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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Y names for baby boys

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Yaakov, Yaacob, Yakov, Yacob He who supplants - version of Jacob (hebrew)

Yafeu Bold (ghanian)

Yair God will teach (hebrew)

Yakar, Yakir Dear (hebrew)

Yakez Heaven (native american)

Yakim God develops (hebrew)

Yamin Right hand (hebrew)

Yana, Yannai, Yanai He will answer (hebrew)

Yancy Englishman (native american)

Yanka God is good (russian)

Yannis, Yanni, Yan God is good - version of John (greek)

Yardan King (arabic)

Yardley, Yardlee, Yardly, Yardlea Enclosed meadow (english)

Yarin To understand (hebrew)

Yashahiro Serene (japanese)

Yasuo Calm (japanese)

Yates Gates (english)

Yazid, Yazeed Becomimg greater (swahili)

Ye Universe (chinese)

Yen Calm (vietnamese)

Yeoman Servant (english)

Yered To come down (hebrew)

Yerik, Yeremy God is exalted (russian)

Yitro Plenty (hebrew)

Yo Bright (chinese)

Yoder, Yode Unknown meaning (american)

Yonas Dove (hebrew)

Yonathon, Yonnie, Yonny, Yon, Yonathan Gift from God (hebrew)

Yong Brave (chinese)

Yong-sun Courage (korean)

Yorath Handsome Lord (welsh)

York, Yorke, Yorrick, Yorik Yew tree (english)

Yosef, Yoseff, Yosif God increases (hebrew)

Yosha Wisdom (hebrew)

Yoshi Quiet (japanese)

Yotimo Bee flying to its hive (native american)

Young-Ja Forever stable (korean)

Yuan Round (chinese)

Yukon Place name (american)

Yule Winter solstice (english)

Yunis, Yunus Dove (arabic)

Yuri, Yury Farmer - version of George (russian)

Yustyn, Yustin Just (russian)

Yuval Brook (hebrew)

Yves, Yvon Yew wood (french)


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