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Monday, July 02, 2007

The ultimate question - what will it be?

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Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl? Have you found out what you are having or are you leaving it as a surprize?

Do you think that people should find out what they are having, I am really interested to know what the majority is.

I didn't find out what I was having, with my first everyone told me it would be a girl and I didn't have any idea I kind of just went with everybody else, and they were all wrong! It was a boy.
The second time I absolutely knew in my heart it would be a boy and it was. The third time I was sure it would be a girl but I didn't want to tell anyone but I was right again!
The fourth time it wasn't an expected pregnancy and I didn't have a clue what it would be - it turned out to be a little boy!

While I was pregnant I found all of the gender prediction old wives tales, myths and little quizzes that you can do on the internet fun to do so I have found some old wives tales for you all to take a look at. It is all just for fun and not to be taken too seriously!

For a boy.
You have a lot of headaches .
The heart rate is less than 140 bpm.
A needle on a thread hung over your tummy goes round in circles.
You are 'blooming'.
Your feet are colder than before.
You are carrying low.
You are carrying all out front.
The hair on your legs is growing more quickly.
Your cravings are for meat, cheese, savoury or salty foods.

For a girl.
The heart rate is more than 140bpm
A needle on a thread hung over your tummy moves from side to side
You are not looking your best.
Your chest development has been rather dramatic.
You are carrying high.
You are carrying more weight around your hips and bottom.
You have more sickness early on.
Your cravings are for orange juice , fruit or sweet foods.

This one only works if you already have a child or children;

Ask your youngest child to poke out their tongue, if it is a long and thin tongue then your next child will be a boy, if it is shorter and fatter then your next child will be a girl.
Strangely this works with my kids !!

Have fun being pregnant!!


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