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Friday, June 29, 2007

B names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning with B.

The most popular B names are Benjamin, Ben, Bradley,
Brandon, Bailey and Billy.

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Famous B's are Barry White, singer.
Ben Stiller, Actor - Meet the Fockers, Meet the parents.
Bob Geldoff, singer / songwriter and the man behind Live Aid.
Brent Spiner, Actor - played Data in Star Trek the Next Generation.
Bruce Willis, Actor - The Jackal, Sixth Sense, Armageddon,
Die Hard, Moonlighting and many more "greats"
Bill Murray, Actor - Ghostbusters, Groundhog day.
Benny Hill, Comedian.
Bill Oddie, comedian and wildlife expert.

Some celebrity baby name B choices are:
Bryce Dallas - Ron Howard and Cheryl.
Brooklyn Joseph - David and Victoria Beckham.
Bruno - Nigella Lawson.
Benjamin - Warren Beatty and Annette Benning.
Benjamin Willard - Harrison and Mary Ford.
Buck - Roseanne and Ben Thomas.
Boston - Kurt Russell and Season Hubley.
Brandon Michael - Donny Osmund and Debra Glenn.
Blake Christopher - Rosie O'Donnell.
Brandon - Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.
Brawley King - Nick Nolte and Rebecca Linger.

Some uncommon / unusual but cool names I think are Bade, Baden,
Bayne, Bao, Barek, Becan, Beck, Boden, Bralen, Breck, Briley, Boone
Bracken and Bryn.

Names coming into fashion are Brent and Byron.

My favourites are Bao, Boone and Briley. What are yours?

Favourite name and meaning is Beau which means Beautiful
in French.

Here are B names, their meanings and origins

Babar Lion (hindu)

Bachir Oldest son (hebrew)

Bachur Young man (hebrew)

Bade Full moon (unknown origin)

Baden Unknown meaning (german)

Baha Magnificent (arabic)

Bailey, Bailee, Baylee, Bailie, Bayley, Baily, Bailiea Bailiff (english)

Bainbridge, Bain, Bayne Bridge (english)

Baird, Bayrd, Barde A travelling singer (irish)

Bakari Promising (swahili)

Baker, Baxter, Bax A baker (english)

Bal An infant with a full haid of hair (hindu)

Baldasarre Brave one (italian)

Balder Brave warrier (english)

Baldric, Baldrich, Baldrick Brave ruler (german)

Baldwin, Baldvin, Baldwyn, Bald Brave friend (german)

Balin, Bali Soldier (hindu)

Ballard Mighty (german)

Balthasar, Balta One of the three kings of Christmas (greek)

Bana White (irish)

Bancroft Pasture, field (english)

Bandana Headwrap (spanish)

Banning Small boy (irish)

Bao Treasure (chinese)

Bager Man of Knowledge (arabic)

Barak, Barrack, Barrak Lightening (hebrew)

Baram Son of the people (hebrew)

Barber Beard (french)

Barclay, Barcley, Barkley, Barklay, Barklie, Barclie Valley of the birches (english)

Barek, Bareck, Barec, Baric, Barick, Barik Noble (arabic)

Barker Shepherd (english)

Barlow, Barlowe Hillside (english)

Barnabas, Barnabus,, Barnabie, Barnabey, Barnaby, Barnie, Barney Comfort (hebrew)

Barnes The barns (english)

Barnett Baronet (english)

Barnum A barons home (english)

Baron Young warrier (english)

Barra Fair head (irish)

Barrington A last name (english)

Barry Spear (irish)

Bartholomew, Bartholamew, Bart Son of Talmai -surname of the apostle Nathaniel (hebrew)

Basil, Bazil, Basile, Baz Kingly (greek)

Basset Short person (english)

Bastien Revered (french)

Baxley, Baxlee, Baxlea Bakers meadow (english)

Baxter Baker (english)

Bay Born on Saturday (vietnamese)

Bayard, Bayarde Brown hair (english)

Bayless, Bayliss One who leases a bay (french)

Beacan, Becan, Beagan Small (irish)

Beal, Beale Handsome (french)

Beau, Bo Beautiful (french)

Beaufort A beautiful fort (french)

Beaumont A beautiful mountain (french)

Becher First born (hebrew)

Beck Brook (english)

Bede Prayer (english)

Bedford Place name (english)

Beinish Son of the right hand (hebrew)

Beldon, Belden Beautiful valley (english)

Belen Arrow (greek)

Bellamy, Belamy, Belamie Handsome companion (english)

Bem Peace (african)

Benaiah, Benaya God builds (hebrew)

Benedict, Benedek, Benedicto, Benito, Bennie, Benni, Benny, Ben Blessed (english)

Benjamin, Benjaman, Benjamen, Benjy, Benji, Bennie, Benny, Benni, Ben Son of the right hand, Son of my old age (english)

Benjiro Peaceful (japanese)

Bennett, Bennet, Benett, Benet Formal version of Benjamin (english)

Benson, Bensen Son of Ben (english)

Bentley, Bentlee, Bentlea, Bently, Bentlie, Bentli Meadow (english)

Benton Town in Britain (english)

Benzi Good son (hebrew)

Bergen Hillside dweller (scandinavian)

Berkeley, Berkelie, Berkley, Berklie Birch wood (english)

Berlin, Berlyn Place name (english)

Bernard, Barnard, Bernardo, Bernhard, Berhardo, Barney, Berney, Bernie, Barnie Brave bear (german)

Bert, Bertie, Berti, Berty, Burt, Burty, Burtie, Burti Bright light (english)

Berwin, Berwyn Friend at harvest time (english)

Bevan, Beavan, Beven, Bevin Son of Evan (welsh)

Beverly, Beverlee, Beverley A stream of beavers (english)

Bevis, Beavis Place name (french)

Bharat Maintenance (hindu)

Bill, Billy, Billie, Billi Determined protector - short form of William (english)

Birch, Birk A tree (english)

Birger To help (scandinavian)

Birkett, Birket, Birkitt, Birkit, Bukitt, Burkit Area with Birch trees (english)

Birkey, Birkie, Birky Island of birch (english)

Birley, Birlie, Birlee, Birly Cow pasture (english)

Bishop Bishop (english)

Bjorn Bear (scandinavian)

Blade Knife (english)

Blaine, Blain, Blayne, Blane, Blaiyne Yellow (gaelic)

Blair, Blaire, Blayr, Blayre Plain, field (english)

Blaise, Blayse, Blaize, Blaze, Blayze, Blase Lisp, stutter (latin)

Blake, Blaike, Blayke Light or dark (english)

Blakely, Blakeley, Blakelie, Blakelee Dark or light meadow (english)

Bleddyn, Bleddin Wolf hero (welsh)

Blythe, Blithe Happy (english)

Boaz, Boas, Boaze, Boase Quick (hebrew)

Bob, Bobby, Bobbie, Bobbi Bright, famous - short form of Robert (english)

Bobo Born on Tuesday (african)

Boden, Bodin, Bowden, Bowdin, Bode Deliverer of news (french)

Bogart, Bogey Strength of a bow (french)

Bolton Place name (english)

Bonar, Bonnar Gentle (french)

Bond, Bonde Peasant farmer (english)

Booker Slang for the Bible (english)

Boone, Boon Good (french)

Booth, Boothe Dwelling place, home (english)

Borden, Bordin, Bordan Boars house (english)

Boris, Borris, Borys Warrior (slavic)

Bornani Warrier (african)

Boseda Born on Sunday (african)

Bosley, Boslee, Boslea Meadow near the woods (english)

Boston Place name (english)

Botan Long life (japanese)

Bowen, Bowin Blond (gaelic)

Boyce, Boice, Boise, Boyd, Boid Lives near the forest (french)

Boyne, Boine, Boyn White cow (irish)

Bracken, Brackon, Brack Plant name (english)

Braden, Bradon, Bradan, Braydan, Brayden, Braydon, Bray, Braiden, Braidan, Braidan Decendant of Bradan (irish)

Bradford, Brad A wide stream (english)

Bradley, Bradlea, Bradlee, Bradlie, Bradly, Bradli A wide meadow (english)

Brady, Bradie Wide island (english)

Bralan, Bralen Unknown meaning (american)

Bram, Bramm, Bran, Brann Raven, bramble (gaelic)

Bramwell, Bramwel, Branwell, Branwel Town in Britain (english)

Brandon, Brandan, Branden, Brenden, Brendon, Brendan, Brandyn, Brendyn, Brannon, Brannan, Brannan, Brennon, Brennan, Brennen Sword: hill afire (english)

Brant Proud (english)

Brasil, Bresil War (irish)

Breck, Brec, Brek Freckled (irish)

Brede Glacier (scandinavian)

Brent, Brentin, Brenton, Brentyn Mountaintop (english)

Brett, Bret, Britt, Brit British man (english)

Brewster, Brewer Brewer (english)

Brian, Bryan, Brion, Bryon Brave, noble (celtic)

Brice, Bryce Dotted (welsh)

Bridon Unknown meaning (american)

Briggs, Brigs Bridges (english)

Briley Brave - Riley with a B (irish)

Brinley, Brinlie, Brinlee, Brindley Burnt wood (english)

Brishen Born during a rain storm (gypsy)

Brock, Brok, Broc, Brockley Badger like (english)

Broderick, Broderic, Broderik, Brodrick, Brodric, Brodrik, Broddy, Broddie, Brod Rodericks brother (scottish)

Brody, Brodie, Brodi, Brodee Second son (scottish)

Brogan Sturdy shoe (irish)

Bronson, Bronsen, Bronsin, Brosnan, Brosnon, Brosnen Son of a dark man (english)

Brook, Brooke, Brooks, Brookes Brook, stream (english)

Bruce, Brucie, Brucey Thick brush (english)

Bruno Dark skinned (english)

Brutus Stupid (latin)

Bryn, Brin, Brynn Hill (welsh)

Burdach Victory (irish)

Buck, Buckie, Bucky Male deer (english)

Buckley, Bucklee, Bucklie Meadow where deer graze (english)

Buddy, Buddie, Buddey, Buddi, Budd Friend (english)

Burford Town in Britain (english)

Burke, Burk, Berke, Berk Fortress dweller (french)

Burl Forest (english)

Burleigh, Burlee, Burley, Burlie Town in Britain (english)

Burne, Bourne, Bourn Brook (english)

Burnell Small brown child (french)

Busby Village in the forest (scottish)

Buster Unknown meaning (english)

Byford Town in Britain (english)

Byram Town in Britain (english)

Byrd, Bird Bird (english)

Byron, Biron Cow barn (english)


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