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Friday, October 13, 2006

T names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning T

The most popular T names are Thomas, Tyler, Toby,
Taylor and Theo.

Middle name help

Some famous T's are
Tom Hanks - born Thomas Jeffrey Hanks - actor
has played many outstanding roles including Forrest
Gump, Chuck Noland in Castaway, Captain John H
Miller in Saving Private Ryan and Andrew Beckett
in Philadelphia.

Teddy Sheringham, Manchester United Football Star-
born Edward Paul Sheringham.

Tom Jones, welsh singer / songwriter.
Tommy Lee Jones, actor - Men in Black, Natural Born
Killers, The Fugitive, Blown Away.

Thomas Harris, author of "The Hannibal " books!
Tim Curry - born Timothy James Curry, actor -
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and many, many

Some celebrity baby T's are;
Taj - Tito Jackson and Delores Martes
Taryll - Tito Jackson and Delores Martes
Tito Joe - Tito Jackson and Delores Martes
Thomas - Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest
Tommy - Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore
Truman - Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
Troy - Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden
Travis Sedg- Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick
Trey - Will Smith and Sheree Zampino

Unusual but cool names are Tabb, Tallin, Tanner, Teo,
Torran, Trale, Trent, Teon and Trey.

My favourites are Talesin, Teo, Tao, Tennison, Tierney and

Favourite name with meaning is Tiernan which is an
Irish name and means "Little Lord".

Here are the T names, their meanings and
their origins.

Tab, Tabb Brilliant (german)

Tabbai Good (hebrew)

Tabib Doctor (turkish)

Tabor, Taber, Taiber, Tayber, Taybor Misfortune (hungarian)

Tad, Tadd Father (welsh)

Tadao Satisfied (japanese)

Tadeo Heart (spanish)

Tadi Wind (native american)

Tadzi Loon (native american)

Taft Homestead (french)

Tao Unknown meaning (unknown origin)

Taggart Son of a priest (irish)

Taghee, Tagee, Tag Cheif (native american)

Tahi Ocean (polynesian)

Tahir Pure (arabic)

Tahoe Big water (native american)

Tai Skill (vietnamese)

Tait, Tate Cheerful (scandinavian)

Taiwo First born twin (nigerian)

Taizo Third son (japanese)

Taj Crown (hindu)

Takeshi Bamboo (japanese)

Takoda Everyones friend (native american)

Takeo Stong like bamboo (japanese)

Tal, Talor Rain (hebrew)

Talbot, Tallbot, Talbott, Tallbott, Talbert Last name (english)

Tale Green (Arfican)

Talesin, Tallin, Talin Radiant brow (welsh)

Talfryn High hill (welsh)

Talli Lenapi leader (native american ; Lenapi)

Tallis Surname of a 16th century composer (english)

Talmai, Talmi Furrow (hebrew)

Talman, Tally, Tallie, Tally To injure (hebrew)

Talon Large claw (english)

Tam Eight (vietnamese)

Tan New (vietnamese)

Tanay Son (hindu)

Tandie Masculine (african-american)

Tani Valley (japanese)

Tanner, Tanier, Tanney, Tanny, Tanni, Tan One who tans leather (english)

Tanton Town on a silent river (english)

Tano, Tanno River (african)

Taran Thunder (irish)

Tarik, Tariq Evening caller (hindu)

Tarleton Thor's town (english)

Tarquin, Tarquinos, Tarquinus Roman clan name (latin)

Taro First male (japanese)

Tarrant, Tarant Thunder (welsh)

Tarun Young (hindu)

Tas Bird's nest (gypsy)

Tasso Cup (Italian)

Tau Lion (african)

Taurus, Taurine, Taurino, Tauro Bull, Astrological name (latin)

Tavares, Tavaris Name of a town in Florida (English)

Tavi God is good (hebrew)

Tavio, Tavie, Tavi Eighth - short for Octavio (spanish)

Tavish, Tavis Twin Variant of Thomas (irish)

Tavon Unknown meaning (english)

Tavor Unlucky (hebrew)

Tawa The sun (native american)

Tay Place name (scottish)

Tayib Good (arabic)

Talor, Tayler Tailer, Tailor, Taile, Tale Tailor (english)

Teague, Teigan, Tegan, Teiger, Teger, Teige Wise poet (irish)

Tearlach Man (scottish)

Tedmund, Tedmond, Teddie, Teddy, Teddi Watched over land (english)

Tejomay, Tej Glorious (hindu)

Telamon Ancient mythological figure (greek)

Telek Ironworker (polish)

Telem Furrow (hebrew)

Telford, Telferd, Telfer, Telfor Iron worker (french)

Tem Country (gypsy)

Teman On the right (hebrew)

Tempest Stormy (french)

Temple Sacred place (english)

Tendoy, Tendoi To climb (native american)

Tennant, Tenant Tenant (english)

Tenesee The state (native american)

Tennyson, Tennison, Tenney, Tenny, Tennie, Tenni Son of Dennis (english)

Teo God (polynesian)

Terach, Terah, Tera Goat (hebrew)

Terence, Terance, Terrance, Terrence, Terrey, Terry, Terrie, Terencio, Terri Roman clan name (latin)

Terrill, Terrall, Terrel, Terral, Terryl, Terryll, Teryl, Terel, Teral Follower of Thor (german)

Teva Nature (hebrew)

Tevin Handsome - variation of Kevin (african american)

Texas, Tex The state (american)

Thabiti A man (african)

Thai Many (vietnamese)

Thandiwe Beloved (african)

Thane, Thaine, Thane, Thain, Thayne, Thayn Land holder (english)

Thanos, Thansis Royal (greek)

Thatcher, Thacher, Thaxter, Thatch, Thayer Roof thatcher (english)

Thaw Melt (english)

Themba Hope (african)

Theobald, Thebaud, Tiebold, Tibold, Thibaut, Theo, Thee, Ti Brave people (german)

Theodore, Theodor, Teodor, Teador, Teodoro, Tedor, Theo, Teddey, Teddie, Teddi, Tedd, Ted, Theon, Teon Gift from God (greek)

Theodoric, Thierry Leader of the people (german)

Theron Hunter (greek)

Theseus Ancient mythological figure (greek)

Thiassi, Thiazi Ancient mythological figure (scandinavian)

Tho Long life (vietnamese)

Thomas, Tomas, Tomaso, Thomaso, Thompson, Thomson, Tomasso, Tomsen, Tomson, Tomek, Tomelis, Tameas, Thoma, Thom, Tom, Tommy, Tommie, Tommi, Tomaz, Tomcio, Toomas, Tuomo Twin St Thomas (aramaic)

Thor, Torr, Tor Thunder (scandinavian)

Thorald, Torald, Thorold Follower of Thor (scandinavian)

Thorbert, Torbert Thor's brightness (scandinavian)

Thorne, Thorn Thorn bush (english)

Thornley, Thornlie, Thornlee, Thornlea, Thornli, Thornly Thorny meadow (english)

Thorpe, Thorp Village (english)

Thurston, Thorston, Thorsten, Thurstan, Torsten, Torston Thor's stone (scandinavian)

Thuy Tender (vietnamese)

Tiago Unknown meaning (american)

Tiarnach Godly (irish)

Tibor, Tybalt, Tybor, Tybald Sacred place (slavic)

Tien First (vietnamese)

Tiernan, Tierney, Tierny, Tierrny, Tiernie, Tierni Little lord (irish)

Tiki The first man (polynesian)

Tilon Hill (hebrew)

Timin Sea serpent (arabic)

Timon Respect (greek)

Timothy, Timmothy, Timothey, Timmothey, Timotheo, Timothe, Timotheus, Timoteo, Tymothy, Tymmothy, Timmo, Timo, Timmie, Timmy, Tim, Timotee Honouring God (greek)

Timur Tall (hebrew)

Tipu Tiger (hindu)

Tiru Devoted (hindu)

Tito To honour (spanish)

Titus, Titos, Tito Defender (latin)

Tivon Lover of nature (hebrew)

Toa Brave (polynesian)

Toal, Tully Strong people (irish)

Tobias, Tobiah, Tobey, Tobie, Toby, Tobi, Tobia, Tobin God is good (hebrew)

Tobikuma Cloud (japanese)

Todd, Tod Fox (english)

Tohon Cougar (native american)

Tokala Fox (native american)

Tomeo Cautious man (japanese)

Tomi Wealthy (japanese)

Tomlin Little Thomas (english)

Tony, Toney, Tonie, Toni Valuable - variation of Anthony (latin)

Tor Thunder (hebrew)

Torin, Toran, Torrin, Torran, Teren, Torren, Torian, Torien Cheif (irish)

Torio Bird's tail (japanese)

Torkel, Thorkel, Torqui, Torkil, Tork Thor's cauldron (scandinavian)

Torr Tower (english)

Torrence, Torrance, Torence, Torance, Torrey, Torrie, Torrin, Torin, Torry Little hills (irish)

Toru Sea (japanese)

Toshiro Skillfull (japanese)

Tov, Tovia, Toviel, Toyiya, Tuvia Good (hebrew)

Tove, Tuve Thor's rule (scandinavian)

Tracy, Tracey, Trace, Treacy Warlike (irish)

Trai Pearl (vietnamese)

Trail, Traile, Trale Trail (english)

Trake, Traike, Traik, Trak Unknown meaning (american)

Travis, Travers, Traves, Travus, Travys, Traver Toll-taker (french)

Trayton Town near the trees (english)

Tremain, Tremaine, Tremayn, Tremayne Stone house (celtic)

Trent, Trenton, Trenten, Trentin Rushing waters (latin)

Trevor, Trever, Trevar, Trevir, Trevis, Trefor, Trev Great settlement (welsh)

Trey Three (english)

Tristam, Tristan, Trist, Tris, Tristin, Triston, Tristyn, Trystan Famous folklore character (celtic)

Troy, Troye, Troi Soldier (irish)

Truman, Trueman, Trumaine, Trumain Loyal one (english)

Trumble, Trumball, Trumbell Powerful (english)

Tucker One who works with cloth (english)

Tudor Royal Dynasty (welsh)

Tully, Tulley, Tullie, Tulli Peaceful (irish)

Turner Woodworker (english)

Tuwa God's goodness (hebrew)

Tuyen Angel (vietnamese)

Twain, Twaine, Twayne, Twayn Divided in two (english)

Ty, Tye Short for names beggining Ty (english)

Tyee Cheif (native american)

Tyke Captain (native american)

Tyler, Tylar, Ty Tile maker (english)

Tymon Praise the lord (greek)

Tynan Dark (irish)

Tyrell, Tyrrell, Tirrell, Tirrel, Tyree Roman clan name (latin)

Tyrone, Tyron, Tirone, Tiron Land of Owen (irish)

Tyson, Tysen, Tisen, Tieson, Tiesen, Tyce, Tyse High spirited (english)


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