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Friday, October 20, 2006

M names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning M

The most popular M names are Matthew, Mohammed,
Max, Michael, Muhammad, Mason, Mohammad, and

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Some famous M's are;
Matt Le Blanc, actor - Joey in Friends!
Matthew Fox, actor - plays Jack in Lost.
Matt Dawson, Rugby player.
Michael Owen, Football player.
Michael Palin, comedian, traveller, part of the Monty
Python crew.

Mel Gibson, actor (one of my favourites!) born Mel Columcille
Gerard Gibson - We Were Soldiers, What Women Want,
The Patriot, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, Maverick, Mad Max,
Gallipoli, Bird on a Wire.

Matt Lucas, comedian - Little Britain.
Matthew Perry, actor - played Chandler in Friends.
Matt Damon, actor - born Matthew Paige Damon. Good Will
Hunting, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Identity,
Saving Private Ryan.
Mike Myers, actor/comedian - Waynes World, Austin Powers.

Some Celebrity baby M's are:
Maddox Chivan Thornton - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
Malcolm - Denzel Washington and Paulette.
Milo Sebastian - Ricki Lake and Rob Sussman.
Mason Tru - Josie Bissett and Rob Estes.
Malcolm - Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison
Matthew Phineas - Mia Farrow and Andre Previn.
Moses Amadeus - Mia Farrow and Woody Allen.
Mattie Garrett - Tyler England and Shanna.
Matthew - Christopher Reeve and Gae Exton.
Marlon - Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg.
Milo - Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore.
Matthew - Rob Lowe and Sheryl Berkoff.
Miles - Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell.
Miles William - Elisabeth Shue and Davis Guggenheim.
Michael - Marie Osmund and Brian Blosil.
Matthew - Marie Osmund and Brian Blosil.
Michael Howard - Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Wilding.
Moses - Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

Some unusual but cool names are Macade, Malin, Marley,
Maughn and Mayer.

My favourites are Mason and Markus.

Favourite name with meaning is Malin which means
Little Strong Warrior.

Here are the names, their meanings and origins.

Maake Warrier (polynesian)

Maalin Wreath (hindu)

Maasi March (polynesian)

Mabon Son (welsh)

Mac Son of (scottish)

Macadam , McAdam, Macadam Son of Adam (scottish)

Macallister, Mcalistair, McAlister, Macalister Son of Alistair (irish)

Macario Happy (spanish)

Macaulay Son of the moral one (scottish)

Maccabee, Macabee, Makabi Hammer (hebrew)

Maccoy, McCoy Son of Hugh (irish)

Maccrea, MacCrae, MacCray Son of Grace (Irish)

Macdonald, Mcdonald Son of Donald (scottish)

Macdougal, Mcdougal, MacDougal Son of the dark stranger (scottish)

Macgowan, MacGowan, Mcgowan Son of the blacksmith (irish)

Mackenzie, Mack, MacKenzie, Mackey, Mackie Son of a wise leader (irish)

Mackinley, MacKinley, McKinley Learned ruler (irish)

Macmurray, McMurray Son of the mainer (irish)

Macon City in Georgia (english)

Macy, Macey Matthews estate (French)

Maddox, Maddock, Madox Generous (welsh)

Madison, Maddie, Maddison, Maddy Woman from Magdela (english)

Madu People (nigerian)

Mafi Winner (polynesian)

Magee, Macgee, McGee Son of Hugh (irish)

Magnus, Maghnus, Manus Great (irish)

Maguire, MacGuire, McGuire Son of the beige man (irish)

Mahesa Great Lord (hindu)

Mahin Great (hindu)

Mahon Beer (irish)

Majid Magnificent (hindu)

Major, Majar, Mayer Greater (latin)

Makade, Mackade, Macade Unknown meaning (american)

Makani, Makan The wind (hawaiian)

Makena, Mackenna, Makenna, McKenna Abundance (hawaiian)

Makimo Great (hawaiian)

Makoto Honesty (japanese)

Malchi, Malchai, Malachy Messenger of God (hebrew)

Malcolm, Malcom, Malcam, Malkam, Malkom Follower of St Columbia (irish)

Malin, Mallin, Mallon, Malon Little strong warrior (english)

Malik Soverign (arabic)

Malki My king (hebrew)

Mamo Yellow bird (hawaiian)

Mana Role model (arabic)

Mandel Almond (german)

Mandela Name of the former president (african american)

Manfred, Manny Man of peace (german)

Mannix Little monk (irish)

Mansa King (african)

Mansel, Mansell, Mansil, Mansill From the manse - clergymans house (english)

Mansfield Field by a river (english)

Maon House (hebrew)

Maoz Strength (hebrew)

Marcel, Marcellus Little warrior (french)

Marcus, Marcos, Marco Warlike (latin)

Marden Valley with a pool (english)

Marek, Marik Warlike (czech)

Maresha Peak (hebrew)

Marid Defiant (arabic)

Mario Manly - Roman clan name (italian)

Marion Star of the sea - variant of Mary (french)

Mark, Marc, Marko, Marco, Markos, Markell, Markel Warlike (english)

Marland Land near a lake (english)

Marley, Marlea, Marlee, Marly Meadow near a lake (english)

Marlon, Marlin, Marlen, Marlan Little hawk (french)

Marlow, Marlowe Hill near a lake (english)

Marmaduke, Marmeduke Follower of Saint Maedoc (irish)

Maro Myself (japanese)

Marquis, Markeese, Markiese, Marques, Marquise, Markeece Nobleman (african american)

Marsh Swamp (english)

Marshall, Marshal, Marsh One who cares for horses (french)

Marston Town by a marsh (english)

Martin, Marten, Martey, Marty, Martel, Martinas, Martie, Marton, Martyn, Marvyn, Martell Dedicated to mars (latin)

Marvin, Marvyn, Marv Sea friend (english)

Marwan Unknown meaning (arabic)

Masao Sacred (japanese)

Masio, Macio Twin - nickname of Tomasio (african american)

Maslin, Maslen Little twin (french)

Mason, Masson, Mace One who works with stone (french)

Masud Lucky (arabic)

Masun Young (french)

Mataio Gift from God (hawaiian)

Mataniah, Matania, Matanya Gift from God (hebrew)

Matej, Mata, Matys, Matejik, Matysek Gift from God (czech)

Mateni Warrior (polynesian)

Mather Powerful army (english)

Mato Bear (native american)

Matok Sweet (hebrew)

Matope Last child (african)

Mattan Gift (hebrew)

Matthew, Mathew, Mathias, Mathia, Mattias, Mathieu, Matthews, Matthaus, Matty, Matt, Mat Gift of the Lord (hebrew)

Maughn, Maughen Unknown meaning (american)

Mauli Dark skinned (hawaiian)

Maurice, Maurise, Mauricio, Maurie, Maurey, Morris, Moris, Moriss, Maury, Mauris, Mick Dark skinned (latin)

Maverick, Maveryk, Mavvry Non-conformist (american)

Maxfield Mack's field (english)

Maximilian, Massimiliano, Massimo, Maksum, Maksimka, Maksim, Maxime, Maxim, Maximino, Maximo, Maximos, Maxie, Maxy, Max, Maxi Greatest (latin)

Maxwell, Max Mack's steam (scottish)

Mayer, Mayor, Meier, Meir, Myer, Meyer Larger, shining (latin)

Mayfield Strong mans field (english)

Mayhew Gift from the Lord - variation of Matthew (french)

Maynard, Meinard Hard strength (english)

Mayo Yew tree plain (irish)

Mazi Sir (african)

Mazin Cloud (arabic)

Mead, Meade, Meede, Meed Meadow (english)

Meallan, Meldon, Mellan Little pleasant one (irish)

Medwin Powerful friend (german)

Melvin, Melvyn, Malvin, Malvyn Great cheif (irish)

Mendel, Mendell Wisdom (hebrew)

Menewa Great warrior (native american)

Meredith, Meridith Great leader (welsh)

Merlin, Merlyn, Merlen, Merlen, Merle, Marlon, Marlin Sea fortress (english)

Merrick, Merryk Dark skinned (english)

Merrill, Merril, Meryll, Meryll Sparkling sea (english)

Merritt, Merrit, Merit Boundry gate (english)

Merton, Myrton, Mertin Town by a lake (english)

Merville Small village (french)

Mervin, Mervyn, Murvin, Murvyn Sea friend (welsh)

Methuselah, Methusulah, Methusula, Methusela One who was sent (hebrew)

Meyer, Mayer Farmer (german)

Micanopy, Micco, Minco Cheif (native american)

Michael, Micheal, Michele, Michel, Miguel, Mikka, Mikko, Mick, Mikkel, Michail, Mikey, Mikail, Micka, Micah, Mickie, Mishka, Miska, Misha, Micky, Mitch, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mike Who resembles God (hebrew)

Michio Man with strength of three thousand (japanese)

Mikasi Coyote (native american)

Mikolas, Mikuls Victorious people (czech)

Milan Meeting (hindu)

Miles, Myles, Milo Soldier (english)

Miller One who mills grain (english)

Milson Son of Miles (english)

Milton Mill town (english)

Minor, Mynor Younger (latin)

Misu Flowering water (native american)

Mitsu Grizzly bear (native american)

Mohammed, Mohammud, Mohammad, Mohamad, Mohamed, Mohamud, Mohammet, Mohamet, Mahmed Greatly praised (arabic)

Mohan Enchanting (hindu)

Mohe Elk (native american)

Moko Crooked (polynesian)

Monroe, Munroe, Monro, Munro Red marsh (irish)

Montague, Montagu, Montaque, Montaqu Sharp mountain peak (french)

Montaine Mountain (french)

Montel Unknown meaning (french)

Montgomery, Montgomerie, Monty, Montie Rich mans mountain (english)

Moran Guide (hebrew)

Moray Last name (scottish)

Morgan, Morgen, Morrgan, Morrgen Great and bright (welsh)

Mori, Moriel My guide (hebrew)

Morio Forest boy (japanese)

Morley, Morlie Meadow on the moor (english)

Morrison Son of Morris (english)

Morse Son of Maurice (english)

Mortimer, Mortmer, Mort Still water (french)

Morton Town by a moor (english)

Morven Big mountain peak (scottish)

Moses, Moises, Moise, Mosese, Moisey, Mosey, Moyse, Mozes, Moze, Mosie, Mosha Saviour, arrived by water (hebrew)

Mosi First born (african)

Mostyn, Mostin Fort in a field (welsh)

Moswen Light coloured (african)

Montega New arrow (native american)

Mua Supreme (polynesian)

Muhanned Sword (arabic)

Muir Moor (scottish)

Mundan Garden (african)

Mungo Friendly, dear (scottish)

Munim Charitable (arabic)

Muraco White moon (native american)

Murdoch, Murdock, Muttagh, Murdo Sea (scottish)

Muriel Sparkling sea (irish)

Murphy, Murfy Sea fighter (irish)

Murray, Murrey, Murry Mariner (scottish)

Musa Child (african)

Musad, Musaed Lucky (arabic)

Musenda Knightmare (african)

Mustafa, Mustaffa Chosen (arabic)

Myers, Myer, Miers, Mier One who lives in a swamp (english)

Myron, Myreon, Miron Fragrant oil (greek)


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