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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

W names for baby boys

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Wade To cross a river (english)

Wadley, Wadly, Meadow near a river crossing (english)

Wadsworth Villiage near a river crossing (english)

Wagner Wagon maker (german)

Wahchumyus Rainbow (native american)

Waite, Wayte Watchman (english)

Wakefield, Wake Damp field (english)

Wakeley, Wakely, Wakelea Damp meadow (english)

Wakeman Watchman (english)

Wakiza Bold warrior (native american)

Walaka Ruler of the people (hawaiian)

Walcott, Wallcot, Wallcott Cottage by the wall (english)

Walden, Waldon Forested valley (english)

Waldo Rule (german)

Waldron Strong raven (german)

Walena Protector friend - version of Warren (hawaiian)

Walford River crossing (english)

Walfred Peaceful ruler (german)

Walid Just born (arabic)

Walkara, Wakara Yellow (native american)

Walker One who walks on cloth, or washes cloth (english)

Wallace, Wallis, Wally, Wallie, Walsh One from Wales (scottish)

Walter, Walt Ruler of the people (german)

Walwyn, Walwin, Walwynn, Walwinn Welsh friend (english)

Wanekia Creator of life (native american)

Wapi Lucky (native american)

Wapiti White (native american)

Ward, Warde, Warden Observer (english)

Wardell Watchmans hill (english)

Wardley, Wardlie, Wardlea, Wardleigh Watchmans meadow (english)

Ware Observant (english)

Warley, Warlie, Warleigh, Warlee, Warlea, Warly Meadow by the weir (english)

Warren, Warran, Warrin, Warriner Watchman (german)

Warwick, Warwik, Warrik, Warrick House near a dam (english)

Wasim Distinguised looking (arabic)

Watson Son of Walter (english)

Wattan, Waatina Black (native american)

Waunakee Peaceful one (native american)

Waverly, Waverleigh, Waverlee, Waverlie, Waverley Meadow of aspen trees (english)

Waya Wolf (native american)

Waylon, Waylan, Waylen, Wayland, Waylin Roadside land (english)

Wayne, Wayn, Waine, Wain Wagon maker (english)

Webley, Weblee, Weblea, Weblie, Webli Weaver's meadow (english)

Wei-Quo Leader of a nation (chinese)

Wekesa Born during the harvest (african)

Welby, Welbie, Welbey, Welbi Waterside farm (english)

Wendell, Wendel, Wendle Wanderer (german)

Wesh Forest (gypsy)

Wesley, Westley, Weslee, Westlee, Weslie, Westlie, Wesli, Westli, Wesly, Wessley, Wesslie, Wesslee, Wess, Wes Western meadow (english)

Westby, Wesby Western farm (english)

Weston, Westen, Wesson Western town (english)

Wheeler Wheel wright (english)

Whistler Whistler (english)

Whitby, Whitbey, Whitbie, Whitbi White farm (english)

Wicahpi Isnala Lone star (native american)

Wilbur, Willbur, Willburt, Wilburt, Wilber, Wilbert Brilliant (german)

Wildon Wild valley (english)

Wiley, Wylie, Wyley, Wilie Water meadow (english)

Wilfred, Wilfredo, Wilfryd, Wilfried, Wilfrid, Wilf Desiring peace (english)

William, Williamson, Willem, Willis, Wilson, WIllie, Willy, Willi, Wilhelm Determined protector (german)

Wilny Screaming eagle (native american)

Windsor, Wyndsor Riverbank with a winch (english)

Winfred Peaceful friend (english)

Winslow Friends hill (english)

Winston, Winsten, Winton, Wynstan, Wynston, Winstone Friends town (english)

Wolfe, Wolf Wolf (english)

Wolfgang, Wolfram Travelling wolf (german)

Wright Carpenter (english)

Wyatt, Wyat, Wiatte, Wiatt, Wiat, Wyatte Little fighter (french)

Wyck, Wick Village (english)

Wynn, Wynne, Winn, Winne Friend (english)

Wynono First born son (native american)


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