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Saturday, October 14, 2006

S names for baby boys

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Names for a baby boy beginning S

The most popular S names are Samuel, Sam, Sean and Sebastian.

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Some famous S's are;
Sean Connery, actor - James Bond films - Goldfinger, You only Live
Twice, Dr No, From Russia with Love, Thunderball, Diamonds are
Forever, Never say Never again. More recent movies include The
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Finding Forrester.

Samuel L Jackson, actor - Goodfellas, Patriot Games, Jurassic Park,
Pulp Fiction, The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Sylvester Stallone, actor - Kojak, Rocky, Cobra, Tango & Cash,
Cliffhanger, Demolition man, Judge Dredd, Stop! Or my Mom
Will Shoot.

Sid James, actor - Bless this House, Many Carry on Films.

Sid Owen, actor, most famous for playing Ricky in Eastenders.

Sonny Bono, musician, actor - The Sonny and Cher show,
The Love Boat, Hairspray, Under the Broadwalk.

Some Celebrity baby S's are:
Stephen - Lauren Becall and Humpfrey Bogart.
Sean - John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
Stephen - Marie Osmond and Steve Craig.
Sean William - Peirce Brosnan and Cassandra Harris.
Sacha - Joan Collins and Anthony Newly.
Sam - Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan.
Sean - Jane Seymour and David Flynn.
Sage Moonblood - Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Czack.
Seth - Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Czack.
Samuel - Sally Field and Alan Griesman.
Satchel (Seamus) - Mia Farrow and Woody Allen.
Sascha Villiers - Mia Farrow and Andre Previn.

Unusual but cool names are Saber, Sayre, Seth, Shea, Skyler
and Solomon.

My favourites are Solomon, Seth, Sawyer and Sebastien.

Favourite name with meaning is Sassacus which is a Native
American name and means "Wild man".

Here are the N names, their meanings and Origins.

Saad Aid, Help (aramaic)

Saber, Sabre, Sabe Sword (french)

Sabin, Sabine, Sabino The name of an ancient Roman clan (latin)

Sachio Fortunately born (japanese)

Saddam Unknown definition (arabic)

Sadiki Faithful (swahili)

Sadler, Saddler Saddle maker (english)

Safa Pure child (arabic)

Safford River crossing at the willows (english)

Sagar Champions (english)

Sage Plant name (latin)

Sahil Leader (hindu)

Said, Saied, Saeed, Sayid, Syed, Sayeed, Seyd Happy (arabic)

Sajan Beloved (hindu)

Sakaria, Sakari, Sakarias God remembers - variation of Zachariah (scandinavian)

Sakima King (native american)

Salim, Saleem, Salem Tranquility (arabic)

Sallu Safe (swahili)

Salvatore, Salvador, Sal Savior (latin)

Samal Symbol (hebrew)

Samaru Sun (japanese)

Sami Exalted (hebrew)

Samir Entertainer (arabic)

Samson, Sampson Sun (hebrew)

Samuel, Samuele, Sammie, Sammy, Sam, Sambo God listens (hebrew)

Sanborn, Sanborne, Sanburn Sandy river (english)

Sancho Sacred (latin)

Sander, Sandor, Sandino, Sandy, Sandie, Sandi Protector of mankind - variation of Alexander (german)

Sandford, Sanford Sandy crossing (english)

Sanditon Sandy town (english)

Sani Old (native american)

Sanjay Triumphant (hindu)

Santiago Saint (spanish)

Santo Holy (spanish)

Saraph, Saraf, Seraph Burn (hebrew)

Sassacus Wild man (native american)

Saul Prayed for (hebrew)

Sawyer, Sayer, Sayre Woodworker (english)

Saxe, Saxon From Saxonny (english)

Scipio Ancient Roman name (italy)

Scott, Scot, Scottie, Scotty From Scotland (english)

Scout To listen (french)

Scully town cryer (irish)

Seamus, Shamus He who supplants - a variation of James (irish)

Sean, Shaun, Shawn, Seann, Shaughn, Shane, Shaine, Shain God is gracious - a variation of John (irish)

Searle Armour (english)

Seaton Town by the sea (english)

Sebastian, Sebastien, Seb Revered (greek)

Seeley Blessed (english)

Sef Yesterday (egyptian)

Sefu Sword (swahili)

Segel, Seagel, Seagell, Seagell Treasure (english)

Seger, Seager, Seeger Sea fighter (english)

Seif Sword of religion (arabic)

Sekan, Sekani Laughter (african)

Sekar Peak (hindu)

Seldon, Selden Willow valley (english)

Selwyn, Selwin, Selwynn, Selwinn From the forest (english)

Sen Wood sprite (japanese)

Senior Lord (french)

Sennett, Sennet, Sena Elderly (french)

Sepp God will add - variation of Joseph (german)

Septimus Seventh (latin)

Seraphim, Seraphin, Seraffin, Seraffim, Saraphimus, Seraphimus The angels (greek)

Sereno Tranquil (latin)

Serge, Sergio, Sergie, Sergi, Sergy, Sergey, Sergius Servant (latin)

Seth Appointed (hebrew)

Seton, Seaton Sea town (english)

Set-Tainte White bear (native american)

Seward, Sewerd Protector of the sea (english)

Sewati Bear's claws (native american)

Sewell, Sewall Strong at sea (english)

Sextus, Sixtus Sixth (latin)

Seymour, Seamour, Seamore, Seymore, Si, Sy From St. Maur, in France (french)

Shaan Peaceful (hebrew)

Shachar Sunrise (hebrew)

Shadi Singer (arabic)

Shafan, Shaftan Rabbit (hebrew)

Shafer Handsome (hebrew)

Shafiq, Shaffi, Shafi, Shaff Sympathy (arabic)

Shahzad Son of the king (hindu)

Shai Gift (hebrew)

Shaiming Life of sunshine (chinese)

Shaka The name of a Zulu tribal leader (african)

Shakil, Shakeel, Shaquille, Shaquile Handsome (arabic)

Shakir Grateful (arabic)

Shallum, Shallem, Shalem, Shalum Unknown meaning (hebrew)

Shalmai, Shalom, Sholom Peace (hebrew)

Shandy, Shandey, Shandie High spirited (english)

Shani Red (hebrew)

Shank, Seaghan, Seagan, Seathan God is good (irish)

Shankara, Sankara, Shankar, Sankar Bringing luck (hindu)

Shanley, Shannley, Shannleigh, Shanleigh, Shanlee, Shannlee Small and ancient (irish)

Shannon, Shannan, Shannen Old (irish)

Shante, Shonte, Shantay, Shontay Unknown meaning (africn american)

Shappa Red thunder (native american)

Sharad Autumn (hindu)

Sharef, Shareef, Sheref, Shereef Respected (hindu)

Sharil Attractive (arabic)

Shaw Wood (english)

Shea, Shae, Shai, Shay, Shaye Admirable (english)

Sheehan Calm (irish)

Shefer Pleasant (hebrew)

Shelby, Shelbey, Shelbie, Shelbi Village on a ledge (english)

Sheldon, Shelden, Sheldin Steep valley (english)

Shelesh Third child (hebrew)

Shelley, Shelly Town on a ledge (english)

Shem Famous (hebrew)

Shemaiah, Shemaya God has heard (hebrew)

Shen Sacred amulet (chinese)

Sheng Victory (chinese)

Sheng-Li Very victorious (chinese)

Shepherd, Sheperd, Shephard, Shepard, Shepp, Shep Sheep herder (english)

Shepley, Sheplea, Sheplie, Sheply Sheep meadow (english)

Sheridan, Sherridan, Sheriden, Sherriden, Sheridon, Sherridon Seeker (irish)

Sherlock Bright hair (english)

Sherman, Shermann One who cuts cloth (english)

Sherwin, Sherwind, Sherwinn, Sherwynn, Sherwyn Bright friend (english)

Shevi Return (hebrew)

Shelin Bright (chinese)

Shillem, Shilem Reward (hebrew)

Shimon Heard (hebrew)

Shimri My protector (hebrew)

Shin Trust (korean)

Shing Victory (chinese)

Shin-Il Super trust (korean)

Shiro Fourth son (japanese)

Shiva, Shiv, Siva, Sheo Fotunate (hindu)

Shlomo Peace (hebrew)

Shmuel, Shemuel, Shmiel God's name (hebrew)

Shobhan Magnificent (hindu)

Shomer Watchman (hebrew)

Shoni Change (hebrew)

Shonkah Sabe Black dog (native american)

Shovai Gem (hebrew)

Shuzo Third son (japanese)

Shyam, Sham Dark beauty (hindu)

Siadal Sloth (irish)

Siaki, Sione, Soane, Sone God is gracious (polynesian)

Siarl Man (welsh)

Sidney, Sydney, Sidonio, Sidon, Sydon, Sidny, Sydny, Sidnee, Sydnee, Sid, Syd Wide meadow (english)

Sigfrid, Sigfried, Sigfredo, Sigfriedo, Sigfroi, Sigvard, Siegfried, Siegfred, Siegfredo, Siegfreido Peace of victory (german)

Sigmund, Sigmond Victorious protector (german)

Silva, Silvio, Silvano, Silvanus, Sylas, Sylvan, Sylvanus, Silas Forest (latin)

Silver Precious metal (english)

Sima Treasure (hebrew)

Simba Lion (swahili)

Simcha Joy (hebrew)

Simidh Supplanter (scottish)

Simon, Simeon, Simion, Simone, Symon, Symeon, Symion, Simyon, Simms, Simm, Symms, Symm To hear, to be heard (hebrew)

Simpson, Simson Son of Simon (english)

Sinclair, Synclair, Sinclare, Synclare, Sinclaire, Synclaire Town in France (french)

Sior, Siors Farmer (welsh)

Sipho Gift (south african)

Sir Sire (english)

Siraj Light (arabic)

Siva God of destruction (hindu)

Skeet, Skeete, Skeeter To shoot (norse)

Skelly, Skelley, Scully, Sculley Storyteller (irish)

Skerry Stoney isle (scandinavian)

Skip, Skipp, Skipper, Skippy, Skippie Boss of a ship (scandinavian)

Skiriki Wolf (native american)

Skyler, Skylar, Skye, Sky, Skielar, Skieler, Skylor Fugitive (scandinavian)

Slade, Slayde, Slaide Valley (english)

Slane Salty (czech)

Slavin, Sleven, Slawin, Slawen Mountain man (irish)

Sloan, Sloane Soldier (irish)

Smokey, Smoky, Smokie, Smoki Smokey (american)

Smith, Smithe, Smyth, Smythe Blacksmith (english)

So Fist born (vietnamese)

Sofian Devoted (arabic)

Sohan Charming (hindu)

Sohil Beautiful (hindu)

Solomon, Soloman, Salamon, Salaman, Salomon, Solamon, Solomone, Solomo, Soloma, Salamun, Salman, Solomonus, Sollie, Solly, Solli, Sole, Selim, Salom, Sol Peace (hebrew)

Somerled Sailor (scottish)

Somerset, Sommerset Summer estate (english)

Somerton, Somerville Summer town (english

Son Mountain (vietnamese)

Songan Strong (native american)

Sonny, Sonnie Son (english)

Sorley Viking (scottish)

Sorrell, Sorrelle, Sorrel, Sorel Reddish brown (french)

Soterios Saviour (greek)

Sovann, Sovan Gold (cambodian)

Spark, Sparke, Sparky, Sparkey, Sparkie, Sparkee To scatter (latin)

Spear, Speare, Spears, Speer, Spiers, Spier, Spire Man with a spear (english)

Speed Good fortune (english)

Spencer, Spenser, Spense, Spence Seller of goods (english)

Spike In sport Spiking means slamming a ball to the ground (english)

Spiridon, Spiridion, Spiros, Sppyros, Spyridon, Spyridion Spirit (greek)

Squire Knights companion (english)

Stacy, Stacey Fertile - short for Eustace (greek)

Stamos Crown (greek)

Stancie Unknown meaning (english)

Stanislaus, Stanislao, Stanislas, Stanislau, Stanislus, Stanislaw, Stashko, Stasio, Stash, Stas The patron Saint of Poland (polish)

Stanley, Stanlee, Stanleigh, Stanlea, Stanlie, Stanly, Stanli, Stan Stony meadow (english)

Stannard Hard as a stone (english)

Stanton, Stanten Stony town (english)

Stark Strong (german)

Starr, Star Star (english)

Starvos Crowned (greek)

Steed, Steede Stallion (english)

Steele, Steel One who resists (english)

Stein, Steine, Steen, Steene Stone (german)

Steinar, Steiner, Stein, Steen Stone fighter (scandinavian)

Stennis, Stenis Place name (scottish)

Stephen, Stephan, Stephanus, Stephanos, Stephenson, Stephens, Stepousek, Stepanek, Stepek, Stephane, Stepka, Steven, Steve, Stefan, Steffan, Steffen, Stefen, Stefans, Steffans, Stefanos, Steffanos, Steffel, Stefos, Stepa, Stevie, Stevey, Steff Crown, garland (greek)

Sterling, Stirling First class (english)

Sterne, Stearne, Stearne, Stern Unyielding (english)

Stewart, Steward, Stuart, Stewie, Stuie, Stew, Stu Steward (scottish)

Stian, Stig, Stigg, Styg, Stygg Wanderer (scandinavian)

Stockley, Stocklee, Stocklie, Stockly, Stockleigh Meadow of tree stumps (english)

Storm Tempest (english)

Stoney, Stones, Stoner, Stone Stone (english)

Strahan, Strachan Minstrel (irish)

Stryder, Strider Stride, step (american)

Strom River (german)

Strong Strong (english)

Struthers Brook (irish)

Styles Stile (english)

Subhash Speaks well (hindu)

Sudas Good helper (hindu)

Sudhir Wise (hindu)

Sudi Fortune (swahili)

Suffield Southern field (english)

Sugden Valley of pigs (english)

Suhayl, Suhail Star (arabic)

Suibhne, Sivney, Sivnee Pleasant (irish)

Sujay Good triumph (hindu)

Sujit Winner (hindu)

Sulayman, Shelomon, Sulaman, Suleimon, Suleyman Peaceful (arabic)

Sullivan, Sulliven, Sullevan, Sulleven Black eyed (irish)

Sully, Sulley, Sullie, Sullee, Sullea, Sulleigh South meadow (english)

Sultan Leader (swahili)

Sulwyn Bright sun (welsh)

Suman Smart (hindu)

Sumantra Good advice (hindu)

Sundara, Sundar, Sunder Beautiful (hindu)

Sundeep Enlighted being (punjabi)

Sunil Dark blue (hindu)

Sunny, Sunnie, Sunney, Sunni Sunny (english)

Suraj Sun (hindu)

Sushoban Very attractive (hindu)

Sutcliff, Sutcliffe South cliff (english)

Sutton South town (english)

Svatoslav One who celebrates holiness (czech)

Sveinn, Svien, Sven, Svenn Lad (scandinavian)

Swaine, Swain, Swayne, Swayn One who herds swine (english)

Swaley, Swailey, Swale, Swaile, Swail, Swales Winding stream (english)

Sweeney, Sweeny Small hero (irish)

Swindel, Swyndel Swine valley (english)

Swinton Swine town (english)

Sylvester, Sylvestor, Silvester, Silvestor, Silvestre, Silvestro, Sly Forested (latin)

Syon Happy, fortunate (hindu)


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