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Saturday, October 21, 2006

L names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning L

The most popular L names are Luke, Lewis, Liam, Leo, Louis, Lucas,
Logan, Leon and Luca.

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Some famous L's are Leonard Nimmoy, actor - Star Trek. Leonardo
de vinci, artist. Leonardo DiCaprio, actor - starred in the Titanic, the Aviator
and a lot more. Liam Gallagher, half of Oasis. Lawrence Dallaglio, Rugby
player. Levar Burton, actor - played Geordi la forge in Star Trek the Next

Some celebrity baby L's are Lennon, son of Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit.
Levi Roan Green, son of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. Luca, son of Colin

Unusual / rare but cool names are Lance, Lander, Leif, Leith, Leron and Locke.

My favourite L names are Lennon, Leon, Luke, Lukas, Luca, Leif and Leith.

Favourite name with meaning is Leron which means My song.

Here are L names, their meanings and origins.

Laakea Holy light (hawaiian)

Lachlan, Lochlan, Locklan, Lockie, Locky, Locke Hostile (scottish)

Lacy, Lacey Place name (french)

Ladan Witness (hebrew)

Ladd, Laddie, Lad, Laddy Young man (english)

Lado Second born son (african)

Lael Belong to God (hebrew)

Laird Lord (scottish)

Lais Lion (indian)

Lake Body of water (english)

Lallo Little boy (native american)

Lamar, Lemar The sea (latin)

Lambert, Lampard Land brilliant (german)

Lamond, La Mond, Lammond Law man (african-american)

Lamonte, Lamont Law man (african-american)

Lancelot, Lancelott, Lance Servant (french)

Lander, Landor Landlord (english)

Landon, Landan, Landen, Landin Grassy meadow (english)

Landry Leader (english)

Lane, Layne, Laine One who lives near a lane (english)

Langdon, Langden Long hill (english)

Langford Long ford (english)

Langley, Langly, Long meadow (english)

Langston Long town (english)

Langward Tall protector (english)

Lani Sky (hawaiian)

Lanty Servant of St. Secundus (irish)

Larch Plant name (latin)

Larkin Rough (irish)

Larrimore, Larimore, Larmer One who provides arms (french)

Larry, Larrie, Lary Crowned with Laurel - originally a nickname for Lawrence (english)

Latham God has given - a rhyming variant of Nathan (english)

Lavi Lion (hebrew)

Lawler, Lawlor One who mutters (irish)

Lawrence, Laurence, Laurance, Lawrance, Laurie, Lorenzo, Lorence, Lorens, Lorry, Lori, Lorry Of Laurentuim (latin)

Lawson Son of Lawrence (english)

Lawton Town on a hill (english)

Leander, Leandros, Leandro Lion man (greek)

Leary, Learey, Learie Herder (irish)

Leben Life (hebrew)

Lee, Leigh Meadow (english)

Lei Thunder (chinese)

Leif, Lief, Leaf Beloved (scandinavian)

Leighton, Leyton, Layton Town by the meadow (english)

Leith Broad river (scottish)

Len Flute (native american)

Lenno Man (native american)

Lennon, Lenon, Lennin, Lenin Cape (irish)

Lennox, Lenox Many elm trees (scottish)

Leo, Leon Lion (latin)

Leonard, Lenard, Lonnie, Lonny, Loni, Lonney Lion strength (german)

Leopold Brave people (german)

Leor I have light (hebrew)

Leron, Liron, Leron, Lyron My song (hebrew)

Leroy, LeeRoy, LeRoy, Leeroy The king (french)

Leslie, Lesly, Les Holly garden (scottish)

Lester, Les From Leicester in England (english)

Levi, Levon, Levin, Levie, Levey, Levy Attached (hebrew)

Levander From the levant in the eastern mediterranean (english)

Lewis, Louis, Louie, Luis Renowned fighter (french)

Lewy Unknown meaning (irish)

Lex Protector of mankind (english)

Lexus Law (latin)

Li strength (chinese)

Liam, Lyam Determined protector - variant of William (irish)

Liem Honest (vietnamese)

Like Buddha is my guardian (chinese)

Lincoln, Linkoln, Linc, Link Lake colony (english)

Lindell, Lindall, Lindel, Lindal, Lyndall, Lyndell Linden tree valley (english)

Lindsay, Lindsey, Lindsee, Lindsy, Linsay, Linsey, Lyndsay, Lyndsey, Lynsey, Lynsay Linden tree Island (english)

Linford, Lynford Linden tree ford (english)

Linfred Gentle peace (german)

Lindley, Linley, Lindlee,Linlee, Linlea, Lindlea, Lindly, Linly, Lindleigh, Linleigh Meadow of linden trees (english)

Linus Flax (greek)

Lionel, Lional, Lionello, Lonnell, Leonel, Leonal Little lion (latin)

Lister A dyer (english)

Litton, Lytton Town on a hill (english)

Lleu Shine (welsh)

Llewellyn, Lewellin, Lewelin, Llewelyn Lionlike (welsh)

Lloyd, Loyd Grey-haired, sacred (welsh)

Lochan Eyes (hindu)

Locke, Lock Fort (english)

Logan Hollow in a meadow (irish)

Lokni Raining through the roof (native american)

Loman Little bare one (irish)

Lomas Unknown meaning (english)

Lon, Lonny, Lonnie, Lonni Ready for battle - short for Alonzo (english)

Lonato Flint (native american)

Long Dragon (vietnamese)

Lord Loaf keeper (english)

Lorimer, Lorrimer Harness maker (latin)

Lorne, Lorn Place name (scottish)

Louis, Lewis, Lotario, Lothair, Luigi, Luis Famous warrior (french)

Lucan Light (irish)

Lucas, Luke, Lukas, Loukas, Luka, Louka, Luc From Lucanus - an area in Italy (english)

Lucius, Lucias, Lucan, Lucca, Lucien, Lucian, Lucio, Luce Light (latin)

Ludwig Famous soldier (german)

Luister A listener (african)

Lulani Pinnacle of heaven (hawaiian)

Lundy Child born on Monday (scottish)

Lunn, Lun Strong (irish)

Luther Army people (german)

Lea Head shaker (native american)

Lyle, Lysle, Lisle, Lyall, Lyell, Lyel, Lyal The island (french)

Lynch Mariner (irish)

Lyndal, Lindal Valley with lime trees (english)

Lynford, Linford Ford with lime trees (english)

Lynton, Linton Town with lime trees (english)

Lysander, Lisander, Lisandro Liberator (greek)


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