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Sunday, October 15, 2006

R names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning R

The most popular R names are Ryan, Reece
Rhys, Robert and Riley.

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Some famous R's are:
Richard Attenborough, actor / director / producer -
The Great Escape, Jurassic Park, Doctor Dolittle.

Rupert Everett, actor - The Madness of King George,
An Ideal Husband, voice for Prince Charming in Shrek.

Roald Dahl, author - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,
Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, The Witches, The BFG.

Roger Daltrey, singer / songwriter - The Who.
Ray Mears, Survival Expert.
Ronan Keating, singer.
Rick Astley, singer.

Richard Hammond, Journalist / presenter - Top Gear.
Richard Starky-Aka Ringo Star - drummer for The Beatles.
Robbie Williams, singer / songwriter.
Robert De Niro, actor - Goodfellas, Meet the Fockers,
Meet the Parents, A Bronx Tale, Cape Fear.

Robin Williams, actor - Good Morning Vietnam,
Mork and Mindy, Mrs Doubtfire, The World According
to Garp, Hook, Jumanji, Good Will Hunting.

Celebrity baby R's are:
Redmond James - Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal.
Ryder Russell - Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson.
Robert - James Belushi and Sandra Davenport.
Raymond - Jack Nicolson and Rebecca Boussard.
Rocco - Madonna and Guy Ritchie.
Rene-Charles - Celine Dion and Renee Angelil.
Rufus Tiger - Roger Taylor and Dominique Beyrand.

Rocket Valentin
Racer Maximilliano
Rebel Antonio
Rogue All children of Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellan.

Some unusual but cool names are Radly, Raiden, Reed, Redd,
Reuben, Rhett, Ryley, Ripley, Roarke, Rune and Rowan.

My favourites are Reuben, Redd, Ramsey, Ripley, Rhys and

Fave name with meaning is Roark which is an Irish name and
means "Mighty".

Here are the R names, their meanings and origins.

Rabbi My master (hebrew)

Rabi Gentle breeze (Arabic)

Raby, Rabbie, Rab Famous and bright (scottish)

Rachim, Rachan, Raham Compassion (Hebrew)

Rad Thunder (arabic)

Radborne, Radborn, Radbourne, Radburn, Radd Red stream (english)

Radcliff, Radcliffe, Radclyffe Red cliff (english)

Radford, Redford, Rad, Red Red ford (english)

Radley, Radleigh, Radlee, Radlee, Radley, Radly, Radli Red meadow (english)

Radwan Delight (arabic)

Rafa, Rapha Cure (hebrew)

Rafat Merciful (arabic)

Rafferty, Raferty, Raffy, Raff Prosperous (irish)

Rafi Exalted (arabic)

Rafiq, Rafiki, Rafi Friend (hindu)

Ragner, Rayner, Rainer Power (scandinavian)

Rahim Compassionate (hindu)

Rai Trust; lightening, thunder (japanese)

Raiden God of thunder (japanese)

Raini A god (native american)

Rajeb Seventh month (arabic)

Rajan, Rajah, Raja, Raj King (hindu)

Rajesh King of kings (hindu)

Rajiv Striped (hindu)

Raleigh, Rawleigh, Rawley, Rawlie, Rawly, Rawli Deer meadow (english)

Ralph, Ralf, Ralphi, Rolph, Rolf, Raoul Councel wolf (english)

Ram, Rama One who pleases others (hindu)

Ramadan Ninth month of the muslim year (arabic)

Rami, Ramy, Ramey, Ramiyah, Ramia Loving (arabic)

Ramiro, Ramire, Renowned councelor (portuguese)

Ramsay, Ramsey, Ramsy Island of rams or garlic (english)

Ramses, Rameses, Ramesses, Ramzan Begotton by Ra, the sun God (egyptian)

Rance, Rancel Borrower (african)

Randolph, Randolf, Randy, Randal, Randel, Randey, Randie, Randi Wolf shield(english)

Ranen Joyful song (hebrew)

Ranger Forest guardian (french)

Rainer, Rainey Mighty army (english)

Ransford Raven ford (english)

Ransley, Ranslea, Ranslee, Ransly Raven Meadow (english)

Raoul Version of Ralph (french)

Raphael, Rafael, Raphaelle, Raphaell, Rafaello, Rafel, Rafello, Raffael, Rafe, Ravel God has healed (hebrew)

Rashaun, Rashon, Rashawn, Rasean, Rashan Combination of Ray and Shaun - Ray means protecting hands and Shaun means God is gracious (american)

Rasmus Beloved (greek)

Ratan Gem (hindu)

Rauf Sympathy (arabic)

Rav Sun God (hindu)

Ravi Sun (hindu)

Ray, Raylen, Raylan, Rayce Royal (english)

Rayhan Favoured by God (arabic)

Raymond, Raymund, Raymand, Raimond, Raimund, Raimand, Raymondo, Ray, Ramon, Ramono, Raemond, Raemondo Protecting hands (german)

Raza Content (hindu)

Razi, Raz My secret (hebrew)

Read, Reid, Reed, Reyde Red haired (english)

Red, Redd The colour (american)

Reece, Rhys, Reese, Rees Fiery, full of enthusiasm (welsh)

Reeve, Reave, Reeves Bailiff (english)

Regan, Reagan, Reagen, Regen Little King (irish)

Regin Judgement (scandinavian)

Reginald, Reggie, Reg Strong councellor (english)

Regis Kingly (latin)

Rei Law (japanese)

Remo Unknown meaning (american)

Remus Swift (latin)

Remy, Remmy, Remie, Remey, Remee From Rheims in France (french)

Renaud Powerful (french)

Rene, Renato, Reantus, Renne, Rennie, Renny Reborn (french)

Renny Small and mighty (irish)

Renzo Laurel - variant of Lrenzo (italian)

Reuben, Reuban, Reubin, Ruben, Ruban, Rubin, Rubu, Rubi Behold a son (hebrew)

Reuel, Ruel Friend of God (hebrew)

Rex King (latin)

Rexford King's ford (english)

Rey, Reyes King (spanish)

Reyham God's choice (arabic)

Reynard, Renard Fox (french)

Rez Red hair (hungarian)

Reynold, Renald, Renaldo, Reynaldo, Renault, Reynolds, Renaols, Rinaldo Powerful advisor (english)

Rhett Speaker (latin)

Rhodes, Rhoades, Rhodas Where roses grow (greek)

Riaz Unknown meaning (american)

Richard, Ricard, Ricardo, Riccardo, Richardo, Richerd, Ritchard, Ritchardo, Ritcherd, Richerd, Rico, Riko, Rickie, Rocky, Ritchie, Richie, Ritchy, Richy, Riqui, Rich, Riki, Rici, Rostik, Rostya, Rikiya Powerful ruler (german)

Rida, Ridha, Reda Satisfied (arabic)

Rider, Ryder Horseman (english)

Ridge, Riggs, Rigg Ridge (english)

Ridgley, Riddley, Riddlea, Riddlee, Ridgelee, Ridgelea Meadow on a ridge (english)

Ridley, Riddley, Ridlee, Riddlee Reed meadow (english)

Rifle Rifle (american)

Riley, Reilly, Ryley, Rylee, Rylea, Ryleigh Brave (irish)

Ringo Apple (japanese)

Rio, Reo River (spanish)

Ripley, Riply, Riplee, Riply Shouting mans meadow (english)

Rishon The first (hebrew)

Ritter Knight (german)

Rito Pearl - male short form of Margeret (english)

Rive River (french)

River River (english)

Riyad Garden (arabic)

Roald Famous leader (german)

Roark, Roarke, Rorke, Rourke, Rourk, Rork Mighty (irish)

Robert, Roberto, Roberts, Robers, Robbie, Robby, Robynn, Robbyn, Robin, Robbin, Robbi, Robi, Robie, Roby Bright fame (english)

Robinson, Robeson, Robbinson, Robbynson, Robynson, Robbson, Robson Son of Robert (english)

Rocco, Rockie, Rocky, Rocki, Rokie, Roki Rest (italian)

Rock, Rocky, Rockie, Rocki, Rockford Rock (english)

Rockley, Rocklea, Rocklee, Rockly, Rockleigh Rock meadow (english)

Rockwell Well by the rocks (english)

Rodeo, Rodio Roundup (french)

Roderick, Roderich, Roderik, Roderique, Rodrigo, Rodrick, Rodrik, Rodric, Roderigo, Rodereigo, Rodreigo, Rodrich, Roddie, Roddy, Rodd, Rod Famous power (german)

Rodney, Rodnee, Rodnie, Rodny Island clearing (english)

Roe Roe deer (english)

Rogan Redhead (irish)

Roger, Rodger, Rogers, Rodgers, Rogelio, Rogerio, Ruggerio, Ruggero, Ruttger, Rutger, Rog, Rugger Renowned spearman (german)

Rohan Red (irish)

Rohin Striving (indian)

Roka Wave (japanese)

Roland, Rowland, Rowlando, Rolando, Rollins, Rollin, Rolin, Rolon, Rollon, Rowe, Row, Rolo, Rolle, Rolli, Rollie, Rolly, Rolan Famous land (german)

Roman, Romano, Romain, Romanus, Romanos, Romulo, Romulus Roman citizen (latin)

Romany Gypsy (gypsy)

Romeo Roman citizen (italian)

Romney Winding river (welsh)

Ronald, Ranald, Ronney, Ronnie, Ronni, Ronny, Ron, Ronaldo, Ronaldino Powerful advisor (english)

Ronan Little seal (irish)

Rondre Unknown meaning (african american)

Ronel Song of God (hebrew)

Roni Joyful (hebrew)

Rooney, Roonie, Roony Red-haired (irish)

Roper Rope maker (english)

Rory Red (irish)

Roscoe Deer forest (scandinavian)

Rosh Chief (hebrew)

Roshan Light at dawn (hindu)

Ross, Rosse Cape (scottish)

Roth Red (german)

Rousse Red-haireed (french)

Rover Wanderer (english)

Rowan, Rowen Red (irish)

Rowell Deer spring (english)

Rowley, Rowlea, Rowlee, Rowly, Rowlie Roughly cleared meadow (english)

Roy, Roi Red (irish)

Royce, Roice, Royce, Royse, Roise, Royse Roy's son (american)

Royd, Roid Forest clearing (scandinavian)

Royden Hill of Rye (english)

Rozen Leader (hebrew)

Rudo Love (african)

Rudolph, Rudolf, Rodolfo, Rodolph, Rudolphe, Rodolphe, Rudolfo, Rudey, Rudie, Rolfe, Rolphe, Rolf, Rollo, Rolle, Rudy, Rudi Famous wolf (german)

Rudyard Red paddock (english)

Rufus, Ruffus, Rufo, Rufous Red-haired (latin)

Rugby Rook fortress (english)

Runako Handsome (african)

Rune Secret (scandinavian)

Rupert, Ruperto Bright fame - variation of Robert (german)

Rurik, Rorek Famous king (scandinavian)

Russell, Russel, Rusel, Russ, Rus, Rusty, Rustie Red-haired, little red (french)

Ryan, Ryne, Ryon, Ryun, Rian, Rion, Riun King (gaelic)

Rye Strong ruler (polish)

Ryker, Riker Unknown meaning (american)

Ryland, Ryeland Land of Rye (english)

Ryson, Rison Roy's son (american)


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