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Monday, October 09, 2006

X names for baby boys

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Xander, Xandro, Xan Defender of mankind - short form of Alexander (greek)

Xanthus, Xanthos Golden haired (greek)

Xareck, Xarec, Xarek Baal protect the King - variant of Zarek (polish)

Xavier, Xaver New house (english)

Xaylon, Xailon, Xaylan, Xailan, Xylon, Xylan Unknown meaning (american)

Xenos, Xeno Guest (greek)

Xiaping Small bottle (chinese)

Ximen, Ximon, Ximun Obedient (spanish)

Xing-Fu Happiness (chinese)

Xiomar Famous in Battle (italian)

Xion Unknown meaning (american)

Xi-Wang Desire (chinese)

Xylon One who lives in the forest (greek)


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