Farmer (scottish)

Parnell, Parnel Little Peter (french)

Parr, Parrey, Parrie Castle park (english)

Parrish, Parish County, Church Area (english)

Parry Son of Harry (welsh)

Pascal, Pascale, Pascoe, Pascalle, Pasqual Easter child (french)

Patrick, Paddey, Paddy, Paddie, Padraic, Padraig, Patric, Patricio, Patrik, Patryck, Pat Noble man (irish)

Paul, Pablo, Paulo, Paolo, Poul, Pavlo, Pauly, Paska Small (latin)

Pavel Version of Paul (czech)

Payne, Paine Countryman (latin)

Paz, Pazel Peace (spanish)

Pekelo, Peka Stone (hawaiian)

Peleki Valley prisoner (hawaiian)

Penley, Penlea, Penlee, Penly Fenced meadow (english)

Penn Enclosure (english)

Pepin, Peppee, Peppi, Pepe, Pepi, Peppy, Peppie One who preserves (german)

Percy, Perci, Percey Valley prisoner (english)

Peregrine, Peregrin Falcon (latin)

Perkin, Perkins, Perkyn Little Peter (english)

Perry, Perri Traveller (english)

Peter, Pearce, Pearson, Petro, Pedro, Pierce, Pierson, Peers, Pieter, Pierre, Petie, Petey, Pete, Peet Rock (greek)

Peyton, Payton Fighting man's estate (english)

Pezi Grass (native american)

Pharaoh, Pharoah King (egyptian)

Phelan Wolf like (irish)

Philander Lover of mankind (greek)

Philemon Kiss (greek)

Phillip, Phillipe, Philip, Phill, Phil, Phillippe, Phillip, Pippy, Pip Lover of horses (greek)

Philo Loving (greek)

Phineas Oracle (hebrew)

Phoenix, Phenix Immortal (greek)

Piao Handsome (chinese)

Piercy, Piercey Pierced hedge (english)

Pili Second born (swahili)

Piper One who plays the pipes (english)

Pinchas, Pinchos, Pinhas Snake's mouth (hebrew)

Pino God will add (italian)

Pio, Puis Pious (latin)

Piran, Peran, Pieran Cornish place name (english)

Pirro Red hair (greek)

Placido, Placidus, Placid, Placide Peaceful, calm (spanish)

Platt, Plat Flat land (french)

Pontus God of the sea (greek)

Porfirio Purple stone (greek)

Porter Gatekeeper (latin)

Powa Rich (native american)

Powell, Powel Last name - related to Paul (english)

Pradeep Light (hindu)

Pramod Joy (hindu)

Prasad Brilliant (hindu)

Pravat History (thai)

Prem Love (hindu)

Prentice, Prentiss, Prentis, Prent, Pren Apprentice (english)

Prescott, Prescot, Prestcott, Prestcot Priest's cottage (english)

Presley, Preslee, Preslie, Presly, Presleigh, Prestley, Prestlee, Prestly, Prestleigh, Priestley Priest's meadow (english)

Preston Priest's town (english)

Prewitt, Prewit, Pruitt Brave little one (french)

Price, Pryce Prize (french)

Primo, Premo, Preemo First son (italian)

Prince, Prinze, Prinz Prince (latin)

Pryor, Prior Leader of the monestry (latin)


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