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Saturday, October 28, 2006

E names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning E

The most popular E's are Ethan, Edward, Elliot, Ellis, Ewan,
and Evan.

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Some Famous E's are Eddie Murphy, actor.
Elton John, singer / songwriter.
Eamon Holmes, T V presenter.
Elijah Wood, actor.
Elvis Presley, legendary singer and actor.
Engelbert Humpedink, singer.
Ewan Mcgregor, actor.
Enrique Iglesias, singer.

Some celebrity baby E's are
Elijah - Bono and Alison.
Ellery - Laura Dern.
Enzo - Patricia Arquette and Paul Rossi.
Elijah Blue - Cher and Greg Allman.
Elijah - Sally Field and Steve Craig.
Edward - Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore.
Erik - Kathy Ireland and Greg Olsen.
Elliot - Ozzy Osbourne and Thelma.

The name increasing in popularity is Elijah.

Unusual / uncommon but cool names are Earl, East, Echo, Edison,
Ezera, Ely, Eliaz, Ennis, Ezio and Ezra.

My favourites are Eden, Elija, Erik and Ethan.

Favourite name with meaning is Eden which means delight.

Here are the E baby names, their meanings and origins.

Eachann Horse lover (irish)

Eadbhard Wealthy protector (irish)

Eallair, Ellar Steward in a monastery (scottish)

Eamon, Eamonn Rich protector (irish)

Ean God is gracious (gaelic)

Eanraig Home ruler (scottish)

Eardley, Eardly Region in England (english)

Earl, Earle, Erle, Errol, Erryl, Erl, Erly Leader, Nobleman (english)

Eastern, Easten, East The direction (english)

Eaton, Eyton, Eton, Eatton Town on a river (english)

Eben, Eban Stone (hebrew)

Ebenezer, Ebeneezer, Ebeneser, Ebenezar, Eben Rock that helps (hebrew)

Ebisu The God of labour and luck (japanese)

Ebo Born on Tuesday (african)

Echo, Eko Sound returned (greek)

Edan Fire (celtic)

Edek Guardian of property (polish)

Edel Noble (german)

Eden, Eadin, Eaden, Edan, Edin Delight (hebrew)

Edgar, Edgard Wealthy man who holds a spear (english)

Edison, Eddison, Edson, Ed Son of Edward (english)

Edmund, Eddie, Eddy, Ed Wealthy guardian (english)

Edric, Edrick, Eddie, Eddy, Edd, Ed Powerful man who holds property (english)

Edsel Home of a rich man (english)

Edward, Edvard, Eddie, Eddy, Ed, Eduardo Guardian of property (english)

Edwin, Edwyn, Ed Rich friend (english)

Efron, Ephron Singing bird (hebrew)

Egan, Egon, Ea, Eth Little fire (gaelic)

Egbert Bright sword (english)

Egor Farmer (russian)

Eifah, Eifa, Efa, Efah, Ephah, Epha Darkness (hebrew)

Eifon Last name (welsh)

Eilam, Elam Forever (hebrew)

Eilwyn, Eilwyn White brow (welsh)

Einar Leader (scandinavian)

Einri Ruler at home (irish)

Eion, Eoin The Lord is gracious - variant of John (irish)

Eitan Strong (hebrew)

Ekanna Strength (hawaiian)

Ekela, Ezera Help (hawaiian)

Eker Root (hebrew)

Ekon Strong (african)

Elan Tree (hebrew)

Elazer God helps (hebrew)

Elba Area in Italy (Italian)

Elbert Noble (english)

Elder Tree (english)

Eldon, Eldan, Elden Sacred hill (english)

Eleazar, Elazar, Elazer, Eleazer, Elizer, Eli, Ely The Lord will help variant of Lazarus (hebrew)

Eli, Elie, Ely God is great (hebrew)

Eliakim, Elika God will develop (hebrew)

Elian Clan name (spanish)

Eliaz My powerful God (hebrew)

Elihu God (hebrew)

Elijah, Elija, Elias, Eliya, Elia, Ellis Jehovah is my God (hebrew)

Elki To drape over (native american)

Ellard Brave (german)

Ellery, Ellary Island with elder trees (english)

Elliot, Eliot, Elliott, Ellie The Lord is my God (english)

Elmer, Elmar, Elmer, Elmo Noble (english)

Elon Spirit (african-american)

Elouis Famous warrior - variant of Louis (german)

Eloy Famous warrier (spanish)

Elric Wise ruler (english)

Elone Unknown meaning (american)

Elton Old town (english)

Elvin Old friend (spanish)

Elvis All wise (scandinavian)

Elwell Old well (english)

Elwyn, Elwin Fair brow (welsh)

Emanuel, Emmanuel God is among us (hebrew)

Ember Ashes (english)

Emek Valley (hebrew)

Emerson Emery's son (german)

Emery, Emmery, Emory, Emmory Leader of the house (german)

Emile, Emilio, Emilo Eager (french)

Emlyn Place name (welsh)

Emmett, Emmet, Emmet Universal (german)

Emrys Immortal (welsh)

Enam Gift from God (african)

Engelbert, Englebert Angel bright (german)

Enlai Appreciation (chinese)

Enli I saw a dog (native american)

Ennis, Enniss, Eniss, Enis Only choice (gaelic)

Enoch, Enock Educated, dedicated (hebrew)

Enos, Enosh, Enosa Man (hebrew)

Enrico, Enriko, Enrique, Enric, Enrik Leader of the house (italian)

Enzio Ruler of the house (italian)

Enzo Ruler of the house - variant of Henry (italian)

Epena Stone (hawaiian)

Ephrayim, Efraim, Efrain, Ephrain, Ephren Fertile, productive (hebrew)

Eran Awakened (hebrew)

Erasmus, Erasmo Beloved (greek)

Erel I see God (hebrew)

Eric, Erik, Erick, Erico, Eriko, Erich Ruler of the people (scandinavian)

Erie Place name (native american)

Erlan Unknown meaning (american)

Ernan Wise one (irish)

Ernest, Earnest Earnest (english)

Eron Mountain of strength - variant of Aaron (spanish)

Errol, Erroll, Erryll, Erryl Area in Scotland (scottish)

Ervin, Ervine, Ervyn, Erving Beautiful (scottish)

Erwin, Erwyn Boar friend (english)

Esaias God saves (greek)

Esme Esteemed (french)

Essien Sixth-born (african)

Estes Place name (latin)

Ethan, Eitan, Eithan Steady, constant (hebrew)

Ethelbert Noble and bright (english)

Etienne Crown - variation of Stephen (french)

Ettore Loyal (italian)

Euan Little swift one (irish)

Eugene, Eugine, Eugini Well born (greek)

Eunan Unknown meaning (scottish)

Eustace, Eustis Fertile (greek)

Euston Heart (irish)

Evak Equal (hindu)

Evan, Evann, Evans, Ewan, Evin The Lord is gracious (welsh)

Evander Good man (english)

Evian Unknown menaing (american)

Everett, Everet Hard, boar (english)

Everton Boar town (english)

Ewan Youth (scottish)

Ewart, Ewert Shepherd (scottish)

Ewing Friend of the law (english)

Ezer Help (hebrew)

Ezio Unknown meaning (italian)

Ezra, Esra, Ezera, Esera, Ezri Helper (hebrew)


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