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Saturday, June 30, 2007

A names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning with A

The most popular A names are Adam, Alfie, Alexander,
Archie, Aaron, Aiden and Andrew.

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Some famous Adam's are Adam Rickett - actor in Coronation street.
Adam Ant - singer! Adam Garcia - actor.
Adam Buxton - co presenter of the Adam and Joe show.

Famous Alexander's are Alexander the Great - Military commander.
Alexander Fleming - winner of the noble prize in 1945

More famous A's are Aaron Spelling - television producer.
Abraham Lincoln - sixteenth president of the US.
Arnold Schwarzenegger - actor and politician.
King Arthur - legendary monarch and Axel Rose - rock star.
Antony Hopkins, actor. Antonio Banderas, actor.
Andrew Botacelli, opera singer. Adewale Akinnuoye ' Agbaje -
who played Eko in Lost.

Other famous A's are Andrew Castle - presenter on GMTV.
Alan Titchmarsh - gardener and TV presenter.
Alan Partridge - comedien.
Ainsley Harriott - chef and TV presenter.
Andre Agassi - gorgeous tennis player!

Some celebrity baby A's are;

Anton - Al Pacino

Aaron - Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith.

Alexander - Melanie Griffith and Steven Bauer.

Austin - Tommy Lee Jones and Kimberlea Cloughley

Austin Jack - David Lynch and Mary Fisk.

Arpad Flynn- Elle MacPherson and Arpad Busson's son

Ariel - Cybill Shepherd.

Most popular screen name is Alfie Moon - Eastenders. The name Alfie has
rocketed up to being one of the top 10 most popular names for boys since
the character appeared in Eastenders.

Uncommon / unusual but cool names are Arec, Abe, Ackerley, Addis,
Adler, Arthur, Arris, Arlen and Atley.

My favourites are Adam, Arik, Arlen, Abe, Austyn and Alexander......
What are yours?

Here are the A names, their meanings and origins

Aadi Beginning (hindu)

Aakesh Lord of the sky (hindu)

Aamin Grace of God (hindu)

Aaron, Arek, Aareo, Arec, Arron, Aron, Aroe, Aaro (AIR un) Lofty or exalted (hebrew)

Abba, Abbott, Abbot Father (hebrew)

Abdiel (ab DI el) Servant of God (hebrew)

Abdul, Abul (ab DUL) Servant of God (arabic)

Abel, Abe, Able (ay bul) A breath (hebrew)

Abner (AB ner) Father of light (hebrew)

Abraham, Abram, Avram (AY bra ham) Father of many (hebrew)

Absalom, Absalon (AB sa lom) Father of peace (hebrew)

Achai (ah KYE) Brother (native american)

Ace (ays) The best, one, one unit (english)

Acel (ay sel) Noble (german)

Achli (AHK lee) Brother of mine (hebrew)

Acker, Ackerley, Ackley, Ackly (A ker, A ker lee) Agricultural Land (german)

Adael, Adiel God's witness (hebrew)

Adaiah, Adaia, Adaya Witness of God (hebrew)

Adal Precious (german)

Adam, Adamko, Adams, Adamson, Addam, Adan, Adeo, Addie, Addis (AD am) Man of the red earth. (hebrew)

Adarsh Ideal (hindu)

Addison (ADD is un) Son of Adam (english)

Ade Royal (nigerian)

Adel God is eternal (hebrew)

Adelio Noble (spanish)

Adiel Adornment of the Lord (hebrew)

Adika First child from a second husband (african)

Adil Fair (arabic)

Adin, Aden Attractive (hebrew)

Adlai, Adlay Unknown meaning (american)

Adler An eagle (english)

Admon Red peony (hebrew)

Adnan Settled (arabic)

Adolph, Adolf (AH dolf) Noble wolf (german)

Adom God's blessing (african)

Adoni, Adonai (A don eye) Lord; my ruler (hebrew)

Adonis Beautiful (greek)

Adri Fortress (hindu)

Adrian, Adrean, Adren (AY dree an) Black, dark (latin)

Adriel (AY dree ehl) God's flock (Hebrew)

Adusa Thirteenth born (african)

Aedus Fire (irish)

Aeson Ancient mythological figure (greek)

Ahmed, Ahmad (ah HMED) Praise God (arabic)

Ahsan Gratitude (hindu)

Aidan, Aiden (AY den) Warm (irish)

Aiken (AY ken) Made of oak (english)

Ailesh King of all (hindu)

Aimon, Aimen, Aemon, Aemen House (french)

Ainsley, Ainslee, Ainslie, Aynsley, Aynslee, Ansley, Anslie, Anslee, Ansli (AYNS lee) Only field (english)

Ajax In Greek mythology it is the name of two heroes of the Trojan War. as told by Homer's "Iliad" (greek)

Akanni Wealth (african)

Ake Ancestor (scandinavian)

Akeem (ah KEEM) Judging thoughtfully - variant of Hakeem (arabic)

Akela (a KEL la) Lucky (hawaiian)

Akemi, Akeno Beautiful Dawn (japanese)

Akihoko, Akira, Akio Bright boy (japanese)

Akihito Bright (japanese)

Akiili Friend (african)

Akim God (russian)

Akolo Fence (polynesian)

Ala Superior (arabic)

Aladdin Very faithful (arabic)

Alan, Allan, Alin, Allin, Allen, Alen, Alanson, Alain, Ailean, Ailin, Al (AL en) Handsome (english)

Alastair, Alistair, Alister, Alistar, Alasdair, Alastaire, Alasdaire, Alisdaire, Alistaire (AL ass tair) One who rules (greek)

Alba (AHL bah) Sunrise (Gaelic)

Albert, Alberto, Albin, Albie, Ailbert (AL burt) Brilliant, famous (english)

Alcott, Allcott (Al kot) Old cottage (english)

Aled Child (welsh)

Alexander, Allesandra, Allesandro, Alejandro, Alastair, Alexi, Alik, Alec, Alik, Alick, Alic, Alex (ah leks AN dur) Helper and protector of mankind (greek)

Alexavier (al ex AYV yer) A mixture of Alex and Xavier) (english)

Alfio White (italian)

Alfred, Alfie, Alf (AL fred) Wise listener (english)

Ali Elavated (arabic)

Alitz, Aliz Happy (hebrew)

Allard Brave, noble one (french)

Allon, Alon Oak tree (hebrew)

Aloiki Famous War (hawaiian)

Alpheus God of the rivers (greek)

Alvin, Alvie, Alwin, Alwyn, Alvy Friend (german)

Amael Unknown meaning (american)

Amal (ah MEHL) Pure, hope, hard work (hindu)

Amariah, Amaria (a mah RY ah) God has spoken (hebrew)

Amasa Hardship (hebrew)

Ambrose (AM brohz) Immortal being (english)

Ames, Amos (ahms) Borne by God (hebrew)

Amiel God of the people (hebrew)

Amil Unnattainable (hindu)

Amin (ah MEEN) Trustworthy (arabic)

Amir (ah MEER) Powerful (hebrew)

Andrew, Andre, Andres, Analu, Andros, Andor, Andy, Andie, Andi, Andreas (AN droo) Man warrier (greek)

Angus, Angas, Aengus (AYNG us) One choice (scottish)

Annan From the brook (celtic)

Anoki Actor (native american)

Ansel (AN sel) Follower of noblemen (french)

Anson (an SON) Son of God (english)

Anthony, Antony, Antonio, Anton, Antone, Ant (AN thun ee; AN tun ee) Valuable (latin)

Anwell, Anwel Loved one (welsh)

Apela Breathing spirit (hawaiian)

Apia God is my father (hawaiian)

Apollo, Appolos, Apolo Manly destroyrer (greek)

Arabia Place name (english)

Aragon Place name (english)

Archer (AR cher) Archer (english)

Archibald, Archibold, Archie, Archer, Archey, Archi (AHR chi bahld) Brave (french)

Ardal Valour (irish)

Arden (AR den) Eager (celtic)

Ardon (AR don) From the Bible (hebrew)

Ardley, Ardlie, Ardslie, Ardsley, Ardly Lovers meadow (english)

Ares (AIR eez) Battle strife (greek)

Argyle Place name (scottish)

Argus Bright (greek)

Ari, Ary (ARE ee) Lion (hebrew)

Aric, Arric, Aricc, Arick, Arik, Arrik, Arikk, Aeric, Aerik, Arreck, Arrek, Arrec (AR ick) Complete ruler - variation of Eric (scandinavian)

Aris, Arys, Arris Harris without the H (american)

Arlen, Arlie, Arli (AR lehn) Pledge (irish)

Arly, Arlie, Arli, Arley (AR lee) Eagle Wood (english)

Arlo Barberry Tree (spanish)

Armani (ar mah nee) Soldier - version of Herman (german)

Armel Unknown meaning (french)

Arnold, Arnald, Arnie, Arni, Arny, Arno (AR nold) Eagle ruler (german)

Aron (AH Run) Mountain (english)

Arrow, Arow (AH row) Arrow (english)

Arthur, Arther, Artur, Arter, Artair, Arty, Arti, Aart, Art, Artie, Aata (AR thur) Bear stone (celtic)

Arvin, Arven (AR vin) Peoples friend, battle worthy (english)

Arwyn (AR win) Fair, fine (welsh)

Ashby, Ashbie, Ashbi (ASH bee) Ash tree home (english)

Asher, Anshel, Anshil, Ashu, Ash (ASH er) Happy (hebrew)

Ashford (ASH ford) River crossing near ash trees (english)

Ashley, Ashlee, Ashlea, Ash (ASH lee) Ash meadow (english)

Ashlin, Ashlen (ASH lin) Pond encircles by ash trees (english)

Ashton, Ashtun, Ashten (ASH tun) Ash tree town (english)

Ashur Islamic month (arabic)

Asim Guardian (arabic)

Aspen (AS pen) Place name (english)

Aston, Asten (ASS tun) Eastern town (english)

Astor (as TOR) Preying (french)

Aswin Spear friend (english)

Ata Twin (african)

Ataiah, Ataya God helps (hebrew)

Atley, Atlea, Atlee, Attley, Attlie, Attlee (AT lee) Meadow (english)

Atreo Unknown meaning (spanish)

Atsu Second of twins (african)

Atwell, Atwel, Attwell (AT well) The well (english)

Atwood, Attwood (AT wood) The wood (english)

Aubrey, Aubree, Aubrie (AW bree) Elf, supernatural power (english)

Auden, Audan, Audon (AW den) Old friend (english)

Audley, Audlee, Audlie, Audly (AWD lee) Unknown meaning (english)

Audric, Audrick, Audrik (oh DRIC) Noble ruler (german)

August, Augustus, Augusto, Augustas, Augustine, Augustino, Augustin, Agustin, Agustus, Agosto, Agostin (AW gust) Magnificent (latin)

Aukai Sailor (hawaiian)

Aulay (AW lay) Forefather (scottish)

Aurek, Aureck, Aurec (AW rek) Fair haired (polish)

Aurelio (aw RAY lee oh) Golden (spanish)

Auriel Lion of God (hebrew)

Austin, Austen, Austyn (AWS tin) Majestic (english)

Averill, Averil, Averyl, Averyll, Avrill, Avril, Avryl, Avryll (AV er ill) Fighting boar (english)

Avery, Averie, Averi (AY vuh ree) Councellor (english)

Avi (AH vee) My God (hebrew)

Aviah, Avia, Aviya (AH vee ah) My father is the Lord (hebrew)

Aviv (ah VEEV) Spring (hebrew)

Avon (AY vawn) River name (celtic)

Axel, Axell, Axol, Axoll, Aksel, Axsol, Axil, Axill, Aksil, Aksel, Axe, Axl, Ax (AHKS ale) Father of peace (scandinavian)

Ayers (AY erz) Heir to a fortune (english)

Ayize Let it come (african)

Aylward Noble guardian (english)

Ayo Happiness (african)

Az Powerful (hebrew)

Azad Free (turkish)

Azai, Azzai Strenth (hebrew)

Azaniah, Azania, Azaniya God listens (hebrew)

Azarael, Azareel, Azarel, Azaria, Azariah, Azarya (az ah RYE ah) God helps (hebrew)

Azi Youth (african)

Aziel God is my power (hebrew)

Azim, Aseem, Asim, Azeem Defender (arabic)

Aziz Powerful (arabic)

Azrael Movie Character name from Dogma (american)


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