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Thursday, October 12, 2006

U names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning U

There are no popular U names!

Famous U;

Uri Geller - controversial performer

Cool names include Ubie, Urvan and Umi.

My favourite name with meaning is Umi which is an African name

and means "life".

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Here are the names, their meanings and their origins

Uang Great (chinese)

Ubadah, Ubada, Ubi, Ubie Serves God (arabic)

Uday To show up (hindu)

Udell, Udel Yew tree grove (english)

Udi My torch (hebrew)

Udolf, Udolph Wolf wealth (english)

Ugo Intellect (italian)

Ukiah Deep valley (native american indian)

Ulan First born of twins (african)

Uleki, Ulesi Wrathful - version of Ulysses (hawaiian)

Ulf Wolf (scandinavian)

Ull Glory (scandinavian)

Ulmer, Ulmar Famous wolf (english)

Ulric, Ulrick, Ulrike Wolf power (german)

Ulrik Noble ruler (scandinavian)

Ulyssis, Ulisse, Ulisis Wrathful - version of Odysseus (latin)

Umar Thriving (arabic)

Umberto Famous german (italian)

Umed Desire (hindu)

Umi Life (african)

Uncas The fox (native american indian)

Unika To shine (african)

Unwin, Unwinn, Unwyn, Unwynn Enemy (english)

Urban, Urbain, Urbane, Urbaine, Urvan, Urvano, Urbano, Urbanus From the city (latin)

Uri, Uria, Urias, Uriel, Urie, Uriah My light (hebrew)

Urian Heaven (greek)

Uriel Angel of light (hebrew)

Urien Priviliged birth (welsh)

Ursan, Urson Bear (latin)

Urso Bear (italian)

Urvil, Urville, Urvill The sea (hindu)

Usama, Usamah A lion (arabic)

Useni Tell me (african)

Ustin Just (russian)

Uther The name of King Arthurs Father (english)

Uttam Best (hindu)

Uziah, Uzia, Usiyah, Uziyah, Uziya God is my strength (hebrew)

Uziel Powerful (hebrew)

Uzoma Born on a trip (african)


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