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Thursday, October 19, 2006

N names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning N

The most popular N names are Nathan and Noah.

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Some famous N's are:
Naveen Andrews, actor - plays Sayid in Lost.
Neil Back, Rugby player.
Neil Morrisey, actor - Men Behaving Badly, Boon,
and the voice of Bob the Builder.
Noel Gallagher, musician - half of Oasis.
Nick Nolte, actor - 48 Hours, Under Fire, Three Fugutives,
Cape Fear, Affliction, Hulk.

Celebrity baby N's are
Nayib - Gloria and Emilio Estefan.
Nicholas Adam - Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed.
Nicolas - Jean-Claude Van Damme and Darcy LaPier.

Unusual but cool names are Narris, Nero and Neven.

My favourites are Nathaniel, Nathan and Nate.

Favourite name with meaning is Namid which is a
Native American name which means "Star dancer"

Here are the names, their meanings and origins

Nabil Highborn (arabic)

Nadim, Nadeem Friend (hindu)

Nadir Rare (arabic)

Nagataka Childhood obligation (japanese)

Nagel, Nagil, Nagal Nail maker (german)

Naim, Naeem Happy (arabic)

Nairne, Nairn River with alder trees (scottish)

Nakai Mexican (navajo)

Naldo Good advice (spanish)

Nalin Lotus (hindu)

Narlen To thaw (native american)

Nam South (vietnamese)

Namid Star dancer (native american)

Namil To achieve (arabic)

Namir Leopard (israili)

Naoko Direct (japanese)

Napana Natana Gift (hawaiian)

Napezi Yellow hand (native american)

Napoleon Man from Naples (italian)

Napthali Conflict (hebrew)

Narcissus Daffodil (greek)

Naren Superior man (hindu)

Naresh Ruler of men (hindu)

Narris Unknown meaning (american)

Natal, Natale Birthday (spanish)

Nathan, Nathen, Nate, Nat, Nathon, Natan Gift (hebrew)

Nathaniel Gift of God (hebrew)

Navarro Plains (spanish)

Naveed Best wishes (hindu)

Neander New man (greek)

Ned Wealth protector - nickname for Edward (english)

Neel Blue (hindu)

Neil, Neal, Niel, Neel, Neall, Niall, Nigel, Niles Champion (irish)

Nelson, Nealson, Nilson Son of Neil (english)

Nemo Nobody (latin)

Nen Spirit (egyptian)

Neptune Mythological name - Roman God of the sea (greek)

Nero Strong (latin)

Neville, Nevile, Nevil, Nev New town (french)

Nevin, Nevan, Neven Holy (irish)

Niaz Gift (hindu)

Nicandro, Nicandreo, Nicandrios, Nicandros, Nikandro, Nikandreo, Nicandrios, Nikandros Man of victory (spanish)

Nicholas, Nicolas, Nikolas, Nickolas, Nicolai, Nikolai, Nikita, Nikki, Nick, Nic, Nik, Nikos, Nicos, Nicol, Nico, Nikol, Niko Victory of the people (Greek)

Nickelby 'Nicholas' village (english)

Nigel, Niles Champion (irish)

Nikolao Winning people (hawaiian)

Nili Israel's Glory (hebrew)

Ninian The name of a fifth century saint (scottish)

Niram Fertile meadow (hebrew)

Nirvan Bliss (hindu)

Nisan, Nissan Miracle (hebrew)

Noah Rest, peaceful (hebrew)

Noam Delightful, beautiful (hebrew)

Noel, Niwel, Nowell, Noell, Natale, Natal Christmas (french)

Noelani Heavenly rain (hawaiian)

Nohea Handsome (hawaiian)

Nohoka Lives near the ocean (hawaiian)

Nokosi Bear (native american)

Nolan, Nolen, Nilin, Nollan, Nollen, Nillin, Nolande Little proud one (irish)

Noor Light (hindu)

Norbert, Norberto Famous northener (german)

Norman, Normand, Normando, Normen, Normie, Normy, Norm Northener (english)

Norris, Norriss, Noriss, Noris, Norys, Noryss, Norry, Norrie Northener (english)

Norton Northern town (english)

Norval, Norvall, Norvil, Norvill, Norville, Norvylle, Norvyl Northern village (scottish)

Norvell, Norvel North well (english)

Norvin, Norvyn, Norwin, Norwyn Northern friend (english)

Numa Kindness - male version of Naomi (arabic)

Numair Panther (arabic)

Nur Light (arabic)

Nuren Brilliance (hindu)

Nwa Son (african)

Nwake Son born on market day (african)

Nye Honour (welsh)


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