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Monday, October 30, 2006

C names for baby boys

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Names for baby boys beginning C.

The most popular C names are Charlie, Callum, Connor, Cameron,
Charles, Christopher and Corey.

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Some famous C's are Colin Firth, actor. Clive Staples Lewis - better
known as the author C. S Lewis. Clide Barrow, outlaw - half of Bonnie
and Clide. Clive Woodward, Ex England World Cup winning rugby
coach. Connor Trinneer, actor - played Trip Tucker in Star Trek
Enterprise. Christopher Columbus, America's discoverer.
Christopher Timothy, actor.

Some celebrity baby name choices are Chester - Davina McCall's
newest addition. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson also picked
the name Chester . Cody Alan - Robin Williams.

Some unusual but cool names I think are Cable, Caelan, Carter, Cairo,

Casan, Cowan and Crosly.

Names becoming more popular are Caleb, Cai, Caden and Cade.

My favourites are Caleb, Cairo, Cade and Cameron.

Favourite name with meanings are Caden which means fighter. Curran which

means Hero and Callaghan who was an Irish Saint.

Here are C names their meanings and origins.

Cable, Cabel, Cabe Rope maker (english)

Cache Storage place (english)

Cachi He brings peace (spanish)

Cadao Song (vietnamese)

Cadby Soldier's estate (english)

Caddis Worsted fabric (english)

Caddock Ready for war (welsh)

Cade, Caid Pure (english)

Cadell, Cadel, Caddell Small battle (welsh)

Caden, Caiden Fighter (american)

Cadi Luck (arabic)

Cadman Soldier (welsh)

Cadmus One who excels (greek)

Cadwaladr, Cadwallader Battle leader (welsh)

Caelan, Caelin, Caulan, Calin Powerful warrier (irish)

Caesar, Caezar, Cesar, Cezar, Cesare Hairy (latin)

Cai, Caio, Caius Joy (welsh)

Cailean Triumphant in war (scottish)

Cain Spear (hebrew)

Cairo The capital of Egypt (english)

Cairn Mound of rocks (scottish)

Cauis Rejoice (latin)

Calder Brook (english)

Caleb, Cale Brave (hebrew)

Caley Slender (irish)

Calix Very handsome (greek)

Callaghan, Callahan An Irish saint (irish)

Callis, Calis, Caliss, Calliss Goblet (latin)

Callum, Calum, Caelum Dove (irish)

Calvin, Cal, Calvino Bald (english)

Camden Twisting valley (english)

Cameron, Camron Crooked nose or river (gaelic)

Camey, Camy Champion (irish)

Camlo Beautiful (gypsy)

Campbell Crooked mouth (gaelic)

Canby Settlement near the reeds (english)

Cannon, Cannan, Canon, Canan, Canning Official of a church (french)

Canyon, Canyan Footpath (spanish)

Caolan Thin (irish)

Cappi Luck (italian)

Caradoc, Caradog Affection (welsh)

Carew Chariot (latin)

Carey, Cary Near a castle (welsh)

Carl Man (english)

Carleton, Carlton Farmers land (english)

Carlin, Carlan Little champion (gaelic)

Carlisle, Carlyle Protected tower (english)

Carlos, Carlo, Carlino Man - version of Charles (spanish)

Carney The winner (irish)

Carr Swamp (english)

Carrick Rock (irish)

Carson Son who lives in a swamp (english)

Carter Cart driver (english)

Carvel Lives in a swamp (french)

Cary Stream (english)

Case, Casen, Cason, Casan He who brings peace (english)

Casey, Casie, Casi, Cacey Observant, watchful (irish)

Caspar, Casper Wealthy man (english)

Caspian Place name (english)

Cassidy, Cassidi, Cassidie, Cassady Smart, curly-headed (irish)

Cassius, Cash Narcissistic (latin)

Cato All knowing (latin)

Cecil, Cecilio Blind (english)

Cedric, Cedrick, Cedrik War leader (welsh)

Cenon To recieve life from Zeus (greek)

Chad, Chadd Protector (english)

Chai Life (hebrew)

Chan Right (vietnamese)

Chance Good fortune (english)

Chandler, Chandlar Candle maker (english)

Chaney Oak tree (french)

Chakara One who roams (hindu)

Charles, Charlie, Charley, Chaz, Chip Free man (english)

Charlton, Carlton House where Charles lives (english)

Chase, Chaise, Chace Hunter (english)

Chasiel Gods refuge (hebrew)

Chasin, Chason Strong (hebrew)

Chaska First son (native american)

Chauncey, Chaunsey, Chance Chancellor (english)

Chaviv Dear (hebrew)

Chayim, Chaim Life (hebrew)

Che, Cheche God will add (spanish)

Cheauka Clay (native american)

Cheilem, Chelem, Chelim Power (hebrew)

Chen Great (chinese)

Chencho Crowned with laurel (spanish)

Chepe, Chepito God will increase (spanish)

Chester, Cheston, Chez, Chet, Chesney, Chesnee, Chesnie, Chesny Campsite (english)

Chevy, Chevie, Chevey Knight (french)

Cheyne Oak hearted (french)

Chi God (african)

Chico Boy (spanish)

Chikae Power of God (african american)

Chilo Frenchman (spanish)

Chitto Brave (native american)

Chokichi Good luck (japanese)

Christian, Chrystian, Chris, Cris Anointed one (english)

Christmas Christmas! (english)

Christopher, Cristopher, Cristofer, Cristoff, Chris, Cris Bearing Christ (greek)

Chumo Twin (spanish)

Cian Ancient (irish)

Cid Lord (spanish)

Ciaron, Ciarrai Black hair (irish)

Cibor Strong (hebrew)

Ciro Throne (spanish)

Cirrus Lock of hair (latin)

Cisco Frenchman (spanish)

Clancy, Clancey Son of Flannchadh (irish)

Clarence, Crarance, Clary, Clare Clear (english)

Clark, Clarke, Clerke, Clerk Scholar (english)

Claude, Claud, Claudio, Claudius Lame (latin)

Claus People of victory - variant of Nicholas (greek)

Clay Clay maker (english)

Clayton, Clayten, Claytin Clay settlement (english)

Cleary Educated man (irish)

Cledwyn, Cledwin Rough and blessed (welsh)

Clement, Clemen, Clem, Clemens, Clemmie, Clemmy, Clememtius Gentle (english)

Cleon Famous (greek)

Clese, Cleese, Clees Unknown meaning (american)

Cleveland High cliff (english)

Cliamain Gentle (scottish)

Clifford, Clyfford, Cliff, Clyff Ford near a cliff (english)

Clifton, Clyfton Town near a cliff (english)

Clinton, Clint, Clynton, Clynt Town near a hill (english)

Clive, Clyve Cliff (english)

Cluny Meadow (irish)

Clyde, Clide River name (scottish)

Cody, Codie, Codey, Codi, Cotey, Cote Cushion (english)

Colby Dark farm (english)

Coleman, Colman, Cole Dove (english)

Colin, Colan, Colyn Young being (english)

Collins Holly (irish)

Colm Dove (irish)

Colter, Colt Colt-herd (english)

Colton, Colt From a dark town (english)

Colvin Unknown meaning (english)

Colwyn, Colwin River name (welsh)

Coman Noble (arabic)

Conaire, Conary, Connery, Conry Unknown meaning (irish)

Conall High and mighty (irish)

Conan Elavated, wolf (irish)

Conlan, Conlen Hero (irish)

Conley, Conlee, Conlie Sensible (gaelic)

Conn Wisdom (irish)

Connor, Conner, Conor Hound lover (irish)

Conrad, Conrade, Conrado, Connie, Conney Brave ruler (german)

Conroy Wise man (irish)

Constantine, Constantin, Constantino, Costa, Costos, Costas Stable (english)

Conway, Conwy Holy river (welsh)

Cooke, Cook Cook (english)

Cooper Barrel maker (english)

Corbet, Corbett, Corbin, Corbey, Corbie, Corbi Young crow (english)

Corentin Unknown meaning (unknown origin)

Corey, Crin, Correy, Corie, Cori The hollow (irish)

Corin Literary name (english)

Cormag Raven (scottish)

Cornell, Cornel Town name (english)

Cort Courageous (german)

Cortez South American explorer (spanish)

Corwin, Corwyn Friend of the heart (english)

Cosmo, Cosimo, Cos, Coz, Cozmo Order (greek)

Coty Riverbank (french)

Courtney, Courtenet, Courtnay, Courtenay, Cortney, Cortnay He lives in the court (english)

Cowan, Coe Valley in a hill (irish)

Coy Forest (english)

Coyle Soldier (irish)

Craddock Affection (welsh)

Craig Rock (scottish)

Crane Crane (english)

Crandall, Crandal, Crandell, Crandel Valley of cranes (english)

Crash Crash (american)

Craven Place name (english)

Crawford Ford of crows (english)

Creon Prince (greek)

Crispin, Crispen, Crispian, Crispino Curly hair (latin)

Crofton, Croft Settlement of the cottage (english)

Crosby, Crosbie At the cross (scandinavian)

Crosley, Croslee, Croslie, Crosly Meadow with a cross (english)

Curran Hero (irish)

Curtis, Curt Polite (english)

Cutler Knife maker (english)

Cwrig Master (welsh)

Cydney, Cyd, Cidney, Cid Wide meadow - variant of Sidney (english)

Cynan Cheif (welsh)

Cyril, Cyrill, Ciril, Cirilo Lord (greek)

Cyrus Sun (latin)

Czar Emperor (russian)


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