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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Z names for baby boys

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Zaccheus Pure (hebrew)

Zachariah, Zacarias, Zacharie, Zackery, Zackery, Zackerie, Zack, Zak, Zeke, Zach The lord has remembered (hebrew)

Zade Small battle - from Cade (american)

Zafar, Zafir To win (arabic)

Zahir, Zahur, Zaheer Blossoming (arabic)

Zaide Older (hebrew)

Zaim General (Arabic)

Zakai, Zaki, Zakkai Pure (hebrew)

Zaki Chaste (arabic)

Zakur Masculine (hebrew)

Zale, Zayle Sea strength (greek)

Zalman Peaceful (hebrew)

Zamiel God has heard - version of Samual (german)

Zamir Song (hebrew)

Zan Well-fed (hebrew)

Zander, Zandro, Zandros, Zandie, Zandy Defender of mankind - variation of Alexander (slavic)

Zane, Zain, Zayne God is good (english)

Zareb Guardian (african)

Zared Trap (hebrew)

Zarek May God protect the king (polish)

Zayd, Zayed, Ziyad, Zaid To increase (arabic)

Zayn, Zayne Beauty (arabic)

Zebadiah, Zebediah, Zebbie, Zeb Gift from God (hebrew)

Zedekiah, Zedekia, Zedekias God is just (hebrew)

Zeeman Seaman (dutch)

Zehariah, Zeharia, Zeharya Light of God (hebrew)

Zeke The strength of God (hebrew)

Zeki Smart (turkish)

Zekiel, Zekeal Unknown meaning (american)

Zelig Holy (hebrew)

Zelimir Desires peace (slavic)

Zemariah, Zemaria Song (hebrew)

Zenas, Zenon, Zeno, Zenno Generous (greek)

Zenda Well born (czech)

Zephaniah, Zephan, Zeph Protection (hebrew)

Zephyrus, Zephyr West wind (greek)

Zerach, Zerachia, Zerachya, Zerah Light (hebrew)

Zerika Rain shower (hebrew)

Zero Worthless (arabic)

Zesiro First born of twins (african)

Zethus Son of Zeus (greek)

Zeus, Zinon, Zenon, Zeno Living (greek)

Zevach, Zevachia, Zevachya Sacrifice (hebrew)

Zevediah, Zevadia, Zevadya God bestows (hebrew)

Zevid Gift (hebrew)

Zevon Unknown meaning (american)

Zhong Second brother (chinese)

Zhu Wish (chinese)

Zhuang Strong (chinese)

Zikomo Thankyou (african)

Zimraan, Zimran Celebrated (arabic)

Zimran Sacred (hebrew)

Zimri Valuable (hebrew)

Zinan Second son (japanese)

Zindel, Zindil Protector of mankind - variation of Alexander (hebrew)

ZinZan Unknown meaning (american)

Zion Highest point (hebrew)

Zitomer, Zitek To live in fame (czech)

Ziv, Zivi, Zivan To shine (hebrew)

Ziya, Zia Light (arabic)

Ziyad To increase (arabic)

Zlatan, Zlatko, Zlatek, Zlatisek, Zlatik Golden (czech)

Zoilo Life - male version of Zoe (greek)

Zoltin, Zoltan, Zolten Life (hungarian)

Zomier, Zomer One who prunes trees (hebrew)

Zuberi Strong (swahili)

Zubin Unknown meaning (american)

Zuriel The Lord is my rock (hebrew)

Zyler, Zylar, Zy A worker in roof tiles - variation of Tyler (english)


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