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Sunday, July 01, 2007

New Creations

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Here are some name creations, they can be anything from Mythical creatures to food and drink.

Or just plainly made up

Anything at all!

Please help me with this, I need all of your suggestions!

Boys names are in blue, girls names are in pink and for either it's in green

Adalie, Adalia, Adalee, Adaley, Adaleah Made up

Ankita Made up

Aqua The colour

Bacardi The drink

Besley, Bezley, Beslie, Bezlie, Bez Made up - taken from Wesley

Bold Bold

Castor The oil

Chancer Chance

Cotton The plant / substance / material

Destiny, Destini Your destiny

Diva A diva

Emari I have heard it somewhere

Frayla Made up

Frost A winter baby name

Grass Its different!

Grayco Made up

Green The colour

Imandine, Imandina Made up

Infinity, or Finni, Finny Forever, never ending

Inika Made up

Iron The metal

January The month

Jassie, Jassi, Jassy Made up

Juniper The tree

Kaena Made up

Keese, Keeser From Reece

Kierce Taken from Pierce

Light Light

Luna Of the moon

Magenta The colour

Makaysie, Mackaysie, Makayzie, Mackayzie, Makaysi, Mackaysi, Makaisi, Mackaisie, Makaizi, Mackaizi, Makaisey, Mackaisey Made up

Moon The moon

Neo From the Matrix played by Keanu Reeves

Nica Taken from Veronica

Onica, Onique Taken from Monica or Veronica

Orlanda Like the boys name Orlando but with an 'a' on the end

Paxon Made up

Pegasus A mythological horse

Quiero Made up

Raycen, Raysen Made up

Rice The food

Riella, Rielle Made up, taken from Gabriella

Snow Another winter baby name

Spider The creepy crawly!

Taysen, Taysi Made up

Tetley It's a make of tea

Tion Made up

Toula, Toola From my big fat greek wedding

Turquoise The colour

Vice A vice

Wild Just wild!

Zeo Made up


  • At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Quiero" means "I want" in Spanish. Probably extremely appropriate for a two year old!
    Also, I made up the name "Zamara for my daughter, Zamara-Brighid (Brighid the celtic fire goddess). We call her Zamara-Bree for short.


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