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Sunday, October 29, 2006

D names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning with D

The most popular D names are David, Daniel and Dominic.

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Famous David's are David Beckham, footballer. David Jason, comedy
genius. David Duchovony, director, producer, actor and star of the
X files. David Walliams, comedian and half of Little Britain.
David Schwimmer, actor and Ross in Friends.

Other famous D's are Daniel Dae Kim who plays Gin-Soo Kwon in the
hit series Lost. Dustin Hoffman, Actor, Dominic Monaghan who plays
Charlie in Lost and Deforest Kelly who is famous for playing
Dr McCoy in Star Trek. Daniel Day Lewis, actor.

Some Celebrity baby D's are Deacon - Reese Witherspoon and Ryan

Phillipe's son. Denim Kole - Toni Braxton. Dylan was the name choice

for Pierce Brosnan, Pamela Anderson and Joan Cusacks Sons.

Some unusual / rare but cool D names are Dacy, Dalin, Deacon,
Deke, Drake, Drew and Duke.

Favourites are Dakota, Dacy and Drew.

Favourite name with meaning is Delroy which means The King.

Here are D names, their meanings and origins

Dacey, Dacien, Dacia, Dacy, Dace A man from the south (irish)

Dafyyd Beloved (welsh)

Dagan, Dagon Earth (hebrew)

Dai Large (japanese) To shine (welsh)

Daire Last name (irish)

Daivat Powerful (hindu)

Dakota Place name (american)

Dale, Dayle, Daley, Dal One who lives in a dale or valley (english)

Dalit Draw water (hebrew)

Dallas Town in Scotland (scottish)

Dallin, Dallan, Dalin, Dalon, Dalan Proud (english)

Dalton, Dalten A town in a valley (english)

Daly, Dailey, Daley To gather together (irish)

Dalziel A small field (scottish)

Damek Son of the red earth - version of Adam (czech)

Damian, Damien, Damion, Dameon One who tames (greek)

Damon, Daiman, Daimon, Daemon Gentle one (greek)

Dan Positive (vietnamese)

Dana A resident of Denmark (english)

Dane, Dayne, Dain Brook (english)

Daniel, Danakas, Danek, Danniel, Danny, Dannie, Dan, Dano, Dani, Danil God has
judged (hebrew)

Danno Meeting in a pasture (japanese)

Dante Everlasting (latin)

Darby, Derby Free man (english)

Daren Born at night (Nigerian)

Darin, Darrin, Darren, Darron, Daron, Darrien, Darrion Gift (greek)

Darius, Darrius, Dario Wealthy (greek)

Darnell, Darnall Hidden area (english)

Darren, Darran, Darron, Darrin, Daren, Daryn Ruler of the land (irish)

Darrell, Darrel, Darel, Daryl, Darryl Darling (english)

Darwin, Derwin, Derwynn, Darwynn Friend (english)

Dason Unknown meaning (american)

Daud Beloved (hindu)

David, Dave, Davie, Davey, Dewey Beloved (hebrew)

Davin Shining (scandinavian)

Davis, Davison, Dawson David's son (english)

Dawud Beloved (arabic)

Dax Water (english)

Daylon Unknown meaning (american)

Dayton Day's settlement (english)

De Virtue (chinese)

Deacon, Deake, Deke Servant (greek)

Dean, Deane, Dene Valley (english)

Decha Powerful (thai)

Declan, Declen Irish saint (irish)

Deforest Unknown meaning (american)

Delaney, Delainey, Delaine, Delane Child of a competetor (irish)

Delbert, Delberto Sunny day (english)

Dell, Del Valley (english)

Delon, Delwyn, Delonn, Dellonn, Dellon Unknown definition (african-american)

Delroy The king (french)

Delton From the valley town (english)

Dema Calm (russian)

Demitrius, Demitri Lover of the earth (greek)

Demos People (greek)

Dempsey Proud (irish)

Denby, Danby Village in Denmark (scandinavian)

Deniz Ocean that flows (turkish)

Denley, Denly, Denlie, Den Meadow near a valley (english)

Dennis, Denis, Den A derivation of Dionysos, the greek God of wine and revelry (greek)

Dennison, Denison Son of Dennis (english)

Denton, Denten Valley town (english)

Denver Capital of Colorado (english)

Denzel, Denzell, Denziel, Denzill, Denzil, Denzyl Place name (english)

Derek, Derik, Dereck, Derick, Derrick, Derreck, Derrik, Derrek Peoples ruler (german)

Dermot, Diarmit, Diarmaid, Diarmid, Dermott, Diarmuid Free from
envy (irish)

Deron, Daron Unknown meaning (african american)

Derry, Derrie Red hair (irish)

Derwin, Darwin Good friend (english)

Deshi Moral (chinese)

Desmond, Desmund, Dezmond, Dezmund, Des, Dez Man of south Munster (irish)

Destin, Deston Fate (french)

Deus God (latin)

Devak, Deven God (hindu)

Deval Divine (hindu)

Devin, Devan, Deven, Devon, Devyn, Dev Poet (irish)

Devmani Gem from God (hindu)

Dewayne, Dewayne Unknown meaning (african american)

Dewey Place name (welsh)

Dewei Highly noble (chinese)

Dewi Darling (welsh)

Dexter, Dex Right handed (latin)

Dhaval, Dhavlesh White (hindu)

Dickens Surname (english)

Diego He who supplants - version of James (spanish)

Dieter Peoples army (german)

Digby Village by a ditch (english)

Dilip Protector (hindu)

Dillon, Dillan, Dilon, Dilan, Dillyn, Dilyn Loyal (irish)

Dima Powerful warrier (russian)

Dimitri, Dimitry, Dmitri, Dmitry, Dimitre, Dmetre Lover of the
earth (russian)

Din Calm (vietnamese)

Dinesh God of the day (hindu)

Dion, Deion God (african american)

Dipak, Deepak Lamp (hindu)

Dirk Dagger (german)

Dishi Virtuous man (chinese)

Dixon Dick's son (english)

Diya To shine (arabic)

Doane Hilly area (english)

Dob Brillian (english)

Dodge Renouned spearman - nickname for Roger (german)

Doherty, Dougherty Wicked, harmful (irish)

Dolan Dark, black-haired (irish)

Dominick, Domingo, Domincio, Dominic, Dominik,
Dominique, Dome, Domo, Dom Lord (english)

Donagh, Donogh Brown warrior (irish)

Donahue, Donahoe Dark fighter (irish)

Donald, Donaldo, Donny, Donnie, Don Mighty (scottish)

Donato, Donatello, Donat, Don Present (italian)

Donnan, Donn Brown (irish)

Donnelly, Donelly, Donnely, Donnel, Don Dark-skinned
man (irish)

Donovan, Donavan, Donovon, Donavon, Donoven,
Donaven Dark (irish)

Dooley, Doolie Dark hero (irish)

Doran, Dorran, Dorren, Doren Stranger (irish)

Dorian, Dorean, Dorien, Dorrian, Dorrean, Dorrian,
Dorryn, Doryn Place name in Greece (greek)

Doron Gift from God (hebrew)

Dougal, Dougall, Dougald, Dugal, Dugall, Dougie,
Dougey, Doyle Dark stranger (irish)

Douglas, Douglass, Doug Dark water (english)

Dovev Whisper (hebrew)

Dowan Dark hair (irish)

Drake Dragon (english)

Drew, Drewe, Druw, Dru Wise - variant of Andrew (english)

Drey, Dreyas Unknown meaning (american)

Drummond Surname (scottish)

Drury Loved, Cherished (french)

Dryden Dry land (english)

Drystan Sad (welsh)

Duane, Duwayne, Dwain, Dwane, Dwayne Dark
skinned (irish)

Dudley Peoples field (english)

Duff, Duffey, Duffy Dark skinned (celtic)

Dugan, Dougan, Doogan, Douggan,
Dooggan Swarthy (irish)

Duke Leader - short version of Marmaduke (english)

Dumichel Who resembles God - version of Michael
(african american)

Duncan, Dune, Dunn, Dun Brown skinned soldier (scottish)

Dunham Dark skinned man (celtic)

Dunley Meadow on a hill (celtic)

Dunlop Muddy hill (scottish)

Dunton Town on a hill (english)

Durril Gooseberry (gypsy)

Dusan Spirit (czech)

Dustin, Dustan, Duston, Dusty Brave warrior (english)

Dwight Blond or white (flemish)

Dwyer Dark wisdom (irish)

Dyami Eagle (native american)

Dyer Dyer; of clothing (english)

Dylan, Dylon, Dillon, Dillan Son of the ocean (welsh)

Dyre Valuable (scandinavian)

Dyson Surname (english)


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