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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

V names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning V with their meanings and origins

There are no popular V names!

Some famous V's are
Vernon Kay - Television presenter.
Vinnie Jones, actor - Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

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Cool names include Valentino, Vaughn, Vance, Vernon and Vince.

My favourite name with meaning is Vito which is a lovely Italian name

which means "life"

Vachel Small cow (french)

Vail, Vaile, Vayle City in ado (english)

Vaino Wagon builder (finnish)

Vala Loincloth (polynesian)

Valdemar Famous leader (german)

Valentine, Valentin, Valentyn, Valentino, Val Strong (latin)

Valerian, Valerie, Valerio, Valery, Val Healthy (latin)

Vali Ancient mythological figure (scandinavian)

Valin, Valyn, Valen Mighty soldier (hindu)

Van Appearance (vietnamese)

Vane, Vayne Banner (english)

Vance, Vancelo, Vann Swampland (english)

Vandyke From the dyke (dutch)

Vanya God is good (russian)

Vao Unknown meaning (american)

Varden, Verden Green mountains (french)

Varen Superior (hindu)

Varesh God is superior (hindu)

Varick, Varrick Defending leader (german)

Varil Water (hindu)

Vartan Rose (armenian)

Varun Water god (hindu)

Vasil, Vasile, Vasili, Vasilos, Vasily, Kingly - form of Basil (czech)

Vasu Prosperous (hindu)

Vaughn, Vaughan Small (welsh)

Vea, Veatama Chief (polynesian)

Veasna Lucky (cambodian)

Venedict, Venya, Venka Blessed - form of Benedict (russian)

Veon, Vion Unknown meaning (american)

Vere Area in France (french)

Vered Rose (hebrew)

Verlin, Verley, Verlie, Verly, Verle Spring (american)

Vernon, Verne, Vernan, Vernen, Vern Alder trees (french)

Verrill, Verroll, Verrell, Verrall, Verill, Veroll, Verell, Verral, Veril, Verol, Verel, Veral Loyal, masculine (french)

Vester Forested - short for Silvestor (latin)

Victor, Vicktor, Viktor, Victoir, Vittor, Vittoro, Victorino, Victorio, Vittore, Vittorio, Vittorino, Vitenka, Vitor, Vic, Vick Conqueror, champion (latin)

Vida Beloved (english)

Vidal, Videl, Videlio Life giving (spanish)

Vidar Ancient mythological figure (scandinavian)

Vidor Happy (hungarian)

Viet Destroy (vietnamese)

Vijay, Vijun, Vijen, VJ Victorious (hindu)

Vila, Vilmos, Villko, Ville, Viliam, Vilam, Vilem, Vilek, Vili, Villi, Vilhelm, Viliami From William - Will (determined protector ) + helmet (czech)

Vilmos Staedy soldier (german)

Vilok To see (hindu)

Vimal Pure (hindu)

Vinay Courteous (hindu)

Vincent, Vincente, Vince, Vinci, Vincy, Vinnie, Vinny, Vinni, Vincenz, Vincenzo, Vikesha, Vikenti, Vikent, Vinn, Vin Prevailing (latin)

Vinod Fun (hindu)

Vinson Son of Vincent (english)

Virgil, Vergil, Virgilio, Vergilio Roman clan name (latin)

Vitalis Life (latin)

Vito, Vitalis, Vitale, Vital Alive (latin)

Vitus, Vitya Forest (spanish)

Vivek, Vivekanand Wise (hindu)

Vivian Full of life (latin)

Vladimir, Vladimeer, Vladamir, Vladen, Vladlen, Vladko, Vlado Famous prince (slavic)

Vladislav Glorious ruler (czech)

Vlas Stammerer (russian)

Volker Peoples defender (german)

Volney Spirit of the people (german)

Volya, Vova Ruler of the people (russian)

Von Hope (scandinavian)

Vosco Unknown meaning (american)

Voshon God's grace (african american)

Voyne, Voine, Voin, Von Unknown meaning (american)

Vui Cheerful (vietnamese)


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