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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Whats in a name

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The name that you choose for your baby is the name that she will use for the rest of her life.
A name that sounds cute as a baby and young child may hinder her forever as an adult, perhaps no-one will take her seriously because of it. But then an all too grown up name might not be right either.

When we were choosing names for our 4 children we found that we couldn't agree on anything which is something many couples face. In the end we each wrote out a list on our own and if we both had any the same then we would choose between them. The third time however I decided that if it was to be a boy that I would name him and if it was a girl my husband could name her! It was a girl and I am happy to say that I liked his choice!

I think what a lot of us want is a name that is unusual or original. But not too wierd sounding!
Some parents even go as far as to make one up themselves so that way it is completely original.

Parents generally seem to be a little more adventurous with little girls names than boys.

Nowadays it seems to be the trend to have a different sounding name or a name that doesn't get used much. Like Brooklyn, Romeo or Cruz which is what the Beckhams chose for their sons.

Celebrities seem to be full of wierd and wonderful name creations. Take Jamie and Jules Oliver for instance they named their daughter Daisy Boo - very cute! Dave Evans from U2 named his daughter Blue Angel, which is adorable. Jonathon Ross and his wife Jane Goldman came up with some wierd creations for their kids - they have a Betty Kitten, a Honey Kinney and a Harvey Kirby.
Angelina Jolie went back to her Welsh roots when she chose Maddox for her son, as did Colin Firth go back to his mothers Italian roots when he chose Luca and Mateo for his sons.

You could go with a more popular name ,t
he top ten most popular girls names for England and Wales last year were Jessica, Emily, Sophie, Chloe, Olivia, Grace, Lucy, Charlotte and Katie.
The top ten most popular boys names for England and Wales were Jack, Joshua, Thomas, James, Oliver, Daniel, Samuel, William, Harry and Joseph

Maybe you like the more traditional names like John or Beatrice, James or Elizabeth. There are many variations for these names if you like the idea of a traditional sort of name for your child but find names like these a bit old fashioned.
For John you could use Jack or Jovin. For James you could have Jamie or Jacob, or Jakub.
For Elizabeth there are loads of variations; Elisa, Eliza, Elise, Lisa, Liza or Libby are just some of them. For Beatrice maybe Bea or Beattie.

Perhaps you love a TV character, pop star, literary character, Artist, etc so much that you would like to name your child after him or her. Eastenders in particular has a way of making names popular Ruby, Alfie, Demi and Aleesha being a few of them. I was named after Samantha in Bewitched, the popular sitcom. I don't hate it but I think it's too long so it got shortened to Sam which is Ok, sometimes in writing or emails if I sign off Sam, people generally expect me to be a man!
I also find that Sam is a very popular name for a dog!

You can make an ordinary name sound different my adding or taking away a few letters, for instance Olivia could become Livia, Anastasia could become Stasia, Vanessa could become Nessa or Nessie, Alexander could become Xander or Zander, Riley could become Briley, Cade to Caiden or Kaiden, Grey to Geryer or Greyson.

You could change a few letters around to see what you like the sound of. Maybe Aiden could become Zaiden, Leo to Zeo, Jessica to Yessica, or Elizabeth to Alizabeth, Annabell to Amabel that sort of thing.

Another thing to think about is the middle name. It should probably go with the first name. So something like Molly Dolly Watson sounds pretty awful! I have another blog called
baby name combos which is another of my creations with some suggestions of First names and middle names that go together.

Remember to choose the initials carefully, a name such as Lucinda Owain Oxin which would spell LOO would not be the best choice! Neither would Bradley Orsan Grey as this would spell BOG. I think you get the picture!

Maybe you want to honour someone special to you in your childs name like a parent or aunt.
Or you could honour your roots and choose a traditional Irish, Welsh or wherever you are from name! Irish names definately seem to be becoming more popular lately, especially for girls names.

Flower names are also quite popular, maybe you will have a little Lilly, Daisy or Poppy running around!

You might like to use a colour name or a jewel name like Aqua, Jade, Diamond, Scarlett, Coral or Amethyst.
Or a spiritual name like Destiny, Harmony, Eden or Serenity.

Maybe using a place name like India, Keiton, Ennis, Jersey or Bree is right for you.

Whatever name you choose have fun finding it and I am sure it will be just fitting for your beautiful bundle of Joy!

I hope you have found this site helpful. Please let me know what you think, what your favourite names are, have you made up a name yourself that you could share with us. I would love to hear your comments.


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